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University of Technology Sydney | Courses | Ranking | Fee

Sat Jan 28 2023 Effa Iqbal

University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

The University of Technology Sydney is all about uniqueness, innovation, and creativity. As one of the best universities in Australia, UTS offers some of the best courses in the world in many subjects.

The university is ideally located in the technology precinct of Sydney and is just a walking distance away from the central business district where hundreds of business startups and industry giants are conducting business every day.

Students of UTS are given exposure to these professionals and it enables them to succeed both academically and professionally. Ranked as the 133rd University globally by the QS World Rankings of 2022, the university is one of the best institutes for technology, science, and engineering subjects. However, many other areas of study are also offered at the university and no doubt the university is a world-class education provider in those areas.

Home to more than 23,500 students, UTS is a global institute with a diversified student body as well as faculty staff. Around 10,000 international students are currently enrolled as full-time students at UTS.

The university has different facilities for international students such as student clubs, societies, cafes, and restaurants, all located on campus or nearby. International students enjoy several other benefits of studying at UTS which will be discussed later below in detail.

UTS is located in the beautiful and vibrant city of Sydney where galleries, museums, arts, and the world-famous Sydney Opera House are located. International students explore the city with great curiosity and get a taste of the true Australian culture.

The University of Technology’s Sydney Campus is located right next to the Central station where students can ride a train or take a bus to anywhere in or out of Sydney. Some suggested places to explore are Bondi Beach and the Blue Mountains.

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Courses offered at UTS:

UTS is a fairly big university and offers more than 170 undergraduate courses in different areas of study for international students. Along with the plethora of undergraduate courses, more than 115 postgraduate programs are also offered for students who are looking to get a Master’s degree, diploma, or specialization.

UTS is famous for its unique methods of teaching that primarily focus on the practice-oriented learning of students. Alongside that, the university is widely recognized over the world for its high quality of teaching and excellent research that continues to contribute significantly in several areas of study.

All courses at UTS are designed by the industrial partners of UTS and the course content emphasizes on teaching innovative skills and developing a critical thinking attribute in students. UTS has around 12 different departments spread over 3 campuses in Australia. A list of all the departments is given below:

1.      Business and Management

2.      Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (Communication)

3.      Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (Education)

4.      Faculty of Design, Architecture, and Building

5.      Engineering and Information Technology

6.      Health Studies

7.      Law department

8.      Science Department

9.      International Studies and Education

10.  Social Sciences and Management

11.  TD School

12.  Combined Degrees

Under these departments, hundreds of Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees are offered to international students.

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UTS Fee for International Students:

The fee for international students at UTS is around 21,400 AUD. Note that this is an average number and may differ from course to course. If you want to get an exact quote of the fee and living expenses at UTS in Australia for international students, get in touch with us today at Edify Group of companies, the best education consultant in Pakistan.

Student Life at UTS for International Students:

International students enjoy a wide variety of services and facilities while studying at UTS. Since UTS is a modern global university, it has recently invested in top-of-the-line technology for the benefit of the students. Some key features of studying at UTS include:

·         Career development support

·         Hundreds of Clubs and Societies

·         Diversified Social networking opportunities

·         On-campus accommodation

·         English language support for international students

·         Medical and Counselling services

The university provides many other facilities to international students, ensuring that their stay in another country is friendly, convenient, and most importantly, exciting!

Alumni of UTS give only positive reviews and almost all students are highly satisfied with the balance between academics and extracurriculars at UTS.

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Research Excellence of UTS:

UTS is one of the major contributory bodies of research in several important areas in Australia. The University has in the past and continues to do excellent research work in different sensitive areas such as:

·         Health

·         Future Industries

·         Infrastructure

·         Communities

·         Sustainability

·         Transdisciplinary Innovation

Much of the research work of UTS is considered internationally excellent and has helped many public and private sector industries. The university is actively working with several industry leaders and academic partners around the globe to bring positive change in society through research and knowledge.

Towards the end, we at Edify group of companies would like to thank all of our students and readers for reading our article. If you found this article knowledgeable and interesting, do take a look at our other articles regarding the best universities in Australia for international students.

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