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universities in wales

Effa Iqbal
Dec 19, 2022

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    Wales is still one of the best destinations for study and travel. Home to some of the best universities in the World, Wales is a great nation to visit and live with its affordable accommodations and beautiful scenic views.

    Many students have personally stated that they enjoy a better life in Wales as compared to the UK. A big factor contributing to this difference is the fast-paced and expensive lifestyle in the UK.

    Wales has around 12 academic institutions and 8 of them have the authority to grant degrees. In simple words, there are 8 universities in Wales for Pakistani students. The reason why we call the Universities in Wales some of the best in the world is that each university has a World ranking between 25-120.

    The universities have 4* (4-star) departments and this is the highest ranking that can be achieved by academic departments.

    Demonstrating a modern outlook and a leadership-centric approach, the universities in Wales make sure to not only provide an education to international Pakistani students but also equip them with professional skills that enable them to excel in their professional lives.

    There are 8 universities in Wales, namely;

    1.      Cardiff University

    2.      Aberystwyth University

    3.      Swansea University

    4.      Bangor University

    5.      Cardiff Metropolitan University

    6.      University of South Wales

    7.      University of Wales Trinity Saint David

    8.      Wrexham Glyndwr University

    The QS World Ranking for each of the universities is:

    ·         Cardiff University – 25

    ·         Aberystwyth university – 41

    ·         Swansea University – 42

    ·         Bangor University – 45

    ·         Cardiff Metropolitan University – 93

    ·         University of South Wales – 103

    ·         University of Wales Trinity Saint David – 104

    ·         Wrexham Glyndwr University – 120


    Cardiff University

    The Cardiff university can be described using 3 words. Ambitious, Innovative, and Creative. Located in the middle of the Capital of Wales, this university was established in 1883. Today, it still occupies the old historical buildings as well as the recently purpose-built buildings with modern architecture and state-of-the-art facilities for students.

    Ranked as the number 25 best university in the World, the Cardiff university offers over 300 different courses to choose from at its 20 schools. About 11 out of these 20 schools are considered to be one of the top 10 schools in the UK for their respective subjects.

    The university is part of the prestigious Russel group and has been awarded the 5th rank by the Complete University Guide 2022 for its academic excellence and research work.

    Cardiff university offers different courses ranging from Business subjects to Sciences and Engineering. Alongside that, art subjects are also available to students who seek to learn the modern techniques of art and crafts.

    Cardiff university currently has a student strength of above 28,000 students and a chunk of this number is of international students. Pakistani students are also offered scholarships based on skills and needs.

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    Aberystwyth University

    Aberystwyth University is the oldest university in Wales.  Currently hosting over 6000 students, the university has 21 departments spread over the beautiful campus.

    The university offers both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and prides itself on its academic excellence, rigorous coursework, and top-notch student experience reviews. Having some of the best research facilities, the university is a great choice for international Pakistani students.

    The university was founded in 1872 and currently holds the record for having the oldest department of international political studies. Situated in the small town of Aberystwyth, the campus has a mesmerizing view of Cardigan Bay.

    While the town of Aberystwyth is a small one, it has a lot to offer with beautiful markets, busy streets, and green scenic views. The student experience is never a boring one!

    Another advantage is that the town is inexpensive and students can find affordable accommodations near the university as well as part-time jobs. The living costs here are quite affordable as compared to the UK.

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    Swansea University

    The Swansea university is famous for its exemplary teaching and student satisfaction rankings. This research-led university was founded in 1920 and comprises two separate campuses. Each campus comes with its own aesthetic edge.

    Located on the waterfront of Swansea, the Singleton Park campus has a direct view of Swansea Bay Beach. On the other hand, the Bay Campus is situated right there on the beach on the east side.

    If you are one who loves nature and wants to feel the cool beach breeze all day long, the Swansea university is for you!

    However, it is not only the beautiful views and aesthetic charms that make the Swansea university stand out from the rest. The university also offers over 50 courses, both undergraduate and postgraduate. The university received the University of the year award in 2019 from WUSCAs and The Times magazine.

     As previously mentioned, the university is research-led. The research of the Swansea university is recognized worldwide and it has been known to make a significant change in society.

    For extroverts, the Swansea university is also home to 120 different societies and over 50 sports clubs. There is hardly a chance that any student would find the academics and extracurricular life at Swansea university boring.

    Currently, over 17,500 students are studying at the Swansea university.

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    Bangor University

    The Bangor university is in the North of Wales. Situated scenically between the mountain ranges of Snowdonia and the waterflow of Menai Strait.

    The university enjoys the title of one of the most beautifully placed universities in all of UK. Founded in the late 1800s, the university boasts about its exceptional balance between academic excellency and student experience.

    Consisting of 3 colleges, the university offers numerous subjects ranging from Arts, engineering, sciences, and humanities among others. In 2018, the university also received the award for the second-best university in the UK.

    Having over 200 social and sports societies and clubs, the student life at Bangor university is at par with some of the most famous IVY schools.

    The university also has easy access from different cities such as London, Manchester, Crewe, and Cardiff as trains run directly to the Bangor campus. This enables international Pakistani students to easily explore the rest of the country without breaking the bank!

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    Cardiff Metropolitan University

    With a strength of over 9500 students, the Cardiff metropolitan university is one of the best schools for studying sports and art. The university was originally founded in 1865 when it was known as the School of Art. Later in 1996, the school of art was transformed to be a part of the much larger and modern “Cardiff Met”.

    The university has two different campuses, namely;

    ·         Llandaff Campus

    ·         Cyncoed Campus

    Both campuses make up a total of 5 separate schools. Each school is dedicated to a separate subject.

    1.      Art & Design

    2.      Management

    3.      Sports & Health Sciences

    4.      Technologies

    5.      Education & Social Policy

    The university has some of the best faculty in Wales. If you are interested in studying art & design, the Cardiff Met achieved the second rank for its Art & Design course in 2022.

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    University of South Wales

    The South Wales university is a relatively new university, founded only about a decade ago in 2013. However, this does not mean that the university is not providing a great education.

    In fact, the university is a result of a merger between the University of Glamorgan and The University of Wales in Newport. Collectively, these institutes brought with them over 170 years of academic experience.

    The university has 3 campuses, all 3 being in South Wales. The campuses are located in;

    ·         Cardiff

    ·         Newport

    ·         Pontypridd

    Students and faculty describe the university as a modern and ambitious institute where students can learn about the modern Computing, engineering, science, and creative industries.

    However, there are many other options of specialization available within the 10 schools that make up the university of South Wales.


    The university also received various awards such as the best Cyber university of the year award in 2020 and a place in the top 10 universities in UK for medicine and health studies in 2022.

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    University of Wales Trinity Saint David

    The University of Wales Trinity Saint David is an employment-focused university, aiming to teach its students the skills and knowledge required to excel in the practical world.

    With an excellent student body, the university has promising alumni stories and great quality of education.

    The university has three different campuses in Wales, making it easier for students to study close to their hometowns. The campuses are situated in:

    ·         Carmarthenshire

    ·         Ceredigion

    ·         Swansea

    The university also has campuses spread across London and Birmingham. It also has a specialized learning center in Cardiff.

    With over 70 courses to choose from, this university has achieved various awards for its academic achievements and research-based contributions.

    Currently, there are over 10,000 students studying in the University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

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    Wrexham Glyndwr University

    Moving towards the end of today’s article, the last university on our list of universities in Wales is the Wrexham Glyndwr University. Located in Wrexham, this university was established in 2008.

     The university offers a plethora of courses and has 14 different schools. While the university is fairly small in size, it has 4 different campuses in North Wales.

    Currently, there are around 3700 students studying at the Wrexham Glyndwr University in Wales.

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