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Universities in Scotland - Top Universities in Scotland

Fri Dec 16 2022 Effa Iqbal


Scotland is one of the most beautiful and historically significant places in the UK. With a rich culture and heritage, Scotland makes up a great place for Pakistani students to visit and study in. The nation comprises seven cities, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Stirling, Aberdeen, Inverness, and Perth.

Each city has its own charm and tourist attractions. Though, if you want to explore the true beauty of Scotland, it lies in the mountain ranges, countryside, and mesmerizing landscapes.

The scenic campuses, rich cultural events, bagpipes, and traditional ceilidh dances will surely make your academic journey worthwhile.

Universities in Scotland

1. University of St Andrews – Ranked Number 2

2. University of Edinburgh – Ranked Number 10

3. University of Glasgow – Ranked Number 14

4. University of Strathclyde – Ranked Number 18

5. University of Aberdeen – Ranked Number 19

6. University of Dundee – Ranked Number 32

7. University of Stirling – Ranked Number 38

8. Glasgow Caledonian University – Ranked Number 52

9. Heriot-Watt University – Ranked Number 57

10. Edinburgh Napier University – Ranked number 59

11. Robert Gordon university – Ranked Number 65

12. Queen Margaret University – Ranked Number 67

13. Abertay University – Ranked Number 89

14. University of the West of Scotland- Ranked Number 122

University of St Andrews

Founded in 1410, the university of St Andrews is the oldest in Scotland. With a world ranking of 96th in the world as of 2021, the university offers many courses and extracurricular activities to its students. The university is famous for its evergreen golf course and beautiful ancient building.

The university is a university town and about one-third of the population of the Rural Fife town either studies or works here. Home to over 9000 students, the university is a great choice for Pakistani students.

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List of University in Scotland
University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh was established in the year 1583 and has been part of Scotland’s capital city ever since. Having the title of the sixth-oldest English-speaking university in the world, the university of Edinburgh is famously known as the hub of culture and knowledge in Scotland.

Situated in what’s known as the “old town”, the surrounding area of the university seems to be straight out of an ancient movie. The buildings have been preserved in their original medieval architecture and give the perfect old-school vibes.

Speaking academically, the university ranks in the top 20 universities in the world and is known to provide top-notch education to students. The student satisfaction and graduate employment rates from the university of Edinburgh are applaudable. For Pakistani students, this university is a must-consider.

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University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow is also one of the oldest English universities in the world, established in 1451. Home to the oldest museum in Scotland, the university also has the highest number of students studying in it. The city of Glasgow is also known for its exquisite Victorian buildings. However, the city is now a modern hub of fashion, culture, and Glaswegian trends.

The University of Glasgow was ranked as the 77th best university in the world. Located scenically in the west of Glasgow in a fashionable area of Hillhead, the students at the university get a diverse cultural experience because of the neighborhood. If you are looking to study in Scotland, the university of Glasgow is a great choice!

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University of Strathclyde

The Strathclyde university is home to almost 16,000 undergraduate students and has been served with the title of the third-largest university in Scotland.

The university is situated in the city of Glasgow meaning that students often enjoy the Glaswegian carnivals and events that happen around the year. The city of Glasgow is also known to be culturally diverse and therefore, the students at the university of Strathclyde come from all parts of the world.

Founded in 1975, the university has its name in the top 500 list of the best universities in the world. The university has a modernized “Tech and Innovation” center which was purposely built to be used as a bridge between academic research and the industrial sector.

The university provides an excellent entrepreneurial environment and is dedicated to ensuring every student comes up with innovative ideas that can make a difference in society.

The university has a vintage outlook of the campus surrounded by green lawns and plantations, giving a refreshing look to the campus.

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University of Aberdeen

With a history of over 5 centuries, the university of Aberdeen was established in the late 1400s. The university was ranked 207th best university in the world by the QS World University Rankings and the quality of education and student satisfaction speaks for itself.

The vintage, castle-looking campus is certainly an eye-catcher and a great sight. Located only a couple of miles away from the city center, the main King’s College campus of the University of Aberdeen comes with a massive botanical garden built on 11 acres of land.

For all the nature lovers out there, this is a major advantage. While studying at a university surrounded by greenery and fresh air sounds amazing, the university has a lot more to offer than just the botanical garden.

In 2012, the university inaugurated a huge library filled to the brim with books on almost every topic one could think of. The mind-boggling part? This library came into existence after a 57-million-pound investment!

So, for all the students who want to put their minds to work, read amazing books, and explore nature, the University of Aberdeen is the place to be.

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University of Dundee

We all know that the weather in Scotland is often chilly and rain pours there quite frequently. However, the city of Dundee is known as the city where the sun shines the most. Along with the pleasant climate, Dundee is also home to the 319th-best university in the world, Namely the University of Dundee.

Situated right in the heart of Dundee, the university has an aesthetically pleasing outlook with amazing infrastructure and top-notch education.

Recently, the university of Dundee underwent a complete renovation under a budget of 200-Million pounds! Now, the university holds state-of-the-art facilities, classrooms, labs, and sports. Students of the University of Dundee have shown great employment rates after graduation, thanks to the exceptional faculty and applaudable education.

The city of Dundee went through an industrial expansion back in the 19th century and it was later known as the city of Jute, Jam, and Journalism.

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best universities in Scotland

University of Stirling

Are you looking for the most affordable city to live in while studying at a world-renowned university? Look no further, because the University of Stirling just might be the perfect choice for you. Albeit a relatively newer institute, the university of Stirling enjoys a stellar reputation for providing great education and student satisfaction.

The university sits in the top 500 list of best universities in the world and is located just a couple of miles away from the Stirling city center.

As for the outlook, the university is right below Stirling castle which is built on top of an extinct volcano! This provides an amazing view of the castle from the university which many students enjoy. A mixture of both old gothic culture and the modern lifestyle, the University of Stirling is a great choice for Pakistani students looking to study abroad in Scotland.

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Heriot-Watt University

The Heriot-Watt university is found in the capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh. Earlier, the university was located in the city center, however, it relocated to the Riccarton suburban area in the 1990s. Constructed on a massive land measuring 380 acres, the university has huge parks and great facilities for its students.

The university currently has above 9600 students and it boasts about having a great number of international students that contribute majorly to the student body. Recently, it was published by the university that above 30% of the total student population is international students from all around the world.

The university has great academic records and provides some of the best modern courses in various subjects. It is also one of the best universities with excellent sports facilities and supports its students to excel in sports.

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Glasgow Caledonian University

The Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) was established in 1993 when it received its university title. However, its history traces way back to 1875. With over 20,000 students coming from more than a hundred different countries, the GCU is one of the best universities for Pakistani students in Scotland.

The university has numerous courses but is known for its Fashion and Business schools. Along with that, the university also offers many medical courses and specialized NHS training.

It is also the only school in Scotland that offers optometry as a subject of study. Furthermore, the university also prides itself on pioneering specialization degrees in tourism, fashion, and consumer protection.

As mentioned above, GCU has one of the best business schools in the world. In fact, it is the first and only business school around the globe that offers triple-accredited degrees! Backed by the world’s largest financial service providers, namely the Chartered Banker Institute, the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment, and the Institute of Operational Risk, the GCU business school is no less than an IVY business school.

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Edinburgh Napier University

In 1992, the Edinburgh Napier university was granted the full university title. The university is situated in the eastern part of Scotland and covers many old school buildings and castles due to its massive size. Currently, home to 12,500 students, the university offers excellent degrees in the areas of science, technology, art, and journalism.

The university also has great ties with employers in Scotland and students who graduate from this university have a bright future ahead of them. The university also partners up with the Edinburgh College of Art and provides the best film education in Scotland.

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Robert Gordon university

Robert Gordon University is highly known for its high graduate employment rates in all of the UK. Nicknamed the “Professional university”, Robert Gordon has over 16,000 students and 1000 of them are international students. Some popular subjects at Robert Gordon University include Architecture, Engineering, Science, and Technology.

The university focuses on building the interpersonal skills of students to help them achieve successful careers once they have graduated. The university also provides career counseling and has strong ties with leading industries, especially oil and gas companies.

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Queen Margaret University

Famous for its exceptional courses in Healthcare, Business, and media studies, the Queen Margaret University of Mussel burgh, Scotland provides some of the best education to its 6500 students. The student body is culturally diverse with students from over 70 countries.

The university itself is a modern one, founded recently in the 21st century. However, its young age does not hold it back as the university provides excellent training and teaching facilities.

The postgraduate employment rate is also astonishingly high standing at 93%. Students find little to no difficulty in finding the perfect jobs within 6 months of graduating from Queen Margaret University.

The university has state-of-the-art computer labs, science labs, and research facilities. It also provides a wide range of courses to choose from. Some of the courses offered at Queen Margaret University for international students are:

· Psychology

· Audiology

· Diabetics

· Architecture

· Business

· Media

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Abertay University

In these modern times, artificial intelligence and IT is the future. The Abertay university is the perfect fit for Pakistani students who wish to pursue their higher education in the fields of data science, software, game development, and application development.

The Abertay university offers numerous courses in these respective fields and aims to make the future of society smart and easy. The Abertay university has a partnership with a Chinese university, the Peking university for game development and related research work.

The campus of Abertay university is located in the city of Dundee and has over 4500 students enrolled currently. If you are looking to work at some of the popular names in the tech industry such as Sony, Microsoft, Rare, and Codemasters, this university has strong links with these companies to name a few.

The university also offers various other courses in the following fields:

· Wood Technology

· Urban Water systems

· Bioinformatics

· Business

· Economics

· Biotechnology

Study in Scotland

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University of the West of Scotland

The final university in our list of universities in Scotland is none other than the University of the West of Scotland (UWS). Founded in 2007 as a result of a merger between the University of Paisleyand Bell College, the university currently has a strength of over 16,000 students. Spread across four separate campuses in the cities of Ayr, Dumfries, Hamilton, and Paisley, the university offers several courses, primarily in science subjects. Some of the popular courses at UWS include:

· Chemistry

· Process and Energy Engineering

· Cinematics

· Civil Engineering

· Photography

In a recent survey, it was found that 84% of the students at UWS were satisfied with the coursework, academic rigor, and campus life.

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That’s a wrap on the universities in Scotland. We at Edify Group of Companies thank you for reading this article and we hope to have provided you with valuable information. If you have any further queries or are interested in studying in Scotland.

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