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How to write a statement of purpose (SOP) for Canadian student visa

Sat Nov 19 2022 Effa Iqbal


Are you applying for a Canadian student visa from Pakistan? Are you facing difficulty while writing your statement of purpose? Well, look no further.

Today, we at Edify Group of Companies brings you a simplified break-down of what you should include in your statement of purpose to successfully get your Canadian student visa!

Beginning with the basics, a Statement of Purpose is a self-descriptive essay that makes your whole application stand out from the rest.

The visa officers go through stacks and stacks of visa applications on a daily basis, and you don’t want to be a part of the same boring stack. To make your application shine and impress the visa officer, follow the steps that we are about to tell you.

SOP for international student in Canada


Many students are confused as to what would make their statement of purpose stand out from the rest. The statement of purpose is your personal essay and this is your ground to shine.

Boast about your academic achievements, the extracurriculars that added to your experience, your internships, and your entrepreneurial skills. Furthermore, adding the following points is also crucial:

  • Define yourself with your academic background and explain how you would be the top candidate for the program you have applied for
  • Provide an insightful and concise answer about why you chose the program you applied for
  • What do you expect from the degree and what do you want to gain for your future under this program
  • What are the reasons for choosing the institution you chose and how is it better than all the other institutions offering the same program

These points would instantly impress the visa officials and the admission board. It would give an impression that you are very well-researched and have a strong grip on your future prospects.

Keep in mind that an SOP is a self-defining document and it should be unique. Plagiarism not only gives a very negative impression but is also an academic offense.

The admission board checks your SOP for plagiarism so it would be unwise to copy another student’s SOP.


As we mentioned above, the first and foremost thing is to stay completely original and unique. It is very important as a plagiarized SOP would instantly result in a visa rejection.

Secondly, always go into deep detail about your experiences, extracurriculars, professional career, and future aspirations. The visa officers should be able to have a crystal clear mental image of you by just reading your SOP.

Lastly, it is of the utmost importance to be clear about your intentions of returning back to your home country after the completion of your degree or course.

It is against the visa rules and regulations for a student to stay in Canada after the completion of their degree, and therefore, any such intention may result in a rejected visa.

Therefore, clearly mention that you are going to Canada only to continue your higher education and would return back immediately after you are done with your education.

We at Edify group of companies have helped a vast majority of students regarding their Canadian student visa from Pakistan and we pride ourselves on being the best educational consultant in Pakistan.

Students are free to contact us for any help regarding their SOP’s.

International student in Canada


Academic writers, theorists, journalists, and professional writers, all start off their work by drafting an outline. The outline should be made by asking yourself some questions and researching the answers. Some of the important questions include:

  • Why Canada? Basically, this question demands reasons that made you choose Canada as the destination for your studies.
  • Why did I choose the specific program and the institution? You should be well aware of the technicalities and scope of your chosen program and should carry out good research about the university to which you have applied to.
  • How will the degree help me once I have completed it and returned back home from Canada? You should mention what you expect to gain out of the degree and how you will incorporate the learning into your professional career to boost your efficiency and land a desired job.

All of this would help you write a great essay and subsequently increase your chances of securing a Canadian student visa significantly.

We at edify group always recommend and advise our students to never hesitate in showing off their academic and extracurricular experiences and achievements, even if they are not related to their chosen degree.

The pattern of your Statement of purpose should look something like this:

  1. Introduction: Introduce yourself, your educational background, your residing state and who you are.
  2. Main Body: The main body should be divided into several paragraphs. Each paragraph should touch upon all the major points that you want to deliver to the university. Separate the paragraphs with each point, and list them chronologically. This would provide a neat and professional outlook to the document.
  3. Conclusion: In the concluding statements, concisely mention all of your aims and goals. Many students also take this opportunity to thank the person who is reading their application as it gives a polite and respectful ending to the essay.

Attach your educational documents, your CV or resume, any certifications and awards that you have achieved, and also provide your employment records.

This helps fill in the blanks of any gap years you may have and also gives a professional look to the SOP.

To conclude today’s article, we hope that our guide helped you understand how to write an impressive SOP for the Canadian student visa and enabled you to secure your visa.

We thank you for reading this article and wish all of the students the best of luck in their future endeavors.
International student in Canada
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The word count is usually between 800-2500 words for SOPs. However, each institution may have a separate requirement, therefore it is advised to check the guidelines of the institution you have applied to.

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