Discover the Ultimate Guide to Scoring High in the PTE Describe Image Question

Discover the Ultimate Guide to Scoring High in the PTE Describe Image Question

Sun Mar 12 2023 Effa Iqbal

The PTE exam includes a question called “Describe Image” that gauges how well you can describe a visual representation like a graph, chart, or diagram. This task is intended to assess your proficiency in data interpretation, information organization, and effective English communication.

Understand the Task:

Make sure you understand the task before you begin describing the image. Take a few moments to carefully read the instructions and identify the type of image you need to describe. Check the task’s time limit as well, which is usually 40 seconds. This will facilitate you in organizing your thoughts and communicating effectively within the time constraints.

this is one example of an image task

Tips and strategies that will help you prepare for the Describe Image question in the PTE exam:

Analyze the Image:

After you’ve understood the task, spend some time analyzing the image. Examine the main features, such as the title, labels, units, and scales. Look for trends, patterns, and relationships in the data. This will assist you in structuring your description and providing pertinent information.

Plan Your Description:

After analyzing comes the planning part. Consider the main points you want to emphasize and the order in which you will present them. Make a clear and concise description using the information you gathered from the image. Remember that your goal is to effectively communicate the information, so make your description as simple as possible.

Use Appropriate Vocabulary:

Because vocabulary matters in this question type, use appropriate vocabulary to describe the data in the provided image. For example, “the trend is decreasing exponentially,” and so on. Use linking words and phrases such as however, additionally, in addition to, and so on to connect your ideas and provide coherence to your description.

PTE Vocabulary

Be Clear and Concise:

When describing the data, use simple, clear language. Your data should be well-connected and make sense to AI (because, unlike humans, AI will not give you the benefit of the doubt). Be mindful of what you say and try to avoid hedging, as this may increase the likelihood of fluency errors.

Practice a lot:

The key to answering the Describe Picture question successfully is practice. Try defining different picture types, such graphs, charts, and diagrams. Use practice exams or internet resources to improve your expertise. Consider recording your practice sessions so you can assess your progress. Find the areas that need improvement and work on them.
Practice in PTE

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