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Edinburgh Napier University for international students

Scholarship and Accommodation at Edinburgh Napier University

Effa Iqbal
Feb 15, 2023

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    Edinburgh Napier University

    Edinburgh Napier University is a Scottish university, situated largely in the east end of the city of Edinburgh. The university gained its university status in 1992 and since then, it has become known as one of the best educational institutes in Scotland.

    Edinburgh Napier University has also extended its educational excellence internationally and offers courses in Hong Kong, Singapore, and India through distance learning programs in affiliation with institutes in these countries.

    With a student body consisting of around 12,500 students, the university is a global institute and offers a multicultural environment, enabling international students to adjust to the university easily. More than 3000 distance learning program students are also enrolled in affiliated centers of Edinburgh Napier University internationally.
    Edinburgh Napier University for International students

    Courses offered at Edinburgh Napier University:

    At Edinburgh Napier University, more than 120 undergraduate programs are offered to international students. The university prides itself on providing the best higher education in Scotland and is offering one of the most widely recognized degree programs in the UK. Additionally, around 117 postgraduate programs are also being offered at Edinburgh Napier University.

    Some of the famously opted courses by international students at Edinburgh Napier University Include:

    • Accounting & Finance
    • Acting
    • Biological Sciences
    • Building & Surveying
    • Business & Management
    • Computing
    • Criminology, Psychology & Sociology
    • Design, Photography & Advertising
    • Engineering
    • English & Publishing
    • Film, Journalism & Media
    • Health & Social Care
    • Law
    • Marketing
    • Music
    • Nursing & Midwifery
    • Sport & Exercise Sciences
    • Tourism, Hospitality & Events

    Apart from these courses, numerous other options are also available. If you are interested in studying any course at the Edinburgh Napier and want to know more about your desired course. Contact us now at Edify Group of Companies for a detailed session.

    Edify Group of Companies is the best education consultant in Pakistan. We are dedicated to helping Pakistani students study abroad in the easiest way possible.

    Postgraduate Courses:

    Some of the popular postgraduate courses at Edinburgh University for international students include:

    • Accounting
    • Advanced Film Practice
    • Biomedical Science
    • Business Management
    • Career Development
    • Computing
    • Creative Writing
    • Data Science
    • Health care management
    • International Marketing
    • MBA
    • Music
    • Social Sciences
    • Journalism

    Edinburgh Napier University Fees for International students:

    Edinburgh Napier University offers a variety of courses, therefore, the fee structure for each course is variable depending on the type, duration, and other factors. However, on average, the fee for international students at Edinburgh Napier University is between £12,000-13,900.

    If you are interested in studying at Edinburgh Napier University and want to get a detailed breakdown of fees and living costs in Scotland, get in touch with us at Edify Group of Companies, the best education consultant in Pakistan. We offer the best education consultancy for Pakistani students, and we ensure satisfactory results with 95% visa success for Pakistani students.
    Edinburgh Napier University for international students

    Services for International Students:

    At Edinburgh Napier University, international students are provided with the benefit of exclusive services that are set in place to welcome these students into the new environment. The university offers a meet and greets session with a free ride to the university from Edinburgh Airport.

    Students have a chance to meet their counselors, teachers, and other staff and students from the university. This activity acts as a great icebreaker and international students find it easier to socialize and communicate with fellow peers from the start before their course begins.

    Secondly, the university also has a student union, which hosts and organizes several activities and orientation sessions for newly enrolled students where they can get acquainted with other students and settle in.

    The international students have also made their exclusive club where support and study events along with other activities are arranged for international students.

    To know more, you can contact Edinburgh Napier University agents in Pakistan. Do you want to apply to Edinburgh Napier University? Apply Now.

    Accommodation for International Students:

    When studying abroad, an important factor that adds to an international student’s daily life is accommodation. It is important to find suitable and affordable accommodation nearby the university or on campus to minimize living and travel costs.

    Therefore, Edinburgh Napier University offers guaranteed housing to all first-year students. The accommodation buildings are located centrally in Edinburgh and several transportation options are available for international students for an easy commute to and from the university.

    More than 1400 rooms are available at the university’s accommodations. However, if students are more comfortable with renting their flats or rooms privately, the university allows it and also helps international students to find suitable accommodation.

    Scholarships for International Students:

    Different scholarships and study grants are available for international students at Edinburgh Napier University. If you want to minimize your tuition fee and study abroad on a budget, contact Edify Group of Companies for the best education consultants in Pakistan.

    Our 100+ professional education consultants will help you secure the best scholarships for international students at Edinburgh Napier University.

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    How To Apply in Edinburgh Napier University:

    One of the crucial steps in securing your admission to Edinburgh Napier University as a Pakistani student is your application. There are different documental requirements and all of these documents are to be attached with your application.

    Failure in any of these steps may result in a rejection of your application. In case you are not sure how to proceed, we at Edify Group of Companies strongly advise you to get professional assistance. Edify Group of Companies provides the best educational consultant services to all Pakistani students willing to study in the UK.
    Accommodation for international student at Edinburgh Napier University

    Moving on to the documents required for your application, we have provided a list below.

    • Your previous educational documents (O-levels/A-levels transcripts, FSc/Matric transcripts)
    • IELTS transcript (Minimum of 6-6.5 Band)
    • Statement of Purpose
    • Health Insurance
    • Bank Statement of sponsor/parents/guardian

    The documents may also differ according to the course you have opted for. Therefore, it is advised to be well aware of the requirements of your respective courses.

    Thank you for reading our article today. We hope it was helpful and enabled you to make an informed decision about your higher education abroad. If you are interested in studying in the UK, Edify Group of Companies is the best education consultant in Pakistan for the UK.

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