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Why study at the University of Law?

Effa Iqbal
Dec 10, 2022

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    The University of Law

    The University of Law is one of the biggest law schools in the UK with several campuses spread across the UK. The University of Law prides itself on having trained more practicing lawyers in the UK than any other law school.

    The university offers a variety of courses and the teaching style is unique, focusing primarily on the practical skill development of students along with bestowing excellent knowledge in accordance with modern trends.

    The University of Law is one of the best law schools in the UK and is recognized worldwide in the field of law. As a student of law, gaining real-life skills is the most important aspect of practicing in the future.

    The university of law employs a highly skilled and experienced team of lawyers and professionals to teach the different courses of law to students. This helps students work closely with seasoned lawyers and make useful connections before stepping into the legal profession.

    The University of Law offers different courses in Law and business programs along with courses in policing and criminology degrees.

    The degrees are recognized globally and many law graduates from the University of Law are currently practicing as lawyers in different fields such as corporate law, criminal law, public international law, and taxation law among other areas.

    The university offers a deep understanding of the legal aspects of every field and enables students to think critically and analyze each case thoroughly to find the best possible legal solutions. At the University of Law, different extracurricular activities are held throughout the course that adds to the practical experience of students.
    The University of Law

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    Courses Offered at the University of Law for International Students:

    At the University of Law, there are different law degrees offered and each degree has a different duration. The following law degrees are offered at the University of Law for international students:

    · Three-year Undergraduate Law Degree

    · Four-Year undergraduate law degree with a foundation year

    · Two-year LLB (Hons) accelerated Degree

    · Two-Year LLB (Hons) Senior Status Degree

    For each degree, there are different requirements for admission. We will discuss the admission criteria in detail later in this article.

    Apart from law degrees, the university of Law also has a highly respected business school where different courses in the business field are taught.

    · Three-Year Undergraduate degree

    · Four-Year undergraduate degree

    The admission requirements are similar to Law degrees, with different requirements required depending on the course.

    Along with these courses, professional body qualifications such as BSc in Accounting and Finance are also offered at the University of Law.

    Admission Requirements:

    The admission criteria at the University of Law include various documentation. As an international student, you should have the following documents in hand while applying to the University of Law:

    · Previous academic documents

    · IELTS/TEOFL transcript

    · Bank statement of Guardian/Parent/Sponsor

    · Statement of Purpose

    A minimum of 6-Band is required for admission at the university of Law in the 3-Year and 4-Year programs of Law and Business. However, if you are willing to opt for the accelerated 2-Year law degree, a minimum of 7-Band IELTS is required.

    For the students who attempted the TOEFL English Language proficiency test, scores of 90 and above are required.

    Depending on the course you choose, there might be some additional documentary requirements. To have a greater understanding of what additional documents you may require, feel free to contact us at Edify group of companies for the best education consultancy in Pakistan.

    As an international student, securing admission to a university abroad may seem like a hectic process. However, we at Edify Group of Companies ensure that the admission process of Pakistani students into universities abroad is as smooth as possible.

    We pride ourselves on being the best and most professional education consultants in Pakistan with over 5 years of professional experience.

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    If you are interested in studying at the University of Law, contact us right now to get a head start on your application process.

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    Tuition Fee at the University of Law for International Students:

    At the university of law, different programs are offered, meaning that the fee structure varies from program to program.

    One of the major hindrances while studying abroad for Pakistani students is the fee structure, since affording expensive degrees is not an option for many students.

    At the University of Law, international students are expected to pay an average of £11,000-14,750 per annum.

    University of Law Campuses:

    The university of law degrees are offered at several universities across the UK. A list of all the universities that offer Law degrees is provided below:

    · Newcastle University

    · University of Sheffield

    · University of Redding

    · University of Liverpool

    · University of Exeter

    · University of East Anglia

    · University of Chester

    · ULaw Guildford

    · ULaw Nottingham

    · ULaw Manchester

    · ULaw London Moorgate

    · ULaw London Bloomsbury

    · ULaw Leeds

    · Ulaw Bristol

    · ULaw Birmingham

    Apart from universities in the UK, the University of Law programs are also offered internationally in:

    · Berlin, Germany

    · Hong Kong

    For students who are not able to attend a university physically, the University of Law also offers its courses online.

    Note: For online courses, a separate fee of £250 is charged.

    World Ranking of the University of Law:

    The QS Stars Ranking 2023 awarded the University of Law top star rankings for different areas. The University of Law achieved the following ratings:

    · 5 Stars for Teaching, Academic Development, Law degrees, Employability, and Online learning.

    · 4 Stars for Internationalization

    · 3 stars for Social Responsibility
    University of Law
    Thank you for reading our article on the University of Law for international students. If you are interested in studying at the University of Law, you can contact The University of Law agents in Pakistan. Apply Now

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