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Free MBBS in Italy For Pakistani students

Effa Iqbal
Nov 17, 2022

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    Medicine is one of the most successful careers in the world. Every year, countless students apply to study MBBS in countries abroad. One of the best destinations for studying MBBS in Italy for Pakistani students.

    In today’s article, we will discuss in depth every aspect of studying MBBS in Italy.

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    Starting off with the introduction of Italy, Italy is one of the most historically significant countries in the world. With its rich culture and beautiful architecture, Italy is a great destination for studying and tourism.

    Italy is a European country, which means it is a part of the European Union. The country holds some of the most beautiful places in the world and an honor is granted to Italy for having the world’s oldest university, University of Bologna, which was established over a thousand years ago in 1088.

    Overall, with the popularity of the Roman empire culture, Italy is a great tourist and student attraction.

    Italy being a part of the EU brings one of the strongest academics in the world. The quality of education in Italy is exemplary and many students visit Italy every year for their higher education.
    MBBS in Italy for Pakistani Students
    One of the best points regarding MBBS studies in Italy is cheapest MBBS in the world for Pakistani students in fact education in Italy is almost free.

    The students are only required to pay minimal costs in the name of registration or a contribution fee. Other than that, there is a plethora of scholarships that are available to Pakistani students.

    Italy is one of the few countries that offers free education to both its national and international students. Therefore, there is a vast variety of scholarships for Pakistani students in Italy.

    For MBBS, Italy offers a 6-year course. It is very similar to Germany, or other EU countries. The whole course modules, internships, house jobs, and other factors are similar to any MBBS degree in the EU. This is because all of these universities are under the WHO.

    As for the application requirements, unlike the US, UK, or Canada, where there is a requirement of having A levels transcript, Italy does not bound it’s students with that.

    For admission in the MBBS program in Italy, the FSc qualifications of Pakistani students are also recognized.

    As you students may already know, studying in Germany requires a German language test to be taken by the applicants. However, that is not the case in Italy.

    Italy has around 12 universities that offer the MBBS program in both Italian and English language. The oldest university, the university of Bologna also offers MBBS in the English language.
    Free MBBS in Italy for Pakistani Students

    There is no requirement for a foundation year, unlike in the UK, and similarly, there is no requirement for an Italian language test. Despite all of these facts, there is still a strict requirement of having a valid IELTS test report.

    For undergraduate degrees in Italy, there is a requirement of a minimum of 6 band in IELTS for MBBS.

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    Furthermore, as all of you medical students may already be aware, there are various medical university admission tests that are to be passed before you are given an admission in any medical college.

    In the US, there is MCAT and similarly, Pakistan, The UK and all other countries also have these exams. Just like that, Italy also has their own Medical admission test known as the IMAT.

    You will have to take this test and pass it to secure your admission. Students have the choice of giving the IMAT in Pakistan or giving it in Italy.

    The fee structure is one of the biggest factors in deciding your destination of higher studies. In many countries such as the UK, US, and Canada, the fee structures for MBBS are extremely high.

    With the fees touching almost 10 million/year in these countries, it is nearly impossible for Pakistani students to afford these universities. But no need to worry, because the fee structure in Italy is very minimal and easily affordable by Pakistani students.

    Italy offers MBBS nearly free of cost to Pakistani students, with only a charge of around 1000-2000 euros. This is only to be paid for the first year since acquiring scholarships in the first year is very difficult.

    However, once you have completed your First year of MBBS in Italy, you can apply for scholarships. The fee of 2000 Euros is to be paid in two installments, with some amount to be paid from Pakistan, and the rest to be paid in Italy.

    Coming to the topic of scholarships, there are numerous scholarships that Italy offers to Pakistani students. While this seems to be a very attractive point, the scholarships are not very easy to gain.

    There is a lot of competition in the MBBS field, given that almost all of the students are extremely bright and talented. Therefore, to secure a promising scholarship, the students will have to put in a lot of effort and hard work in their first year.

    The application is submitted to the Italian embassy in Pakistan. All of the documents are to be translated into Italian language and there are specified translation entities that are provided.

    To get your documents translated into the Italian language for MBBS in Italy, you can contact us at Edify Group of Companies. The documentation required for your application includes:

    • Your high school/FSc/A-levels qualification certificate
    • Your IELTS report with a 6 band/minimum of 5.5 band
    • A minimum of 85-90% of Marks in FSc/A-levels
    • Bank Statement
    • Insurance

    These documents will complete your application and will be submitted to the Italian embassy.

    Many students apply for MBBS in Italy, however, very few get selected. One of the main reasons behind this is that students with scores lower than 85% in their FSc apply.

    The merit in Italian universities is very high, therefore, to get a positive response, it is advised to only apply if you have a score of 85% or above in FSc.

    The applications close in March, therefore, it is imperative to apply before the end of March. This whole procedure of application takes around 6 to 8 months.

    There are 12 universities that are offering MBBS in English in Italy. However, the competition is quite high and the merits are sky rocketing every year.

    Therefore, if you are willing to study in Italy for MBBS, it is important to score a high grade in FSc or A levels. Given the handful number of universities offering MBBS in English, there are only 20-25 seats available for International students.

    This includes students not only from Pakistan but from India, Indonesia, Srilanka, Mexico, Sudan, and many other countries. The Italian universities have to distribute these seats among all of these students. This makes the admission highly competitive.

    However, an impressive IELTS score and a shining FSc or A levels grade certainly increases the chances of securing an admission in Italy for MBBS.

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    MBBS in ITALY for Pakistani Students
    We hope all of your questions were answered in this article. For any kind of information regarding studying in Italy or any other country, you can contact us at Edify Group of Companies.

    We are highly qualified professionals who deal in helping students study abroad in the easiest way possible. Edify Group is the best overseas Education Consultant in Pakistan having offices in Lahore, Multan & Faisalabad.

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