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Why Study at Kingston University London?

Fri Dec 09 2022 Effa Iqbal

Kingston University

Kingston University London is recognized for its impeccable teaching, a wide variety of courses, and diverse culture it provides. More than 5000 international students’ study at Kingston University every year.

The vibrancy of the university is an eye-catching feature that attracts many students and the academic rigor is applauded in the UK. Kingston University named among top 500 institutions globally for clinical and health education by Times Higher Education.

Kingston University offers postgraduate and undergraduate courses and many of these courses are rated as the best in the country. According to The Guardian Guide 2021, Kingston university provides the best courses in the areas of Fashion, Graphic Designing, and Journalism.

Established in 1899, the university has more than a decade of academic excellence under its belt. For international Pakistani students, Kingston university is a top destination for studies that are recognized globally.

In 2017, Kingston University was awarded the Guardian University Award for its teaching excellence.
Kingston University London

Kingston University for International Pakistani Students:

Kingston University is a global village of education, with over 19,000 students studying currently. The student body consists of students from all over the world and the university provides several facilities and services for international students to welcome them and make their stay convenient and insightful.

Since international students are unfamiliar with university life and the general way of how everything works, the university offers different services and programs that act as an icebreaker and enables students to actively communicate with the faculty, staff, and fellow students at the university.

At Kingston University, there is a dedicated team for Visa and Confirmation of Acceptance. The team helps students with all issues pertaining to their visas and the beginning of their studies.

There is also a student life center that provides assistance for arranging accommodation, finance management, disability support, and other general queries that a student may have.

The university also offers an airport pickup service for international students. Once they have reached the campus, a series of orientation sessions and social events are held which international students attend to familiarize themselves with the university and their fellow students.

Courses offered at Kingston University:

At Kingston University, International students get to choose their desired courses from a vast variety of courses. The University offers both postgraduate and undergraduate courses. Along with that, some research courses, foundation courses, and pre-sessional are also offered.

· Accounting and Finance

· Biochemistry

· Biological Sciences

· Business and Accounting

· Business Management

· Business Economics

· Chemistry

· Computer Science

· Fashion

· Engineering

· Sport Science

· Sociology

· Psychology

While this is a shortened list, there are several other courses also offered at Kingston University. The university also offers master’s degrees in various areas of study.

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Accommodation at Kingston University London

Fees And Scholarships:

Just like any other university, the fee structures are different for each course at Kingston university. To put out an average number, the average annual fee at Kingston university is between £14,300-24,000.

However, Kingston University offers different scholarships for Pakistani students. Pakistani students can apply for the British Marshall Scholarship for studying at Kingston university. The scholarship offers 2 years of coverage of:

· Tuition fees

· Living expenses

· Research and daily commute

· Airfares

· Books grant

Under the scholarships, these costs are covered for 2 years. For more details on the British Marshall Scholarship, feel free to contact us at Edify group of companies, the best education consultant and the best visa consultant in Lahore.

Accommodation at Kingston university for International Students:

International students at Kingston University are provided with the facility of on-campus residence in accommodation halls purpose-built for international students.

There are different types of rooms such as single rooms or shared rooms. Each room comes with different facilities and services. Keep in mind that the accommodation at Kingston University halls is not free and international students have to pay for the service.

If you are not satisfied with the on-campus residency options, international students also have the option of renting a private flat or room in Kingston.

Since international students are not aware of the facilities and rent structures, the university provides assistance in finding private residency for students that is close to the university and fits in their budget.

National and International Rankings and Awards of Kingston University:

Kingston University has been presented with numerous awards throughout its years. For example, recently the university achieved:

· 92nd rank in the Times University Guide 2023

· 55th rank in the Guardian university guide 2023

· One of the top 10 Universities in London

· One of the top 250 youngest universities in the world

Furthermore, the university has also achieved excellent rankings in its Fashion, Arts, Design, Photography, Biosciences, and various other courses.

Kingston University’s Fashion program is ranked as the 5th best fashion degree by the Guardian University guide 2023.

The university also thrives in the research department, with almost 23% of its research being rated as world-leading or internationally excellent. Nearly 70% of its research work is rated either a 4-Star or a 3-Star.
Kingston University London for international student

Famous Personalities Who Attended Kingston University:

Kingston University has an extensive list of alumni who have reached new heights in their fields. Some of the popularly known personalities who attended Kingston University include:

· Eric Clapton, who is a famous guitarist and musician.

· Fiona Banner, an internationally known artist.

· Ben Barnes, a highly popular actor.

In conclusion, Kingston university has a stellar reputation and its popularity in the academic world is well-deserved. For Pakistani students, Kingston university is one of the best international universities.

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