Repeat a sentence Question type in PTE Speaking

Repeat a sentence Question type in PTE Speaking

Sun Mar 12 2023 Effa Iqbal

The “Repeat a Sentence” task is one of the PTE exam’s question types. This task requires the test-taker to listen to a sentence and then accurately repeat it. This blog post will go into more detail about the repeat-a-sentence question type and offer some advice on how to do well on it.

In the “repeat a sentence” task, participants must listen to a sentence only once and then accurately repeat it. Given that the phrases might be anything from brief and easy to lengthy and complex, it’s critical to focus on every word.

The three criteria for scoring the response are content, fluency, and pronunciation. The line must be recited verbatim, including any hesitations or pauses made by the speaker during the original recording. They must also precisely replicate the original sentence’s rhythm, stress, and intonation. Speaking correctly and with clear enunciation is vital since pronunciation is also important.

The repeat a sentence question in PTE

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The mark division is as follow:

You will receive a total of 13 marks for one repeat sentence question. Three points for content, five for pronunciation. The marks from the content go towards your overall listening score, while the rest go towards your speaking score.

Here are some tips to help you excel at the Repeat a Sentence task in the PTE exam:

  • Pay attention to the keywords:

When you’re listening to the sentence, focus on the words that are most important to understand the meaning of the sentence. These are the words that you’ll need to repeat accurately.

  • Listen carefully:

It’s super important to really listen to the sentence and catch every detail. You want to pay attention to the way the speaker is saying the words - the pitch, the rhythm, and any pauses or hesitations they might have.

Listen carefully during PTE exam

  • Practice your pronunciation:

Pronouncing the words correctly is key to doing well on the Repeat a Sentence task, so make sure you practice saying the words out loud regularly. Try to enunciate each word clearly and accurately.

  • Use your memory:

You won’t be able to write down anything, so you’ll have to rely on your memory to remember the sentence. Close your eyes and picture the words in your mind, then try to repeat them back to yourself.

  • Stay calm

Don’t stress yourself out! Take a deep breath before you start, and try to focus on the task at hand. Remember that the task tests your skills, so do your best and stay confident.

Stay Calm During PTE exam

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