IELTS writing - know the pillars to know 7+ Bands in IELTS

IELTS writing - know the pillars to know 7+ Bands in IELTS

Sun Feb 26 2023 Effa Iqbal

The IELTS writing test is an important section of the exam which demands focus. Moreover, scoring 7 or 7+ bands in writing is challenging. The main cause is that students frequently downplay the influence of elements that affect IELTS writing scores. These aspects will be clearly defined in this blog post so you can get a better understanding of them.

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IELTS Writing - Marking Criteria:

The IELTS writing exam consists of two tasks and 60 minutes in total. Candidates must describe visual data in the form of a graph, chart, table, or diagram in Task 1, while in Task 2, they must compose an essay on a predetermined subject. Four factors—task achievement, coherence and cohesion, lexical resource, and grammatical range—are used to score both tasks.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these criteria and the examples that illustrate them.

Task Achievement:

This criterion evaluates how well the applicant addressed the requirements of the task and provided a concise and pertinent response to the prompt. Candidates must appropriately describe the offered visual information in Task 1 while presenting and developing their ideas in response to the topic in Task 2.

For example, if the task is to describe a graph showing the sales of three different products over a period of time, a good response would provide a clear overview of the data and accurately describe the trends and patterns shown in the graph. Similarly in Task 2, a good response would address all parts of the prompt and present a well-developed argument with supporting examples and evidence.

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Coherence and cohesion:

This factor measures a candidate’s aptitude for rationally and cogently structuring thoughts through the use of cohesive ties like linking verbs and effective paragraphing. An essay that is well-structured is simpler to read and comprehend, and it shows the candidate’s command of the English language.

For example, a good response would use clear and concise paragraphs that each focus on a specific idea or point. Additionally, the use of linking words and phrases such as ‘however’, ‘in contrast’, and ‘furthermore’ can help connect ideas and create a smooth flow of information.

Lexical resource:

This element evaluates the candidate’s vocabulary’s breadth and correctness as well as how well they have used it to communicate their thoughts and convey meaning. Effective English communication requires a broad vocabulary, and utilizing suitable and interesting words can show a better degree of ability.

For example, a good response would use a range of vocabulary related to the topic, including both common and academic words. A poor response might use repetitive or inappropriate vocabulary, or may use words incorrectly, leading to confusion or misunderstanding.

Grammatical range and accuracy:

This criterion looks at how well the candidate maintained control over their grammar throughout the writing task as well as their ability to apply a range of grammatical structures correctly and appropriately. The ability to use grammar correctly is a crucial component of language skills and is required for efficient communication.

For example, a good response would use a range of grammatical structures such as complex sentences, passive voice, and conditional forms, to convey meaning more precisely and to show a higher level of proficiency. Additionally, accurate use of verb tenses, subject-verb agreement, and punctuation can help ensure.

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Written By: Ahmed Raza

Ahmed Raza is a contributing writer at Edify Group of Companies. He is also an experienced IELTS and PTE instructor. He has passion for teaching, writing and instructional design. He graduated from UET and embarked on the journey of teaching English Language tests afterwards.



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