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Study in Queen's University at Kingston

Study in Queen's University at Kingston

Effa Iqbal
Mar 25, 2023

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    Queen’s University

    Queen’s University is a nonprofit educational institution in the Canadian city of Kingston. The Presbyterian Church of Scotland created it on October 16, 1841, with the backing of the Upper Canadian government. Queen’s University is one of Canada’s earliest graduate program schools and is frequently ranked among the best universities in the country.

    The early years of the university were characterized by financial difficulties and disagreements with both the Presbyterian Church over the governance of the school. Notwithstanding these obstacles, Queen’s University is successfully establishing itself as a prominent school of higher learning in Canada in the later part of the nineteenth century.

    The university had become a secular institution in 1912, and in 1915, it created the College of Applied Science, afterward renamed the College of Engineering and Applied Science. During the Second World War, Queen’s played an important part in the military effort, with its staff and students helping both at home and abroad.

    Queen’s now boasts approximately 25,000 students and provides undergraduate and graduate degrees in subjects including management, architecture, law, medicine, and the arts and sciences. 

    Queens University courses and ranking

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    Top Courses at Queen’s University for International students

    Queen’s University provides undergraduate and graduate programs in a variety of disciplines of study, such as the following popular courses for overseas students:

    • Engineering: Queen’s University includes a well-regarded College of Engineering and Applied Science, which provides undergraduate and graduate programs in a variety of engineering disciplines, including chemical, civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering.
    • Business: The Smith School of Business is one of Canada’s best business schools, offering undergraduate, postgraduate, and executive education programs in areas like commerce, finance, and entrepreneurship.
    • Computer science: Queen’s Faculty of Computing is well-known for its outstanding software development and computer science engineering offerings. The school provides undergraduate and graduate programs that equip students with the skills and information needed to excel in the quickly changing technology sector.
    • Medicine: Queen’s University’s College of Health Sciences provides a variety of health-related programs, including undergraduate as well as graduate degrees in medicine, midwifery, and rehab therapy.
    • Law: Queen’s College of Law is a well-regarded legal school in Canada that offers a variety of degrees, including a JD, an LLM, and a Ph.D.
    • Arts and Humanities: Queen’s University provides a variety of bachelor’s and master’s arts and humanities degrees, including English, art, philosophy, and music.
    • Social Sciences: Queen’s University’s College of Arts and Science provides undergraduate and graduate degrees in a variety of social sciences subjects such as psychology, ethnography, finance, and political studies.

    Overall, Queen’s University provides a varied choice of programs that appeal to overseas students’ academic interests and professional goals. If you want to study in Canada Queen’s University, or if you want to explore more options of programs offered by Queen’s University Canada. You can contact a counselor from Edify Group of Companies.

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    Queen's University student life

    Ranking of Queen’s University

    Queen’s University is frequently regarded as one of Canada’s best institutions, and it has also earned the international distinction. These are some recent rankings for Queen’s University:

    • Queen’s University was placed 201-250 internationally and 7th in Canada in the 2022 Times Higher Education Global University Rankings.
    • Queen’s University was placed 246th globally and 8th in Canada in the 2022 QS World University Rankings.
    • Queen’s University was placed 201-300 internationally and 11th in Canada in the 2022 Academic Ranking of Global Universities (commonly known as the Shanghai Rankings).

    Overall, Queen’s University is frequently recognized as one of Canada’s best institutions, and it is well-known for its academic programs, research, and student experience.

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    Fee and Scholarship for International students at Queen’s University


    Tuition costs at Queen’s University vary based on the program of study. The following are the estimated student fees again for the 2022-2023 school year:

    • Tuition for undergraduate programs varies between CAD 36,400 to CAD 56,800 annually.
    • Tuition prices for graduate programs range from CAD 8,700 to CAD 35,900 a year, depending on the field of study.

    In addition to tuition, overseas students must budget for living expenses such as housing, food, textbook, as well as other living expenses.


    For overseas students, Queen’s University provides a variety of grants and financial assistance programs, including the following:

    • Queen’s University International Scholarships: Those scholarships vary from CAD 9,000 to CAD 50,000 and are offered to international students enrolled based on academic performance.
    • Graduate Awards: Queen’s University provides foreign graduate students with a variety of scholarships and grants based on academic performance, research potential, and monetary needs.
    • External Scholarships: Queen’s University facilitates international students to apply for scholarships granted by their home countries, private groups, or government agencies.
    • Work Study Program: Queen’s University has a Work Study program that allows overseas students to work on campus and earn money to help fund their academic expenditures.

    Overall, Queen’s University provides a variety of financial assistance alternatives to help overseas students afford their studies. If you want to know more about international scholarships granted by Queen’s University, you can contact Edify Group of Companies.

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