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On test day, the Read Aloud task will be the first thing you encounter. Your ability to read and speak English accurately and fluently will be put to the test. This signifies that your answer will raise your speaking and reading scores.

PTE read aloud test

Understand the task:

You will see a text on the computer screen for this question type, and you will have a set amount of time to read it out loud. This activity is intended to test your capacity to read at a fair pace, accurately enunciate words, and utilize appropriate intonation and stress. Each read-aloud question carries roughly 15 total marks. The examination is based on three main pillars: content, pronunciation, and fluency.

Tips that will help you prepare for the Read Aloud question in the PTE exam:

  • Regular practice is the most effective way to improve your reading skills. Every day, try to read aloud for at least 15-20 minutes. You can use anything for this, including books, articles, and even PTE study materials. This will assist you in becoming more acquainted with the English language and improving your fluency.
  • Because each read-aloud question is worth 5 points, pronunciation is crucial. So, practice speaking challenging words and sounds. You can also use online tools to improve your pronunciation, such as YouTube videos and audio files. Keep in mind that having a precise and clear pronunciation can help you earn points.
  • Note the emphasis and intonation in the text. Use the proper tone for the circumstance and emphasize the important words. Employ a rising tone while asking a question and a dropping tone when making a remark, for instance. Your reading will sound more natural and expressive as a result.

PTE read aloud exam

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  • Given that you only have 30 to 40 seconds to read the content, read slowly. Do not read the text too slowly, but also do not read it too quickly. If you read the text at a relaxed and consistent pace, you will read it more fluently.

  • Don’t let the exam pressure get to you. Maintain your calm and confidence throughout the exam. Before you begin reading, take a few deep breaths and concentrate on the task at hand. Remember that the more confident you are, the better your performance will be.

  • Making a recording of yourself while you practice is one of the best strategies to enhance your skills. Evaluate your performance by listening to your recording. Be mindful of your tempo, tone, and pronunciation. Determine what needs fixing, then work on it.

PTE read aloud exam

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Written By: Ahmed Raza

Ahmed Raza is a contributing writer at Edify Group of Companies. He is also an experienced IELTS and PTE instructor. He has passion for teaching, writing and instructional design. He graduated from UET and embarked on the journey of teaching English Language tests afterwards.



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