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USA Study Visa F1 - Interview tips

Fri Nov 11 2022 Effa Iqbal


The USA study visa has various different requirements, and one of the most important requirements on which 90 percent of your visa granting process completely depends is the Visa interview with the Visa officer.

There are many myths that are revolving around students regarding the questions that are asked by the Visa officers in these interviews and this has created a cloud of misconceptions, leading to nervousness and failure in interviews.

The most important thing that is to be kept in mind is that there are three questions that are of the utmost importance. These questions have been repeatedly asked by the visa officers in USA study Visa Interview and if seen numerically, data suggests that almost 99% of the interviews consist of these questions.

So what are these three questions on which the whole student visa depends? Today, we will be discussing each aspect of these questions in detail and preparing you to the fullest so you can answer the questions perfectly and understand the examiner’s point of view to the fullest.

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F1 visa preparation
The first question that is asked is:

What is the purpose of your visit to the United States of America?

This question can be rephrased and asked using different words. However, the important thing to note is that this question is not to be confused with the question of Why USA? This is a question where students are required to explain why they chose USA as their destination of study.

However, the main question is where the visa officer has asked for the purpose of your visit to the USA. Many students have reported that they answered the visa officer by saying one of the following:

“I am going to the USA for study purposes”


“I am going to the USA for my Master’s/Bachelors’ degree”

While this is completely true, visa officers are not looking for this answer. These are generic answers that are repeated by thousands of students on a daily basis.

Therefore, these short and vague answers do not impress the visa officer and subsequently, reduce your chances of securing a visa.

We at Edify Group always motivate and teach our students to give elongated and elaborative answers to the questions posed to them by the visa officer. This is what distinguishes you from other applicants.

A good answer would include all the details of your future degree, which you’re going for. Alongside that, you should add the details of your previous degree/high school qualification and the name of your college/school. This answer would impress the visa officer.
F1 visa preparation in Pakistan
You should take care of the fact that visa officers are looking for any weak points in you, and to overcome that, you should elongate your answers and keep talking to the visa officer until he/she stops you.

Moving on to the second, most important question. The visa officers ask:

Who is sponsoring your studies? How will you manage your expenses in the US?

The most common answer is that students tell the visa officer that their uncle, aunt, friends, or some other relative living in the US would be sponsoring their expenses.

This is a vague answer. The visa officer is a highly experienced individual and understands the tricks of the trade. Therefore, the only suitable and acceptable answer is your father, your mother, or both of your parents collectively.

However, there are many students who do not have parents. At this stage, you are required to elaborate on your answer to whoever is your financial sponsor. A good answer would include:

The person who is sponsoring you, their relationship with you, their income source, their monthly income, and their designations. This would paint a clear picture for the visa officer.

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The last question asked by the visa officer is:

In which university have you applied? Which course would you be studying? Have you compared this university with other universities?

A common myth among students is that giving “To the point” answers is important. While this is true, students misunderstand that “to the point” answers do not mean a one-liner answers.

Whatever the question may be, the answer should be listened to, understood, and then answered thoroughly. You have to give a detailed answer which includes the following:

The name of the university you have applied to, the universities which you considered while applying, giving detailed reasoning of why you chose the specific program that you did.

Students can also tell why some of the universities were not offering their desired courses, the fee was not in their affordability range, the location of the university was not suitable, and further details along these lines. All of this adds a great impression to your answer and the visa officers are inclined to grant you the visa.

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A simple answer of “I am going to study so and so course” would give a negative vibe to the officer and it affects negatively your whole visa process.

The officers are seeking excellent, well-constructed, coherent answers that give the impression that you are a well-versed and intelligent student.

You are to take high regard for the fact that your visit to the visa office and the reason for your interview is not to secure a visa but to show off your academics and impress the visa officer in such a fashion that a visa refusal is no more an option for him.

The only way to ensure this is by giving detailed, intelligent, and coherent answers to all of the questions above mentioned.
International students in USA

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These are the three most important questions that are always asked in F1 visa interviews. In almost every transcript, we have found that these questions were not excluded and students always struggle with answering these questions in a proper manner.

Today, we have explained in detail how to answer these questions and increase your chances to 100% of securing a US study visa.

We at Edify Group have always given highly professional advice to all of our students and readers and our aim is to help every Pakistani reach the stage of success in the easiest ways possible.

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