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Universities in Manchester

Effa Iqbal
Dec 14, 2022

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    Out of the several cities that make up the UK, Manchester was awarded the title of “The most livable city” by” The Economist”. Manchester is a city full of rich culture, music, and sports, and attracts thousands of students and tourists every year. With an exceptional GDP of more than 130 billion GBP, Manchester also holds the title of having the greatest GDP in all of the UK. Collectively, these facts and figures earned Manchester a reputation like none other among international students.

    It is no hidden fact that Manchester is an excellent tourist destination, but another reason of attraction is the 5 universities to which Manchester is home. Having a collective of 25 Nobel prize-winning professors, the universities in Manchester offer a plethora of courses and are known for the world-class education they provide. Manchester is also one of the most affordable cities for international students. Usually, an international student has to cover a cost of 1100 Pounds per month to live in Manchester. This is of course excluding the tuition fee. Manchester has a lot many tourist sites to visit and every year, it celebrates different carnivals and events that make the city enjoyable for international students.

    Today, we will see what the universities in Manchester for Pakistani international students are best and what they have to offer

    There are 5 universities in Manchester, namely:

    ·         The University of Manchester

    ·         Manchester Metropolitan University

    ·         The University of Salford

    ·         University of Bolton

    ·         University Academy


    1.      University of Manchester

    The University of Manchester was established in 2004 as a result of a merger between the Victoria University of Manchester and the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology. As of 2022-23, the University of Manchester has secured the 28th position according to the QS World University Rankings.

    The University of Manchester is a public university situated in the city center. It offers a plethora of courses, both bachelors and masters. Some courses include;

    ·         MSc

    ·         MBA

    ·         LLB

    Having some of the best facilities and amenities in the UK, the university of Manchester is a great choice for many international students. Some of the benefits of studying in the university of Manchester are;

    ·         On-campus accommodation

    ·         Above 700 Courses

    ·         Student scholarship

    ·         Clubs and Societies

    The annual fee is different for each course and the length of it. However, the fee ranges from GBP 19000-46000 per annum.

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    2.      Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)

    The MMU is also a public university, offering a vast range of courses to international students in the UK. Established in 1824, the university has a traditional heritage of English Culture. With over 40,000 students, the student body consists of students from all around the globe.

    The university offers a great range of courses such as an MSc in Business Management, a BSc in Computer science, Masters in Animation, Multimedia courses, Journalism courses, and much more. The university is famous for its filmmaking, graphic design, and other media programs such as illustration.

    The World Ranking for the MMU stands between 800-1000 as of 2022-23. However, the university still offers over 50 courses and great placement offers. The university has also set up ties with business giants such as Nike and DHL. The list of benefits does not end here as the MMU also offers;

    ·         50+ Courses

    ·         Scholarships

    ·         Job placement assistance

    Currently, the average tuition fee stands at around 17000 GBP. However, the fee might be different according to the courses a student opts for.

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    3.      University of Salford

    Established in 1967, the university of Salford is working as a non-profit public university for international students. The criteria of admission is highly based on how well the applicant has performed academically in their previous qualifications. Another notable difference between the university of Salford and other universities in Manchester is that the University of Salford offers admissions on the basis of sports.

    Spread across a huge 160-acre land, the Salford university has 35 sports clubs, each for the different sports they offer on campus. International students can boast about their sports capabilities and achievements, which can lead to securing scholarships on the basis of these activities. Along with that, the university offers numerous courses, primarily focusing on Science and Technology.

    The campus is exceptionally well built with eye-catching aesthetics and facilities. According to the world ranking of 2023, the Salford university comes between 800-1000 on the position scale.

    Some of the most popular courses often chosen by international students at the Salford university are;

    ·         MBA

    ·         MSc Biotechnology

    ·         MSc Aerospace Engineering

    ·         MSc Public Health

    Some benefits of studying at the University of Salford include;

    ·         A beautiful large campus

    ·         Various sports clubs

    ·         Various social clubs

    ·         Great list of courses

    ·         Job placement assistance

    On average, the annual fee for studying at the university of Salford for international students is between 14,700-18,900 GBP.

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           4.      University of Bolton

    Situated in Greater Manchester, the university of Bolton acquired university status in 1995 and started offering undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Securing a place among the best universities in Manchester for Masters degrees, the university offers a conducive learning environment, primarily focusing on a small number of students.

    The courses are carefully selected and formulated in accordance with the latest trends in the educational world. Furthermore, the university has great sports programs and provides the students with the opportunity of participating in BUSC (British Universities and Colleges sports) leagues.

    Some of the key features of the Bolton university are:

    ·         Public University

    ·         Wide range of courses

    ·         Multiple social events

    ·         Affordable fees

    ·         Economical on-campus residence

    The courses offered at the University of Bolton include but are not limited to:

    ·         MSc Civil Engineering

    ·         BA (Hons) Animation & Illustration

    ·         MSc international management

    ·         BSc Business management

    On average, the tuition fee at the University of Bolton is around 11,250 GBP.

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    5.      Royal Northern College of Music

    Famous for the study programs of classical music and arts, this beautiful university is situated right in the heart of Manchester city. The university consists of around 320 staff members, coming from 120 different nationalities. The diverse staff is a great catch as the university offers courses related to arts and music from all around the globe. Many international students enroll in the Royal northern college of music every year to get their musical education and training.

    On average, the annual tuition fee in around 19,700 pounds.

    Some of the most popular courses include:

    ·         Bachelor of Music

    ·         International Artist diploma

    ·         Master of Philosophy

    ·         Master of Performance


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    Here are the top universities for international students in Manchester. If you wish to study in any one of these, feel free to contact Edify Group of Companies for your admission and application processes. Edify Group is the best educational consultant and the best visa consultant in Pakistan.







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