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How to Improve IELTS Reading Comprehension - Tips from Experts

Effa Iqbal
Feb 5, 2023

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    What is reading comprehension?

    Reading comprehension is the ability to understand, assess, and interpret written content. It needs the ability to recognise crucial ideas, make judgements, and understand the relationships between diverse textual components. Good reading comprehension is essential for success in daily life, the workplace, and academic contexts.
    Reading in IELTS

    Why do we find reading comprehension hard?

    There can be several reasons why people find reading comprehension difficult. Some possible reasons include:

    1. Lack of background knowledge: A person may find it challenging to comprehend the material if they lack the background knowledge required to do so.
    2. Lack of vocabulary: It may be challenging for someone to comprehend the general meaning if they are unfamiliar with the definitions of key words used in the text.
    3. Poor reading habits: Some people may have acquired poor reading habits, which can make comprehension more challenging, such as not previewing the text or not taking notes while reading.
    4. Attention and focus issues: People with attention and focus problems may have trouble focusing when reading, which makes understanding challenging.
    5. Weak critical thinking skills: Analyzing and understanding the information in a text may be difficult for someone with poor critical thinking skills.
    6. Language barriers: People whose first language is not English may find it difficult to understand and comprehend the text.
    7. Lack of interest in the subject: It may be challenging for readers to interact with and comprehend a book if they are uninterested in the subject being discussed.

    A key element of reading comprehension is the ability to recognize the main ideas. The main idea of the essay is the most important point that the author intends to make. It might be found in the topic sentence of a paragraph or in the overall theme of the writing.

    Finding the main idea helps readers concentrate on the most important facts and comprehend the purpose of the text. Another important aspect of reading comprehension is the ability to make inferences. Inferences are conclusions that readers draw based on the information provided in the text. For example, if a text states that a character is feeling sad, the reader can infer that the character is probably experiencing negative emotions. Making inferences helps readers to understand the text on a deeper level and to gain a better understanding of the characters and events.

    Moreover, understanding the connections between the various elements of a book is also necessary. This entails comprehending the relationships between sentences and paragraphs as well as the relationships between the various concepts in the text.
    Reading IELTS

    In addition to that, the capacity to recognize and make use of context cues is a critical component of reading comprehension. Context clues are words, phrases, or sentences that reveal details about a word's or phrase’s meaning.

    They may be spotted in the text, in the images or illustrations, or even in the publication’s title. Understanding the meaning of new or unfamiliar words is made easier for readers by identifying context cues, which is crucial when the text uses specialist or technical terminology.

    To increase reading comprehension, a variety of techniques can be utilized, including previewing the content, posing questions, and summarizing. Before reading the material, previewing it entails scanning the title, headings, and subheadings.

    Readers can concentrate on the most crucial information by asking questions about the text, such as “What is the key idea?” or “What is the author attempting to say?” After reading a text, summarizing it can help readers retain the essential points and comprehend it more fully.

    10 ways to improve reading comprehension

    1) Practice active reading: This means actively engaging with the text by underlining, taking notes, and asking questions. This will help you understand and remember the information better.

    2)Preview the text: Before you start reading, take a look at the title, headings, and subheadings. This will give you an idea of what the text is about, and what to expect.

    3)Use context clues: If you come across a word you don’t know, try to use the surrounding words and sentences to figure out its meaning.

    4)Take breaks: If you find yourself losing focus, take a short break and come back to the text later.

    5)Summarize: After reading a section, try to summarize the main points in your own words. This will help you to remember the information better.

    6)Read with a purpose: When you know why you’re reading a text, you’re more likely to pay attention to the information that’s relevant to your purpose.

    7)Practice skimming and scanning: Skimming allows you to quickly get an overview of the text, while scanning allows you to quickly find specific information.

    8)Use flashcards: Flashcards can be a great tool for memorizing new vocabulary and concepts.

    9)Practice with comprehension questions: Comprehension questions are a great way to test your understanding of a text.

    10)Read regularly: The more you read, the better your reading comprehension will be. Make reading a regular habit, whether it be novels, articles, or news.

    Reading Part in IELTS

    In conclusion, the ability to acquire, evaluate, and interpret written information is made possible by having a strong understanding of reading comprehension. It requires the capacity to recognise key concepts, draw conclusions, comprehend the connections between various textual elements, and recognise and use contextual cues.

    People can increase their reading comprehension skills and succeed in academic and professional settings as well as in everyday life by employing efficient tactics and making reading a habit.

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