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University of Westminster - Fee and Ranking

Tue Dec 13 2022 Effa Iqbal

University Of Westminster

The university provides an excellent student experience paired with strong academics. Focused on building the interpersonal and professional skills of students, the university offers great assistance with its top-notch faculty and academic staff.

The university also has achieved various awards for its academic excellence and graduates have given positive feedback about the academic rigor as well as the student life at the University of Westminster.

The University of Westminster has 4 campuses around the United Kingdom. All of the campuses have a great reputation among other universities and employers.

Most of the students get permanent employment or admission into other schools for further studies within a short span of time after graduation. Today, we will discuss the facilities and benefits that come with studying at the University of Westminster.

Furthermore, a detailed discussion would also take place about the courses that are offered at the University of Westminster.
University of Westminster Campus

Campuses of the University of Westminster:

The University of Westminster has 4 campuses in the UK.

  1. Cavendish campus in Central London

  2. Harrow campus in North-west, London

  3. Marylebone Campus in Central London

  4. Regent Campus in Central London

The University of Westminster for International Students:

International students at the University of Westminster enjoy a friendly and culturally rich student body along with a diverse faculty of teachers and professors from around the world.

The university has numerous other facilities dedicated to international students, enabling them to adjust to the new environment easily and quickly.

The University of Westminster has a separate team of student affairs management where international students can reach out for assistance in their studies, university events, management queries, and any other information that an international student may require.

The International student advisers also provide support throughout the duration of your course regarding accommodation and general advice.

Furthermore, the university of Westminster also organizes an orientation program for international students who have just been admitted to the university.

This 3-day residential program includes a general meet and greets session with the faculty, a social gathering among students, and a tour of the university. The university also has a regular newsletter that is provided to every student.

The newsletter acts as a great medium for staying updated with the upcoming events in the university, and new details about your course, and it also provides an overview of what’s happening around the university and in London.

While the perks of studying at the University of Westminster are endless, one of the best services that are offered to international students is the English as a foreign language course.

The University of Westminster recognizes that international students come from various countries where English is not spoken as a first language, therefore, some students lack the proper knowledge of the English language and how it is used in academic circumstances.

The course helps international students learn the depths of academic English from some of the best English language teachers in the UK. English as a foreign language course can be taken as a pre-sessional course or as a credited module within your degree.

Courses Offered at the University of Westminster

At the University of Westminster, international students are provided with a long list of courses to choose from. There are more than 300 undergraduate degrees and around 295 postgraduate degrees offered at the University of Westminster. The university offers a variety of programs such as:

· Undergraduate degrees

· Postgraduate degrees

· Professional Programs

· Short Courses

Pakistani students studying at the University of Westminster can choose their desired area of study from the abovementioned programs.

Some of the popular courses offered at the University of Westminster for international Pakistani students include:

· Business and Management

· Engineering and Technology

· Life sciences

· Medicine

· Biochemistry

· Social Sciences

· Psychology

· Economics

· Business and Finance

· Civil Engineering

· Computer games development

· Biological Sciences

· Accounting

The Westminster business school is considered to be one of the best and leading modern business schools in the country. Offering the best business programs, Westminster business school is internationally recognized as one of the top institutes for business and accounting studies.

At Westminster business school, an MBA program is also offered and it is considered to be a highly respectable master’s degree.
University of Westminster

World Ranking of the University of Westminster:

According to the QS World University Rankings, the University of Westminster ranks between 701-750. Secondly, the QS WUR Ranking by Subject places the University of Westminster between 451-500.

Fees and Scholarships:

The university offers different scholarships to international students who fall within the eligibility criteria. The scholarships afford international students a considerable discount on their tuition fees, making it easier for international students to manage their finances.

As for the annual fee, it is completely dependent on the course you opt for. Each course has a different fee structure.

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How To Apply at the University of Westminster:

One of the crucial steps in securing your admission at the university of Westminster as a Pakistani student is your application. There are different documental requirements and all of these documents are to be attached with your application. Failure in any of these steps may result in a rejection of your application.

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Moving on to the documents required for your application, we have provided a list below.

· Your previous educational documents (O-levels/A-levels transcripts, FSc/Matric transcripts)

· IELTS transcript (Minimum of 6-6.5 Band)

· Statement of Purpose

· Health Insurance

· Bank Statement of sponsor/parents/guardian

The documents may also differ according to the course you have opted for. Therefore, it is advised to be well aware of the requirements of your respective course.
University of Westminster
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