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Should I apply for a STEM degree abroad?
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Should I apply for a STEM degree abroad?

Effa Iqbal
Sep 18, 2023

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    The demand for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) professionals is rising in today’s ever-evolving world.

    STEM careers offer many opportunities, both in terms of personal growth and financial stability.

    If you’re contemplating your career path, here are five fantastic reasons to consider a STEM career.

    STEM careers

    1. Explosive Job Growth

    The incredible job growth is one of the most compelling reasons to pursue a STEM career.

    For example, in the area of Biomedical Engineering, jobs saw a staggering 62% increase from 2010 to 2020.

    This significant growth rate dwarfs the projected 14% increase in all occupations during the same period.

    The job market for STEM professionals is flourishing, providing job security and ample opportunities for advancement.

    2. Abundance of STEM Jobs

    In the United States, STEM jobs are a niche and a substantial job market segment. There are 26 million STEM jobs, constituting 20% of all U.S. jobs.

    STEM professionals are in high demand across various industries, from healthcare to technology.

    Regardless of your specific interests, you will likely find a STEM career that aligns with your passions.

    3. Diverse Educational Paths

    Contrary to popular belief, not all STEM careers require a traditional four-year degree.

    Approximately half of all STEM jobs can be pursued with alternative education pathways such as certifications and associate degrees.

    These non-degree STEM jobs offer competitive salaries, with an average annual income of $53,000, 10% higher than non-STEM jobs with similar education requirements.

    This means that you can embark on a rewarding STEM career without the burden of extensive student debt.

    4. Lucrative Earning Potential

    One of the most attractive aspects of a STEM career is the earning potential. STEM professionals are often among the highest earners in the job market.

    With the increasing demand for expertise in these fields, employers are willing to offer competitive salaries to attract and retain top talent.

    This financial stability ensures a comfortable lifestyle and opens up opportunities for investments and savings.

    STEM careers

    5. Shaping the Future

    STEM professionals have the unique opportunity to shape the future. Whether you’re designing innovative technology, developing sustainable energy solutions, or advancing medical treatments, your work can profoundly impact society.

    STEM careers are at the forefront of innovation and progress, making them inherently fulfilling and inspiring.

    A STEM career offers many advantages, including remarkable job growth, a wealth of opportunities, diverse educational paths, lucrative earning potential, and the chance to impact the world.

    So, if you’re looking for a rewarding and promising career path, consider diving into the exciting world of STEM.

    Whether you aspire to be a biologist, an engineer, a computer scientist, or anything in between, the possibilities are endless, and the future is yours to shape.

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    Should I Apply for a STEM degree abroad?

    Let’s delve into some of the most sought-after STEM careers in the United States, along with their average salaries:

    1. Biomedical Engineer

    As a biomedical engineer, you’ll blend your knowledge of healthcare and engineering to pioneer the development of cutting-edge software and devices for the medical industry.

    This field plays a crucial role in advancing healthcare technology. The average salary for a biomedical engineer in the US is approximately $76,000 per year.

    2. Computer System Administrator

    In the realm of computer system administration, you’ll take charge of managing computer networks, operating systems, and software.

    Your responsibilities ensure every computer’s seamless and secure operation within your organization. Computer system administrators are integral to modern workplaces.

    On average, they earn around $68,000 annually.

    3. Environmental Engineer

    Environmental engineers apply their expertise to tackle pressing environmental issues such as global warming, pollution control, and efficient waste disposal methods.

    Their work is vital in preserving our planet for future generations. The typical salary for an environmental engineer in the US is approximately $73,000 annually.

    4. Forensic Science Technician

    Forensic science technicians play a crucial role in criminal investigations by assisting law enforcement agencies in collecting and analyzing evidence.

    Their work aids in solving crimes and ensuring justice is served. Forensic science technicians earn an average annual salary of around $55,000 in the United States.

    5. Accountant

    Accountants are responsible for preparing and scrutinizing financial reports, ensuring legal compliance, timely tax payments, and continuous evaluation of a business’s financial operations.

    Their expertise is essential for maintaining fiscal integrity. The average annual salary for accountants in the US is approximately $56,000.

    STEM careers


    These are just a few examples of the diverse STEM career paths available to graduates. STEM fields continue to evolve, presenting exciting opportunities for those passionate about innovation and problem-solving.

    When choosing a STEM career, it’s essential to consider your interests, strengths, and long-term goals, as these factors will guide you toward a fulfilling and rewarding profession in the ever-expanding world of STEM.

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