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The Perks of Studying in Birmingham City University

Sat Dec 24 2022 Effa Iqbal

Birmingham City University

Established in 1992, Birmingham City University is an exciting and diverse institute where many international students study every year. The university offers a vast portfolio of undergraduate courses and is famous for having one of the biggest part-time student bodies in the UK.

Currently, over 24,000 students are studying at the Birmingham City university coming from more than 80 different countries. As a global institute of higher education, Birmingham City university has many high-tech degrees consistent with the modern trends of online businesses and professions.

At Birmingham city university, international students look at a modern institute where the latest and most efficient technological facilities are provided to students, helping them in gaining practical knowledge that is imperative for a successful professional career.

In a recent survey, more than 84% of the students at Birmingham City University were satisfied with the teaching quality, campus life, faculty, and the courses offered at the university.
Birmingham City University

Courses offered at Birmingham City University:

At Birmingham City University, more than 300 undergraduate degree programs are offered along with more than 190 postgraduate programs. The university offers professionally accredited degrees in all of the courses. Some of the courses popularly opted for by international students include:

· Law

· Marketing

· Architecture

· Engineering

· Acting

· Sociology

· Social Work

· Radiography

· Nursing

· Accountancy

Apart from the abovementioned courses, the university is also famous for the following courses:

· Art and Design

· Media Studies

· Health sciences

Among undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, the university also offers MBA programs. There are 4 separate classifications of MBA programs at Birmingham City University:

1) International MBA

2) International MBA with professional placement

3) Executive MBA

4) Online MBA

The university also offers several Ph.D. courses for aspirants who are seeking to get their doctorate from a credible university in the UK.

The university prides itself on delivering carefully curated courses that primarily focus on equipping students with practical skills and igniting innovative ideas from within. The faculty at Birmingham City University is professionally trained and each teacher has vast experience in their respective fields.

Services for International students at Birmingham City University:

As an international student, it is crucial to get professional assistance from trained individuals regarding your studies, accommodation, and other aspects of life in the UK.

The university is aware of the fact that international students coming to the UK for the first time require guidance and therefore, the university has organized an exclusive team of international student advisors in the student services office.

The university offers different orientation sessions throughout the year where students are given the opportunity to meet with their teachers and fellow students and socialize as well as raise their concerns with the university.

Furthermore, the student affairs team also meets international students once they land in the UK and assists them with their accommodations.

Social events and gatherings are organized where students are called out for a healthy evening of conferences, talks, and food. Additionally, a ‘Student Help Zone’ is also available for international students who require help with anything related to their studies or stay in the UK.

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Birmingham City University

Birmingham City University Fees for International Students:

Annually, international students at Birmingham City University can expect to pay anywhere between £12,000-15,500 annually. However, the fee is subjective and may change according to the course you choose. To find out the exact fee for your desired course at Birmingham City University, contact us now at Edify Group of Companies, the best Education consultant in Pakistan.

At Birmingham City University, different scholarships are also available for international students who qualify for them. To know about the latest scholarships being offered, contact us at Edify Group of Companies.

Accommodation for International Students:

Birmingham City University offers guaranteed on-campus accommodation for all international students starting their first year of studies. For students who are not interested in university accommodation, a wide range of options is available where they can rent flats, and houses, or live as lodgers with a family.

The university also offers adapted accommodation for students who have special requirements because of disabilities or medical reasons.

Ranking of Birmingham City University:

As previously established, Birmingham City University is one of the best institutes in the UK for higher education. Recently, the Times University Guide 2023 ranked Birmingham City University at the 94th position in the UK. In addition, the Guardian University Guide 2023 ranks it at the 100th position.

The university’s name is also enlisted in the top 20 UK universities for Media studies, Dance, General engineering, and Drama subjects.

Apart from the degrees, the university also offers research work and more than 90% of the research conducted by Birmingham City University is classified as outstanding. Almost all of the research work is internationally recognized and a significant part is also deemed to be world-leading.

Campuses of Birmingham City University:

The Birmingham City university comprises two main campuses:

1)Perry Barr, Birmingham

2) City South Campus, Edgbaston

Apart from these main campuses, the university is spread across the city and divided into different schools and teaching centers.

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Birmingham City University
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