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De Montfort University Ranking, Courses and Fee

Wed Dec 21 2022 Effa Iqbal

De Montfort University

De Montford University was established in 1992 and is located in Leicester, England. The university is famous for being one of the most valuable institutes in the UK where both teaching and practical experience are offered to every student, all in one place.

The University offers several courses in different disciplines taught by some of the most highly qualified teachers.

The creative and multicultural community of students is a great benefit as it makes the adjusting process easier for new international students.

The university offers postgraduate and undergraduate courses along with research-based courses. A plethora of degree courses is available to choose from for international students.
De Montfort University
De Montford University is known for its high graduate employability rates. On average, an undergraduate degree holder from De Montford University secures a credible job placement within 6 months of graduation and earns an average of £24,000.

The degree is recognized internationally and the graduates of De Montfort University are equipped with interpersonal skills that allow them to work anywhere in the world. Spending money on education is never a waste for it is an investment in your future.

As an international student, De Montfort University is one of the best choices for studying abroad and getting a professionally accredited degree that is recognized globally.

Courses Offered at De Montfort University:

De Montford University has a wide range of courses offered to international students of all levels. Apart from the undergraduate and postgraduate courses, the university also offers foundation year courses as well as research courses.

Foundation Courses at De Montfort University:

The following foundation courses are offered at De Montford University:

· Art and Design

· Business and Management

· Computing

· Engineering

· Graphic Design

· Music Performance

· Music Technology

Undergraduate Courses:

A wide variety of undergraduate courses in different subjects are offered at De Montfort University. Some of the famous courses include:

· Accounting and Business Management

· Accounting and Economics

· Accounting and Finance

· Artificial Intelligence

· Architecture

· Arts

· Business Management and Studies

· Biomedical Sciences

· Computer Science

· Creative Writing

· Cyber Security

· Fashion and Textile

· Law

· International Relations

· Music

· Psychology

· Software Engineering


Postgraduate Courses:

Several postgraduate courses are also available at De Montfort University for international students:

· Accounting and Finance

· Advanced Biomedical Science

· Aeronautical Engineering

· Architecture

· Business Law

· Cyber Security

· Cyber Tech

· Data Analytics

· English Language

· Fine Arts

· Fashion

· Health Sciences

· Law

· Legal Practice

· Mechanical Engineering

· Mechatronics

· Social Work

Additionally, numerous other subjects are also available for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at De Montford University.

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Research Courses:

The following subjects are available in research courses at De Montford University:

· Architecture

· Business Administration

· Design

· Humanities

The university also offers pre-sessional English language courses for international students who are not well-equipped with strong academic English skills.

The Pre-sessional English courses are of different durations between 4-13 weeks. The Pre-Sessional English courses can also be attended online.
De Montford

De Montfort University Fees for International Students:

Just like any other university, the fee at De Montfort university is also variable depending on the course one chooses. However, on average, the fee for international students at De Montfort university is £12,000-17,500.

This is an average annual number and may be higher or lower depending on the course. If you want to get an exact quote of the fee for your desired course at De Montford University, get in touch with Edify Group of Companies, the best education consultant in Pakistan.

Services for International Students at De Montfort University:

De Montfort University offers different exclusive services for international students who are starting their academic journey at the prestigious institute.

The university has a dedicated team of international student support staff that provides assistance throughout the years to international students with everything related to their studies and stay in the UK.

Some of the highlighted services for international students at De Montfort University include:

· A welcome week once you arrive at the university

· Academic support throughout the entirety of your course

· Center for Learning and Study Support that helps students acquire professional and academic skills

· A specialized Student Advice Center

· On-campus student counseling

· Career counseling and Employment advice

The university also introduced a unique initiative where students are given on-campus employability options during their studies. International students can work part-time jobs on and off campus to support their finances.

This is known as the ‘Frontrunners’ initiative at De Montfort University.
De Montfort University

International Student Accommodation:

De Montfort university has acquired 10 halls of residence having a collective of over 3000 en-suite rooms for international students. The students can put forward a residency request to the university administration and live in university-sourced flats and rooms.

The halls of residency are located within walking distance from the university campus, making it easier for students to go back and forth from classes to their rooms.

University accommodation is a great benefit as De Montfort University guarantees that almost all students would be given a place in these residency halls.
De Montfort University
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