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University of Dundee Courses and Ranking

Effa Iqbal
Jan 28, 2023

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    University of Dundee

    The University of Dundee was established way back in 1881. Situated in Scotland, the university enjoys a stellar reputation globally for its excellent teaching style and academic rigor.

    The university offers some of the best degrees in several areas of study and has emerged as a top contender among other universities. The University of Dundee primarily focuses on enabling students to bring out the best in them and contribute significantly to the industries related to their course.

    Famous for having some of the highest graduate employability rankings in Scotland, the university of Dundee is one of the best universities in Scotland for international students. Along with one of the best faculties in Scotland, the university also offers its students internships and career-planning opportunities built within the curriculum.

    The University of Dundee is also widely recognized for having some of the best reviews from current students and alumni about student life and facilities on campus.

    The University of Dundee puts forward a very direct mission of enabling students with the help of the university to work locally and globally leading to practically creating, sharing, and applying new innovative ideas.

    Home to more than 16,000 students, of which more than 11,000 are international students from different countries across the globe, the university is a modern multicultural hub of education and knowledge. As an international student, studying at the University of Dundee is one of the best decisions you can make as you step into professional life.

    university of Dundee

    Courses offered at the University of Dundee:

    The University of Dundee offers a plethora of courses for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Currently, over 200 undergraduate degree programs along with numerous postgraduate programs are available at the University of Dundee for international students.

    As one of the oldest educational institutes in the UK, the university of Dundee is notably one of the best universities in Scotland for several professional degrees. Some of these courses include:

    ·         Law

    ·         Medicine

    ·         Dentistry

    ·         Life Sciences

    Apart from the traditional professions, the university has taken a modern approach given the evolving world and offers several courses for emerging areas such as Life sciences, Artificial intelligence, Creative arts, Fashion, and much more. At the University of Dundee, international students can also study:

    ·         Business

    ·         Economics

    ·         Health Sciences

    ·         Engineering

    ·         Social Sciences

    It is safe to say that the academic possibilities are endless at Dundee University.

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    university of Dundee student life

    University of Dundee fees for international students:

    The University of Dundee is one of the best universities in Scotland. Every year, thousands of international students enroll in the prestigious institute in Dundee to pursue their higher studies. However, one of the most important aspects of studying abroad is the fees of the university. For international students, the annual fee at the University of Dundee is between £15,000-18,000.

    Scholarships for international students:

    Studying abroad is one of the biggest financial commitments of a student’s life. Living in the UK may seem expensive; however, several scholarships are available for international students at the University of Dundee.

    For example, the university offers the Global Excellence Scholarships under which international students can get up to £6000 discount on the tuition fee per year. The Global Excellence Scholarship is automatically granted to students who have impressive academic backgrounds and achievements.

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    Services for International Students:

    The University of Dundee offers several exclusive services for international students who have secured their admission at the university and are looking to start a new life in Scotland. Firstly, the university offers pick-up services from the airport once international students land in Scotland. Secondly, the university also provides students with a detailed brochure that explains everything about the university and life around campus.

    The university also arranges orientations and welcome programs for new international students where they get a chance to meet the faculty and socialize with their fellow students.

    In addition to this, a team of student advisors for international students is also available on campus to make things easier and help new students with their studies, accommodation, and other matters.

    Last but not the least, Free English language lessons are also available for international students who feel the need to polish their spoken and academic English skills. These classes are especially helpful for students who come from backgrounds where English is not spoken as a first language.

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    One of the most important questions that many students ask is about the living arrangements once they go abroad. At the University of Dundee, accommodation is guaranteed to international students who apply before the deadlines for application submission. On-campus and off-campus residence is available in four halls along with several university-owned flats in the city.

     students at University of Dundee

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