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Struggle with managing time during IELTS Reading? - We have got you covered with these tips!

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Reading is one aspect of IELTS preparation that we all find challenging. The exercise appears difficult because it assesses both comprehension and time management skills. No matter how well you understand the material, if you have trouble reading quickly, you will never be able to finish all 40 questions in the allotted time (it does not mean that comprehension should be ignored, if you lack reading exposure then you must begin with slow pace reading and the initial goal should be to understand the meaning of the written text). The issue of time management during IELTS reading, however, will be addressed in this blog. If you want to know more about improving reading comprehension, then read this article first.

Whether to read the passage or ask questions first is a contentious issue that students like engaging in. My usual response to that is: Whatever works for you! Furthermore, that isn’t what matters in the end; what matters is your ability to save time by using whichever strategy you choose. In keeping with the same goals, I’ve put up a few time management tips that you should take into account if you struggle to fit in reading practice.
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1. Learn to Skim

Let’s start by skimming the sections, an antiquated yet highly regarded method of reading. Take a short look at the passage before you begin reading it to have a very rapid, superficial understanding of it. Saving time by doing this can seem paradoxical, but the practice will help you understand the meaning of the passage and help you concentrate on the key details when answering the questions.

2. Read Questions

Now read each question as though it were your last. Be very attentive and meticulous, paying close attention to every keyword, and make sure you fully comprehend the sentence. At this point, it is acceptable to take a few minutes to read the questions because doing so will help you identify the key concepts and phrases you need to search for in the passage, saving you time and enabling you to concentrate on the important details.
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3. Merge your skills

Combine your scanning and skimming abilities now (Scanning involves quickly searching for specific information, such as names, dates, or numbers, while skimming involves quickly reading for the main ideas and key points). If you are unable to use them, read as much as you can to improve your RC (there is no short way; do this first). Techniques like scanning and skimming are crucial for time management on the IELTS reading test since they make it easier to identify the relevant information and the answers.

4.Smartly allocate time

Throughout the exam, it’s mandatory to manage your time effectively. Calculate how much time you can spend on each question by multiplying the number of questions in the test by the 60 minutes allotted for the reading part. This will ensure that you don’t spend too much time on any one issue and that you stay on course.

5. Don’t lose focus

It’s critical to maintain concentration and refrain from being distracted during the test. Avoid focusing too much time on any one question, and if you find yourself becoming stuck, go on to the next. Moreover, try to respond to as many questions as you can within the allotted time because each question is worth the same number of points.

In conclusion, the secret to successfully completing the IELTS reading test is efficient time management. Your chances of receiving a good score might be increased with effective time management. To accomplish this, you must devise a plan that will enable you to read the passages, understand the content, and respond to the questions within the allotted time.

Written By: Ahmed Raza

_Ahmed Raza is a contributing writer at Edify Group of Companies. He is also an experienced IELTS and PTE instructor. He has passion for teaching, writing and instructional design. He graduated from UET and embarked on the journey of teaching English Language tests afterwards.



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