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University of Essex First Ever Graduation Ceremony Held in Pakistan

University of Essex First Ever Graduation Ceremony Held in Pakistan

Effa Iqbal
Mar 7, 2023

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    On March 4, 2023, the UK-based University of Essex celebrated its first-ever commencement ceremony in Pakistan.

    Vice-Chancellor Professor Anthony Forster will come from the UK to participate in the special ceremony at the famous Serena Hotel in Islamabad as part of the celebration of ties between the distinguished University of Essex and Pakistan.

    This is reportedly the first commencement ceremony hosted by a prestigious UK institution in Pakistan, and its vice-chancellor was there. The ministers of education and planning and development, as well as officials from the British High Commission and British Council, will be among the prominent visitors.

    There were a large number of Essex alums present for the graduation ceremony, where two outstanding graduates will receive the Vice-Chancellor Awards. On the momentous occasion, Nasiruddin Mirza, a defender of human rights and history, and Nasira Habib, an activist for education and the environment, will both receive prizes.

    According to Professor Forster, this is just the second foreign graduation the University of Essex has ever organized. This graduation ceremony was held for the first time ever in programs

    “I am overjoyed that this event may take place in Islamabad. Having the opportunity to unite our community is amazing. The University of Essex places a recognizance on its connections to its global alumni network and to the international community”.

    graduation of University of Essex first time in Pakistan

    Pakistan – an educational Hub for International Universities

    In recent years, there has been an increasing trend of foreign institutions and education in Pakistan. These institutions of higher learning provide Pakistani students a top-notch education and give a chance to Pakistani students to study and enroll themselves in foreign courses.

    In addition to graduate programs, specializations, and certificates in a variety of subjects including architecture, administration, computer programming, economics, humanities, and social sciences, these institutions also offer a wide range of other programs.

    The Development of foreign education in Pakistan

    The development of foreign education in Pakistan has aided in raising educational standards there and giving students access to degrees that are recognized across the world. Also, it has helped to advance intellectual and cultural interchange among Pakistan and other nations, increasing the nation’s standing as a regional center for higher education.

    University of Essex graduation ceremony in Pakistan

    The University of Essex and Pakistan

    When seeking further education overseas, Pakistani students frequently choose the University of Essex. It is a university with a focus on research that is situated in Colchester, England, and provides a variety of postgraduate in several academic areas.

    The University of Essex enrols students from every part of the world, including Pakistan, and boasts a diverse student body. Pakistani students can profit from the university’s top-notch instruction and the chance to socialise with instructors and students from all cultural backgrounds.
    First ever University of Essex Graduation Ceremony in Pakistan

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