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Unlocking the potential of higher education at university of Bradford: a guide to studying in the UK

Thu Jan 26 2023 Effa Iqbal

University of Bradford

Bradford University was established more than 50 years ago in 1966 and today, it is one of the best modern universities in the world. Equipped with high-tech technology and one of the best faculty, the University of Bradford is a prime example of a modernized institute offering one of the best high educations today in the UK.

The University of Bradford takes a practical approach to studies and enables students to use their knowledge in real-life situations where they can make a notable difference. With a strong commitment to helping each student become a leader of the future, the university carefully curates each course and employs only the best and most professional faculty to teach courses at the university.

The University of Bradford has also established great relationships with major employers globally and encourages students to become valuable assets to society and industry.

The University of Bradford actively collaborates with multinational businesses and corporations. This is a great benefit to international students as the relationship between the university and industrial giants allows students to conveniently apply for employment postgraduation.

The university’s relationships extend globally with overseas partnerships in several countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Poland, and Pakistan. As a Pakistani student, studying at the University of Bradford is one of the best decisions you can make for your academic journey and professional career in the future.

university of bradford, UK

Courses offered at the University of Bradford:

At the University of Bradford, there are numerous undergraduate and postgraduate courses offered in different areas of study. The university has faculties of the following:

·         Arts and Humanities

·         Business and Management

·         Engineering and Technology

·         Life Sciences and Medicine

·         Natural Sciences

Under these schools, the university offers more than 80 undergraduate programs along with over 110 postgraduate programs. At the University of Bradford, MBA is also offered to international students. Some of the popular courses at the University of Bradford for international students include:

·         Business

·         Chemical Engineering

·         Politics

·         Physiotherapy

·         Pharmacy

·         Archeology

·         Accounting and Finance

·         Biomedical Engineering

·         Artificial Intelligence

·         Clinical Sciences

·         Forensics

·         Chemistry

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Fees and Scholarships at the University of Bradford:

The fee for international students at the university of Bradford is between 15,000-22,000 GBP. This is an average number for the annual fee and is subject to changes. The fee is dependent on the type of course and other mitigating factors.

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Studying abroad is a huge financial commitment and many Pakistani students are not able to spend a huge sum of money on studying abroad. However, the University of Bradford is a non-discriminatory global institute and aims to provide the best education to every student in the world.

Hence, the university has several scholarships for international students, enabling them to study at the prestigious institute at a heavily discounted tuition fee. For different scholarships, there are different eligibility criteria.

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international student at University of Bradford

The University of Bradford for International Students:

As an international student, studying abroad is not only about education but also about gaining an insightful experience of the culture in a new country.

The University of Bradford is a massive institute and has spent more than £120 million on its state-of-the-art purpose-built campus to provide the best educational and recreational facilities to students.

Students from over 130 countries study at the university of Bradford and the multicultural environment makes it easy for new students to adjust to the system. At the university, different societies and clubs are also enacted by the students under which several events are organized throughout the year.

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University of Bradford

These events are both educational and adventurous. Furthermore, excellent sports facilities are also available for students to polish and show off their extracurricular skills while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Different sports societies also organize and host sports events around the year, competing with other universities and colleges in the UK.

Apart from the extracurricular activities, the University of Bradford is also one of the best institutes in the UK for higher education. The university has won several awards and is recognized around the globe for its teaching excellence and academic rigor.

A Prime example is the triple-accredited Business school at The University of Bradford. Additionally, the university was also given the silver title for teaching excellence in 2017 by the Teaching Excellence Framework.

Famous for having a strong record of graduate employability, alumni of Bradford University are largely preferred by many employers in the UK and even internationally. Last but not the least, the University of

FACT: Bradford is also one of the top 10 Universities in the UK for Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Optometry, Medical Technology, and Forensic Science courses.

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