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Overseas Education Consultants

Study Abroad Consultants

Edify Group of Companies, as leading Study Abroad Consultants, takes immense pride in partnering with the best educational institutions. These institutions not only boast large and comprehensive student bodies but also serve as a home for millions of successful alumni worldwide.

Overseas Education

Edify Consultants Provides A To Z Services For Student Visa in Major Universities And Colleges Of The Countries Around The Globe

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Being a platinum level member of the British council, Edify takes pride in providing range of multiple English tests

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At Edify Group, we are happy to ease the burden and help you choose the most suitable immigration program for your unique situation.

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Study Abroad Consultants

Education is a driving force that focuses on the development of reflective thinking and abilities so that the human race is able to carve out how they wish to exist in today's competitive and ever-changing global economy. Amidst extraordinary uncertainty and a dynamic world order, Edify, as a leading Study Abroad Consultant, is dedicated to helping higher education leaders around the world build resilience, seize growth opportunities, and discover new ways to enhance their skillsets.

Why Choose Edify Group of Companies as study abroad Pakistan consultants?

We are unique in the quality of our services and stand out from our competitors. Unlike other consultancy firms in Pakistan, we truly care for our students.

Unmatched Quality of Services and Genuine Care:

Edify stands out among other overseas education consultants in Pakistan due to our unique approach and unwavering dedication to our students. We genuinely care for the well-being and success of our students, going above and beyond to provide exceptional services that meet their individual needs and aspirations.

Experience that Matters:

With over 5+ years of experience in the field of education consultancy, Edify brings invaluable expertise to the table. Our extensive knowledge and understanding of the study abroad process enable us to guide students effectively and navigate the complexities involved. We have successfully assisted numerous students in realizing their dreams of studying abroad, and our experience sets us apart from the competition.

What Makes Us Different, Makes Us Better.
CEO Edify Group Of Companies - Mr. Azeem Qasim

Edify group of companies is one of the leading Study Abroad consultants in Pakistan because it is actively designing solutions for the world’s most ambitious change-makers who will define the future.

- Mr. Azeem Qasim


Sheer Risk Management Through Active Problem-Solving Coupled With Limitless Vision


Applying for studies abroad is a huge decision and that is why we do not limit our counselling to just choosing the right country...

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Admission Guidance

We give special attention to your application, highlighting the areas essential for a well-presented, error free application...

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University Selection

University selection is the most crucial stage of the application process. It is done, based on your test scores, at least six...

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Visa Application Assistance

We help you in entire Visa process like, filling up applications, preparing financial statements, and also guidance and training for...

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Pre- Departure Orientation

Prior to landing in a new country of your choice appropriate guidance is provided to help you migrate, travel & settle abroad...

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Travel Assistance

We take care of booking flights well in advance to allow ideal departure dates, routes and also best discounts. We help you...

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Post-Departure Support

We at Edify continue to provide our support and help even when you reach a new country. We’ll assist you with: open bank account...

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Financial Aid & Scholarship Guidance

We provide guidance about securing scholarships, bursaries, loans and awards...

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Language Test Preparation

Here, at Edify, one of our expertise lies in preparing students for the IELTS test. We, on our hands, provide all that you need...

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Favorite Destinations

Popular Destinations For International Students

Are you ready to launch the next phase of your academic as well as professional growth? Is quality education in distinguished universities around the world your ultimate dream? If yes, sit back and let us take the wheel!

United Kingdom

Home to some of the world's greatest cities and one of Europe's cultural hubs, there are many reasons to study in the United Kingdom...

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Studying in Sweden is a unique and a dissimilar experience from studying in other countries because Swedish universities have an inclusive...

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Whether you choose to undertake an MBA, engineering, humanities or English language course, Australia is the place to be....

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The United States of America offers a wealth of higher-education opportunities that you will not find anywhere else in the world...

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Canada is currently ranked as the #1 country for quality of life. From vibrant cities to diverse campuses with welcoming communities...

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Kyrgyzstan is entirely coloured by the customs and culture of the nomadic lifestyle. The Russian norms and lifestyle brands Kyrgyzstan...

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