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University of West England

Sat Dec 17 2022 Effa Iqbal

University Of West England

The University of West England, also known as UWE Bristol is a modern university situated in the vibrant city of Bristol, UK. Voted as the Best Place to Live in Britain in 2017, Bristol offers a historically rich and vibrant culture for international students.

UWE Bristol offers degrees in numerous courses that are recognized worldwide. The university’s stellar reputation enables its alumni to secure employment in the best industries and some of the top universities in the world for their further studies.

The university has worked closely with major industrial giants such as BBC, Hewlett Packard (HP), Rolls Royce, and the NHS to provide students with professionally curated courses and exposure to the professional environment during the course of their studies.

The University of West England has around 14 schools on its 3 campuses, all based in the city of Bristol. Offering a variety of courses in different areas of study such as law, business, and science, the school enjoys worldwide recognition and an excellent reputation for its coursework and teaching quality.

At UWE Bristol, academic excellence is kept in high regard, and to uphold this aim, only the best faculty is employed. The students are also given the opportunity of participating in several extracurricular activities that enrich the student’s experience and enable them to be socially active with other peers.
University of West London

Courses Offered at the University of West England:

At UWE Bristol, more than 600 courses are offered. The university caters to students who are seeking admissions in:

· Undergraduate Courses

· Postgraduate Courses

· Professional Courses

· Short Courses

The diverse range of academic options available at the University of West England makes it a popular choice among international students. The key feature along with the variety of options is the stellar reputation of the degrees awarded by UWE Bristol. Internationally, UWE Bristol degrees are considered prestigious, and graduates are offered employment comparatively easily.

Among international students, the commonly chosen courses include:

· Law

· Arts

· Creative Industries

· Health Sciences

· Sciences

· Business studies

· Technology Disciplines

However, the university offers a plethora of other specialized courses for international students. Some of these courses include:

· Philosophy

· Education

· Architecture

· Building, town, and country planning

· Criminology

· Mechanical Engineering

· Environmental and Geographical studies

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The University of West England for International Students:

Currently, there are more than 6000 international students from all around the globe studying at UWE Bristol. The university offers a multicultural and diversified environment where international students can easily fit in and get the best education available globally.

At UWE Bristol, international students are treated with great care and different services are exclusively offered to international students to make them feel at home away from home. Some exclusive international student services include:

· Free pickup service from the Airport

· Introductory orientation weeks in both January and September intakes

· Free English language courses for students coming from a non-English speaking background

· Academic Skill courses

The university takes cognizance of the fact that international students may feel alienated and at a disadvantage because of the new environment.

However, student advisors and the abovementioned services and activities have been proven to churn out excellent results and international students have easily adjusted to the new lifestyle at UWE Bristol.

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Fees for International Students at the University of West England:

Since the university offers different types of courses, the fee is variable according to the course one has opted for. International students from Pakistan at the University of West England commonly choose either an undergraduate course or a postgraduate course. The average starting fee for both these programs is provided below.

· Fee for undergraduate programs at UWE Bristol: £14,250

· Fee for postgraduate programs at UWE Bristol: £14,000-16,000

Do note that the abovementioned fees are starting fees and are to be paid annually. The fee may be different depending on the course and the length of the course.

Accommodation for International Students at the University of West England:

At UWE Bristol, over 4,500 rooms are available at campus-based accommodation for international students. Most of the rooms offer en0suite facilities along with other perks such as:

· Wi-Fi

· Overnight Security

· Contents Insurance

· Laundry Facilities

For first-year students, residence is guaranteed at the university-approved accommodation, granted that they have submitted their accommodation request before the June deadline.
Accommodation in University of West London

World Rankings of the University of West England:

UWE Bristol has achieved several rankings from the top university guides in the UK. According to the Times University Guide of 2022, UWE was ranked 73rd. Similarly, the Guardian University Guide of 2023 ranked UWE Bristol at the 24th rank.

Furthermore, UWE Bristol also enjoys top rankings for its various courses such as Film production and photography, philosophy, Architecture, Engineering, Arts, Health professions, and much more.

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As always, we at Edify Group of Companies hope that today’s article was informative and helped you get a better understanding of what life looks like at the University of West England as an International student.

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