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Royal Holloway (UK's leading research-intensive university)

Effa Iqbal
Dec 10, 2022

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    Royal Holloway, University of London

    Royal Holloway is a college of the prestigious University of London.

    Established in 1849, Royal Holloway enjoys an excellent reputation in the academic world, being one of the best universities in the world. Royal Holloway University has achieved numerous awards throughout the years and stays as a top choice for international students.

    Pakistani students studying in the UK choose Royal Holloway for its academic rigor and the highly qualified faculty that teaches a plethora of courses. Both undergraduate and postgraduate courses are available for Pakistani students at Royal Holloway, University of London.

    Royal Holloway is not just an academic institute, but also a hub of world-leading research. The university also provides one of the best research facilities.

    With the vision of inspiring students to succeed in all walks of life, be it academically, personally, or socially, Royal Holloway is one of the best universities in the UK.
    Royal Holloway University of London

    Royal Holloway For International Students:

    Royal Holloway welcomes international students from all around the globe without any discrimination. While the UK and EU native students have several benefits because of their nationalities, international students are not left behind by the university.

    Royal Holloway offers various benefits to its international students. Some of the highlighted benefits include:

    In-House English Language Courses:

    Royal Holloway recognizes that international students face language barriers once they arrive in the UK. Since all of the courses offered at Royal Holloway are in English.

    The university has introduced specialized English language courses exclusively for international students. Having the best faculty, Royal Holloway ensures that all international students get a strong grip on both spoken and academic English language.

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    International Student Support Service

    The student support service is exclusive to international students who are just adjusting themselves to the new atmosphere. It provides academic support and advice to international students along with guidance on everything that is happening around the university.
    Royal Holloway for International Student

    Free Airport Collection

    Once you have arrived in the UK, the university offers a free pickup service for international students to take them to the campus.

    Courses Offered at Royal Holloway:

    Royal Holloway is home to some of the world’s foremost authorities in various subjects. There are hundreds of courses that are offered at Royal Holloway and all of the courses are backed by a large faculty of highly qualified professors and academic staff.

    · Sciences

    · Arts

    · Business Studies and Management

    · Economics

    · Bachelor of Law (LLB)

    However, the list of courses is endless. The university also offers subjects such as:

    · Mathematics

    · Language Courses

    · Political Science

    · Psychology

    · Sociology

    · Zoology

    · Video Games Art & Design

    It is safe to say that Royal Holloway is a hub of education in numerous fields.

    How To Apply To Royal Holloway University Of London:

    One of the crucial steps in securing your admission to Royal Holloway, the University of London as a Pakistani student is your application. There are different documental requirements and all of these documents are to be attached with your application.

    Failure in any of these steps may result in a rejection of your application. In case you are not sure how to proceed, we at Edify Group of Companies strongly advise you to get professional assistance. Edify Group of Companies provides the best educational consultant services to all Pakistani students willing to study in the UK.
    Royal Holloway University

    Moving on to the documents required for your application, we have provided a list below.

    · Your previous educational documents (O-levels/A-levels transcripts, FSc/Matric transcripts)

    · IELTS transcript (Minimum of 6-6.5 Band)

    · Statement of Purpose

    · Health Insurance

    · Bank Statement of sponsor/parents/guardian

    The documents may also differ according to the course you have opted for. Therefore, it is advised to be well aware of the requirements of your respective course.

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    Scholarships at Royal Holloway:

    Royal Holloway offers a bunch of scholarships and bursaries for international students to help them financially with their tuition fees. Each scholarship provides a different benefit, such as a tuition fee reduction or a cash award.

    Students are free to apply to as many scholarships as they desire, given that they qualify for the scholarships.

    The eligibility criteria for each scholarship differ. For example, some scholarships may be available to students who come from underprivileged backgrounds.

    Similarly, other scholarships are granted based on grades, needs, and extracurricular achievements. To apply in Royal Holloway University, you can contact top Royal Holloway agents in Pakistan. Apply Now

    Fees for international students at Royal Holloway

    In comparison to other universities in London, Royal Holloway is considered to be a fairly affordable university for international students. The average fee for international students is between £ 14,000-19000.

    However, the fee may slightly or significantly differ depending on the course. Although, the fee can be further reduced by applying for scholarships.

    University Rankings:

    Royal Holloway is a prestigious university and is known globally for the quality of education and research it provides. According to the QS World University Rankings of 2023, Royal Holloway stands at the 402nd university in the world.

    Further, the university was ranked 33rd in the Guardian University Guide 2023 and 29th in the Times University Guide 2023. It is also considered to be in the top 25 best universities in the UK for research.

    Student Accommodation For International Students:

    At Royal Holloway, International students are given on-campus accommodation for their ease and convenience. Having more than 3000 places in its halls, the university prioritizes first-year and international students for on-campus accommodation.

    However, this can only be availed if the students apply within the deadline dates.

    Different rooms are available to students with the options of room sharing, in-suite, catered, and self-catering. Each hall comes with a maintenance and operational staff that helps students get accommodated comfortably and assists with any issues.

    Study at Royal Holloway, University of London:

    Towards the end, we thank you for reading today’s article and we are hopeful that our article on Royal Holloway, University of London served a useful purpose. If you are interested in studying at Royal Holloway, contact us at Edify Group of Companies.

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