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Muhammad Waleed Malik (an overachiever who won 29 gold medals)

Effa Iqbal
Dec 8, 2022

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    Muhammad Waleed Malik

    An Overachiever Who Won 29 Academic Gold Medals

    Muhammad Waleed Malik a Pakistani national who was studying in Ameer-Uddin Medical College Lahore sets a new record by winning 29 Gold medals in his academic voyage.

    The previous record of most gold medals was held by a female doctor from King Edward Medical College Lahore. She was able to receive 23 gold medals.

    Muhammad Waleed Malik, who became inspiration for many people; stated that he was struggling with low marks and was able to understand the methodology of MBBS but gradually, with the passage of time he was able to grip the syllabus.

    Malik Waleed said “In starting I was struggling but slowly with time and hard work I got succeeded”.

    Waleed further explained that the standard of achieving gold medal is obtaining 85% mark or the highest position or obtaining top position in each semester.

    Even Waleed’s father expressed his happiness and shared that “All my kids took medals but Waleed took more than everyone from the beginning”
    Muhammad Waleed Malik

    Waleed’s Siblings Academic Background:

    Waleed’s Siblings are as bright as Waleed because they also got medals for their academic performance as well. Muhammad Sheraz Waleed’s brother got 21 medals and Dr Asma Waleed’s sister got 10 medals in the convocation of the Post Graduate Medical Institute (PGMI) and Ameer-Uddin Medical College Lahore.

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    The convocation of Post Graduate Medical Institute and Ameer-Uddin Medical College were held concurrently at Aiwan-e-Iqbal under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. Muhammad Al-Fareed Zafar (Provincial Health Minister) and the chief guest was Dr. Yasmin Rashid.

    Dr Yasmin Rashid also talked about the Punjab Government Health Policy and said that the current development on medical education is modernized and the first and foremost priority of the Government is to provide the best medical facilities to patient for their treatment.

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