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Free MBBS in Germany - MBBS in Germany For Pakistani students

Wed Nov 09 2022 Effa Iqbal


MBBS in Germany is free, yet the eligibility criteria are quite difficult for Pakistani students to fulfill and secure admission to a German university for MBBS.

Today’s article would be aimed at explaining all the aspects and important points regarding **MBBS in Germany for Pakistani Students & how to get a German study visa from Pakistan.

German education does not need any introduction. Germany is one of the most popular destinations for studying abroad for Pakistani students.

The two distinctive factors are that firstly, Germany provides education free of cost. Secondly, the German universities have excellent rankings worldwide.

The MBBS program is offered with different durations across the world. Some countries such as the USA or Australia offer a 7-year MBBS, whereas Pakistan offers a 5-year MBBS program. However, Germany offers MBBS with a duration of 6 years and 3 months.

A slightly disappointing point for Pakistani students is that Germany does not offer MBBS program in the English language. The only option for Pakistani students is to study the MBBS program in Germany in their native German language.

After students have completed their MBBS of 6 years and 3 months, they are required to give a state-held exam. In Pakistan, the PMDC conducts this exam. Similarly, Germany also has their own specialized exam that is to be taken and passed.
Free MBBS in Germany

One of the most common questions that students ask is:

Can I go for MBBS in Germany with an FSC background?

The answer is yes. However, the requirements are a bit lengthy and difficult to fulfill. Unfortunately, the problem with FSC is that it is not recognized across the globe.

The main reason behind this unfortunate reality is that the world has completely shifted to a 13-year schooling program, whereas FSC students have only spent 12 years in school.

In light of this, FSC background students are required to enroll in a foundation year program.
This is known as the Studienkolleg. This foundation year is to be completed in Germany, in the German language.

A second method for FSC students to gain admission to a German MBBS university is to have already completed 2 years of MBBS in Pakistan. Then, the students can apply to Germany and start their 6-year MBBS program.

The foundation course offers different subjects, however, medical students are supposed to choose the medical course. The Studienkolleg has its own requirements to be fulfilled.

One major requirement is that you should have a minimum grade of B1 in the German language. There are different qualification levels of the German language, just like IELTS has different bands.

  • A1
  • A2
  • B1
  • B2
  • C1
  • C2

A1 is the lowest grade, whereas C2 is the highest grade.

There is also an entrance exam to be passed before securing admission in Studienkolleg. This test is known as the Aufnahmeprufung. You will have to study and learn the German language from Pakistan as the entrance exam is also held in the German language.

After successfully passing the foundation year, an exam is held by the German authorities to check your skills in the German language along with your medical knowledge.

This test is known as Prufung. To understand this better, just like Pakistan requires the MCAT test, Germany requires the Prufung.

Here, students often get confused as to why their language skills are being tested again, even though they have a valid B1 grade beforehand. The answer to this is simple.

While the foundation course admission requires a B1 grade, the MBBS program is very complicated and strict. A minimum grade of C1 German language is required to take admission in Germany for MBBS. This means that the students must have a very advanced grip on the German language.
Free MBBS in Germany

This is the whole process of getting admission in Germany for MBBS. Even though this is a very strict criterion, and the whole process may take around 8-10 years before you have graduated with an MBBS degree, it is imperative to keep in mind that the medical field is highly competitive.

Universities across the world are charging over 10 million PKR per year for MBBS and Germany is providing the MBBS degree nearly free of cost. Hence, students will have to push themselves to their limits and put in extra effort to secure admissions.

Moving on to the students who come with a background of A-levels, they have the added advantage of having to give neither the aufnahmeprufung test, nor take admission in the studienkolleg foundation year.

The requirement for A-level students is to have a minimum of C1 grade In German language. The only exemption is of the foundation course.

It is important to note that the German language grade depends on the university you are applying to. Many universities require a C1 grade, whereas some universities may also require a C2 grade.

Moving further, the admission requirements for securing your admission for MBBS in Germany are as follows, you also need a germany study visa from Pakistan.


  • Minimum of 85% Marks In FSC
  • Good Mathematical skills
  • No gap year
  • German language grade of minimum C1/C2 for MBBS
  • German language grade of B1 grade minimum
  • Attested documents from German embassy in Pakistan
  • Block account with an amount of around 10,000 Euros.

The requirement of mathematics is because the Studienkolleg has a separate exam of mathematics. It is important to be passed, therefore, FSC Pre-medical students will have to polish their mathematical skills.**


  • Straight A Grades
  • No gap year
  • German language grade of minimum C1/C2
  • Attested documents from the German embassy in Pakistan
  • Block account with an amount of around 10,000 Euros.

The block account amount is for the students that are going to Germany. Once they have reached Germany, the students will be able to withdraw money from these accounts for their personal expenses, such as living costs, food, travelling etc.

As for the German language, there are some institutes that are offering German language courses in Pakistan. To learn the German language in Pakistan, students can contact us at Edify group of companies.

The procedure to submit applications for MBBS in Germany is done through the UNISIST portals. Many universities use the UNISIST portal for the submission of applications, however, there are some universities that also take direct admissions.

A good news for students is that there is absolutely no IELTS requirement for MBBS in Germany. Since the MBBS program is offered in German language, students only need to have a C1 or C2 grade of the German language.
MBBS in Germany
There is only one intake for MBBS in Germany every year. The applications open in August. To apply for MBBS in Germany, you can contact us at Edify group of companies.

We offer the most professional services regarding student admissions in Germany for MBBS.

Furthermore, as we have already discussed time and again that MBBS in Germany is free, yet there is a requirement of having a block account with a fixed amount of 10,000 Euros. In case you don’t have this account, you would be required to provide a sponsor letter of your living expenses.

Along with that, there is a minimal contributory fee that is to be paid each semester. The fee ranges from 100-400 Euros per semester. This minimal charge is taken by the university for the printouts that are provided to students, some basic facilities, and a few other things.

Coming to a close, we hope that today’s article was helpful in clearing all the doubts you have and all of your questions were answered in a detailed fashion.

We at Edify Group pride ourselves on always delivering the best possible factual information to our students and readers, to help them shape their futures.

If you are interested in studying MBBS Abroad, you can contact us at Edify Group of Companies for the smoothest admission process and guaranteed satisfactory results.



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