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Explore Bolton as International Student

Explore Bolton as International Student

Effa Iqbal
Nov 13, 2023

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    Located in the heart of Greater Manchester, Bolton is one of the largest and most famous towns in the UK, attracting a diverse range of visitors from day trippers to business travelers and conference attendees.

    Its prime location in close proximity to Manchester, combined with a plethora of attractions, makes it a key player in the regional tourist industry.

    Featuring a perfect balance of public spaces, rural landscapes, green spaces, top-notch transportation links, and a variety of educational institutions, Bolton offers something for everyone.

    Bolton, recognized as a student-friendly city, hosts a university and benefits significantly from its proximity to Manchester, renowned for its numerous colleges and universities.

    Bolton for international students

    Is Bolton a Desirable Residential Hub?

    In contemplating whether Bolton is an excellent place to live, it is noteworthy that while specific neighborhoods may be considered more upscale, the town as a whole remains affordable.

    The average house cost in Bolton, as of 2022, is £198,701, below the national average. Bolton has garnered a reputation as one of the happiest places to live in the North West, rendering it a family-friendly city.

    It has also earned the 9th position nationally for being one of the best places to work, owing to many job opportunities within the town.

    Bolton’s Population

    Population As of 2023, the population of Bolton stands at approximately 296,000, according to the Office for National Statistics.

    How safe is Bolton for International students?

    Safety Considerations While Greater Manchester grapples with the third-highest crime rate in England and Wales, Bolton emerges as relatively safe compared to other towns in the region.

    Commonly reported crimes include drug use, vandalism, and theft, with vehicle theft standing out as a notable concern in 2021.

    Housing for international students in Bolton

    Housing Landscape as of 2022-2023 is:

    • The average property cost in Bolton was £198,701.
    • With detached properties averaging £364,584.
    • Semi-detached at £198,093.
    • Terraced at £141,484,
    • flats at £122,737.

    Bolton boasts a rich history in textile production, particularly in wool and cotton weaving.

    The town hosts various family-friendly festivals and events, with the Food and Drink Festival being a particular highlight.

    Universities in Bolton for International Students

    Bolton provides a friendly atmosphere for international students.

    The university is well-known for its excellent teaching and welcoming community, and it offers a wide selection of programs, cutting-edge facilities, and a thriving student life.

    It is a good place for people seeking a superior academic experience because of its worldwide outlook and emphasis on student achievement.

    University of Bolton Ranked among the top 50 UK universities in 2021, the University of Bolton offers a positive academic experience with numerous facilities, clubs, and societies for students.

    Bolton for international students

    Shopping Centers and Hotels in Bolton

    Retail Therapy and Entertainment Market Place Bolton, Bolton Shopping, and Crompton Place Shopping emerge as popular retail destinations in Bolton.

    Noteworthy hotels in the city include Britannia Hotel Bolton, Bolton Whites Hotel, and Holiday Inn Bolton.

    Top 10 places to explore as an international student in Bolton

    • Smithills Open Farm
    • Jumbles Country Park
    • Bolton Steam Museum
    • Bolton Library and Museum Services
    • Moses Gate Country Park
    • Hall Lee Bank Park
    • Octagon Theatre
    • Queens Park
    • Doffcocker Lodge
    • Turton Tower

    Top 10 Places To Eat in Bolton:

    • Casa Di Tapas
    • Royal Balti House
    • Baker’s
    • Casalingo
    • Earthlings
    • Toby Carvery Watergate Toll
    • Unity Brook Pub
    • Nam Ploy Thai Restaurant
    • Poppins Tea Rooms
    • Tapaz Ristorante

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    Bolton emerges as a multifaceted town in Greater Manchester, attracting a diverse array of residents, visitors, and students.

    Its affordability, coupled with a rich cultural heritage, family-friendly atmosphere, and educational opportunities, makes it an appealing place to live.

    The town’s safety, robust job market, and proximity to Manchester contribute to its positive reputation.

    With a range of attractions, quality schools, and a flourishing university, Bolton stands as a well-rounded destination, offering a balanced lifestyle for those who choose to call it home.

    Bolton as an international students


    FAQ: Is Bolton a safe place to live?

    Answer: While crime exists, Bolton is relatively safe compared to neighboring areas. Vigilance is recommended, with vehicle theft being a notable concern.

    FAQ: What’s the average house cost in Bolton?

    Answer: As of 2022, the average house cost in Bolton is £198,701, making it an affordable residential option.

    FAQ: Why choose the University of Bolton?

    Answer: The University of Bolton offers quality education, diverse programs, and a supportive community, making it an ideal choice for international students seeking a well-rounded academic experience.

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