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Canada lifts limits on working hours for international students

Effa Iqbal
Nov 22, 2022

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    Today, we come to you as a bearer of good news. For Pakistani students studying in Canada, there are no more restrictions on working only a limited number of hours per week.

    Pakistani students in Canada usually work off-campus jobs to meet their financial requirements, along with their studies.

    Previously, there was a restriction in place by the Canadian Authorities that international students can work only for a maximum of 20 hours per week.

    However, recently in October of 2022, the Canadian immigration minister, Sean Fraser revoked this restriction, allowing students to work more hours per week.

    Onwards November 15th, 2022, the new, relaxed law reform would come into effect. This is however subject to some vital requirements, and today we will be mentioning each of them periodically.
    International student in Canada
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    Prior to the announcement of the Canadian immigration minister, international students were allowed only 20 hours per week of off-campus jobs. This made it particularly difficult for Pakistani students to cover their living costs, travel, and food costs because typically, Pakistani students come from a moderate financial background.

    However, the Canadian authorities acted vigilantly and took notice of the fact that there are numerous international students who have a relaxed course program and can work for more than 20 hours to meet their ends.

    Initially, the 20-hour work limit was set in place to make sure that international students do not feel overburdened and can focus primarily on their studies.

    However, with more relaxed coursework and a handful of free time in the hands of a large number of international students, the Canadian immigration minister took a positive step to make it easier for international students to study and live outside of their home country.

    As we mentioned previously, the advantage of working for more than 20 hours per week can only be availed if certain requirements are met by the students. These requirements are as follow:

    1. You have to enrolled in a designated learning institute as a full-time student. However, if you are now a part-time student and studying in the final semester of your course, you are still eligible to work for more than 20 hours.
    2. The course that you have enrolled in should be at least for the duration of 6 months.
    3. At the end of your course, you will be awarded with any of the following:

    · A degree

    · A diploma

    · A certification

    4. Your degree, program, or course has started and you are actively studying in the university or institution.

    5. You have applied for insurance and you have a unique designated Social Insurance Number (SIN)

    5. Your study visa authorizes you to work off-campus at part-time jobs

    These requirements are usually met by almost all Pakistani students in Canada, with some exceptions of course. However, if you are willing to take advantage of this new reform and are soon to visit Canada, you can contact us at Edify Group of Companies for a complete detailed assessment of your application.

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    International students in Canada


    The Canadian immigration made the new reforms to tackle the current worker shortages in Canada.

    However, international students can take full benefit of this and earn financial freedom, along with professional experience before even graduating!

    For Pakistani students in Canada, it is now possible to:

    • Easily work for more than 20 hours and gain financial freedom as a student
    • Afford the tuition, rent, and food costs easily
    • Gain professional experience and modify their resume
    • Secure jobs in their field of study
    • Have an edge over other students with professional experience, leading to an easier procedure of securing jobs in Canada and Pakistan
      International student in Canada

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    These are excellent benefits and all Pakistani students should take full advantage. However, studies are still the top priority and it would be an unwise decision to not take care of a healthy work-study balance.

    To end today’s article, we hope that you found this information regarding unlimited work hours for international students in Canada useful.

    However, if you still have any queries and would like to gain professional insight regarding your doubts, We at Edify Group of Companies are just one text message away. Hit us up today to attain the best education and visa consultancy in Pakistan.

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