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Here are UK Universities Still open for September 2023 Intake: Seize Your Academic Journey

Tue Jul 18 2023 Effa Iqbal

As the start of the school year approaches, hopeful students from all over the world are excitedly searching for chances to pursue higher education at famous schools. We have exciting news for you if you’ve decided to pursue a degree in the UK.

A number of prestigious UK universities are already accepting applications for the UK September 2023 intake. In this article, we’ll look at the fascinating opportunities available for prospective students and provide you with a thorough list of colleges to think of for your academic path.

1. Keele University: Sparking Innovation and Curiosity

Keele University, which is situated in Staffordshire, is well known for its dedication to academic achievement and interdisciplinary learning. Keele provides a setting that fosters intellectual curiosity and innovation with a wide variety of courses covering many different subjects.

Keele University offers a platform for you to explore your interests and gain valuable skills, regardless of whether you have a love for the humanities, social sciences, or sciences.

Study in UK universities

2. BPP University: Empowering Your Professional Journey

BPP University is a top choice for students looking to succeed in business, law, and other professional disciplines because of its emphasis on professional education.

Their cutting-edge teaching strategies, pragmatic attitude, and strong relationships with business leaders provide students with the skills they need to succeed in the demanding employment market. A friendly and engaging learning environment is provided by BPP University to help students become ready for successful professions.

3. Coventry University: Embracing Global Perspectives

International views are prioritized at Coventry University. Coventry, known for its global perspective and dedication to innovation, provides a wide range of programs intended to promote cross-cultural understanding and global consciousness.

Students at Coventry obtain practical skills and priceless experiences, equipping them to take on real-world issues thanks to cutting-edge facilities and strong industry links.

4. Greenwich University: Unleashing London’s Potential

Greenwich University, located in the dynamic metropolis of London, provides access to a world of opportunities. The institution offers a wide variety of courses in many different subjects and has a long history. Discover fascinating internship opportunities, immerse yourself in a diverse atmosphere, and establish lifetime relationships in one of the most vibrant cities on earth.

5. University of Westminster: Promoting Innovation and Creativity

The University of Westminster cultivates a thriving community of artists, designers, and thinkers as a center for creativity and innovation. The institution provides programs that develop creativity and give students the skills required by the creative industries, with an emphasis on practical study and real-world application. At the University of Westminster, immerse yourself in London’s cultural community and discover your creative potential.

6. Ravensbourne University: Creating the Media and Design of the Future

Media, design, and communication are the areas of specialization at London’s Ravensbourne University. Ravensbourne equips students for employment in the cutting-edge media and design industries with state-of-the-art facilities and industry-relevant programs.

At Ravensbourne University, you may work with like-minded people, embrace cutting-edge technology, and unleash your creative potential.

7. Strathclyde University: Excellence in Engineering and Science

Glasgow’s Strathclyde University provides a top-notch learning and research environment for students with a love for science and engineering. At Strathclyde, we put a lot of emphasis on innovation, entrepreneurship, and industry interaction, giving students the information and skills, they need to excel in their professions.

Get ready to contribute to the University of Strathclyde’s outstanding investigations and discoveries.

8. London South Bank University: Bringing together Theory and Practice

The academic rigor of London South Bank University is combined with real-world application. Graduates are well-prepared for the demands of the working world because of the university’s emphasis on industry collaborations and work-integrated learning.

Students at London South Bank University have access to a wide range of networking and internship opportunities because of its central London location.

Study in UK universities

9. Heriot-Watt University: An Excellence Tradition

With a rich history and a focus on the world, Heriot-Watt University offers a variety of programs in several academic fields. Heriot-Watt University trains students to confront global issues and make significant contributions to society through its research-driven methodology and dedication to sustainability.

Become a part of a friendly learning environment and the thriving Heriot-Watt alumni community.

Study in Uk Universities

9. St. Mary’s University of London: Developing Whole-Person Development

An esteemed university, St. Mary’s University London, is proud of its all-encompassing approach to education. St. Mary’s University provides a wide range of programs in the arts, humanities, sciences, and social sciences with a focus on creating well-rounded persons.

The institution promotes an accepting and inclusive environment that gives students the chance to achieve academic success, participate in extracurricular activities, and form enduring relationships.


The September 2023 intake offers an exceptional chance to start a life-changing academic adventure at prestigious UK universities. These universities provide a variety of programs and engaging experiences, from the pursuit of knowledge and personal development to preparing for future professional achievement.

Take the initiative to investigate each university, examine their offers, and select the one that best suits your goals as the application deadlines approach. For the September 2023 intake, apply early to guarantee your seat and open up a world of opportunity.


Q.1) After the end of July, can I still apply to these universities for the September 2023 intake?

In order to increase your chances of acceptance and give yourself plenty of time to make the required preparations, you should apply by the end of July.

Q.2) Are there any scholarships offered at these colleges for students from other countries?

The universities mentioned may provide scholarships. For more information on available scholarships for overseas students, it is advised to check their official websites.

Q.3) Can I submit applications to several of the listed universities?

Yes, you may submit applications to numerous institutions on the list. However, before submitting your applications, make sure to carefully research the prerequisites and application process for each university.



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