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University of Northampton - International student accommodation and lifestyle

Effa Iqbal
Dec 17, 2022

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    University of Northampton

    The University of Northampton is one of the most popular universities in the UK. As the name suggests, the university is situated in the city of Northampton, a beautiful city with a scenic environment and full of culture.

    The university is a modern hub of education and has invested in advanced methods of face-to-face teaching that enable students to get all the support they require at this imperative stage in their academic life.

    The courses at the University of Northampton are carefully designed to ensure that only the best and most important skills and knowledge are delivered to students that would help them get a boost once they step into the professional workplace.

    The University of Northampton is a prestigious university in the UK and only the top students with excellent potential secure admission here. With a 20% acceptance rate, the university is enriched with intelligent minds and innovation can be seen everywhere in the university.

    The university was also ranked as one of the top 30 universities in the world by Times Higher Education Impact Rankings. All in all, as an international studying, studying at the University of Northampton is one of the best choices you can make to flourish in your career.
    University of Northampton

    Courses offered at Northampton University for international students:

    The University of Northampton offers hundreds of courses for undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs, along with foundation year courses and research-based courses. Some of the popular courses for international students at the University of Northampton are listed below:

    Undergraduate Courses:

    · Accounting and Finance

    · Artificial Intelligence

    · Architecture

    · Arts

    · Business Management and Studies

    · Biomedical Sciences

    · Biochemistry

    · Business Computing

    · Climate Change

    · Criminology

    · Computer Science

    · Creative Writing

    · Cyber Security

    · Fashion and Textile

    · Law

    · International Relations

    · Music

    · Psychology

    · Software Engineering

    Postgraduate Courses:

    Several postgraduate courses are also available at De Montford University for international students:

    · Accounting and Finance

    · Software Engineering

    · Computing

    · Architecture

    · Psychology

    · International Relations

    · MBA

    · Executive MBA

    · English Language

    · Fine Arts

    · Fashion

    · Health Sciences

    · Mechanical Engineering

    · Mechatronics

    · Social Work

    Furthermore, research courses at the University of Northampton are offered in the following subjects:

    · Business Administration

    · Leather Technology

    For international students coming from countries where English is not spoken as a first language, the University of Northampton also offers Pre-Sessional English courses. The courses are available in two durations:

    · English Program (4 weeks)

    · English Program (6 weeks)

    If you are interested in pursuing your higher education abroad at the University of Northampton and want to know more about your desired course, contact us now at Edify Group of Companies for a detailed insight into the course of your choice. Edify Group is the best education consultant in Pakistan.
    University of Northampton international student community

    The University of Northampton Fee for International Students:

    On average, the fee for international students at the University of Northampton is £14,000-16,900. This is an average annual number and may be higher or lower depending on the course.

    If you want to get an exact quote of the fee for your desired course at the University of Northampton, get in touch with Edify Group of Companies, the best education consultant in Pakistan.

    Exclusive Services for International Students:

    The University of Northampton is a diversified institute and students from all over the world come to study here. To cater to the needs of each international student, the university has established different teams of professionals to help students with everything related to their studies and their stay in Northampton.

    Some of the services that international students can avail of include:

    · Free pick-up from Heathrow Airport (On selected dates)

    · Welcome program and Orientation session

    · Meet and Greet events with the staff and faculty

    · Assistance with accommodation

    · Assistance with opening a bank account in the UK

    · Finding a Part-time job

    · Help with Insurance related matters

    Scholarships for international students:

    At the University of Northampton, international students are offered different scholarships based on previous academic achievements. One of the major hindrances that international students face before studying abroad is expenses.

    Hence, the university of Northampton offers a 30% discount on tuition fees for all taught years to students who qualify for the grant. Furthermore, alumni can enjoy a 50% fee reduction.

    If you want to apply for a scholarship at the University of Northampton, get in touch with us now to get a professional evaluation of your application and see if you are eligible for the 30% or 50% discount.

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    Student Accommodation at the University of Northampton:

    The university offers on-campus accommodation in the student village to international students. With a choice of either a five-floor flat building or four-floor townhouses, international students can reside only a few meters away from the academic buildings where their classes will be held.

    The university also offers budget-friendly rooms off-campus for students who prefer to live outside the university or just want a cheaper alternative.

    All the rooms at the university residence come completely furnished with all facilities and amenities, except some features which are paid for, for example; TV licenses. The university also offers round-the-clock security with guards, CCTV cameras, and much more.

    Living at Northampton University’s accommodation is a great choice for international students who want to save travel expenses and reside within walking distance of the academic buildings.

    University of Northampton

    To apply in this university, you can contact University of Northampton agents in Pakistan. Do you want to apply in the University of Northampton?** Apply Now

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