Study in Lakehead University of Canada

Study in Lakehead University of Canada

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Lakehead University

Lakehead University is a well-known public research university in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Lakehead Technical Institute, founded in 1946, has developed to become one of the country’s finest institutions, offering excellent undergraduate and graduate programs in a variety of subjects. The institution has built a reputation throughout the years for its strong academic offerings, research possibilities, and remarkable student experience.

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History of Lakehead University

Lakehead University has a long history dating back to 1946 when it was founded as Lakehead Technical Institute. The institute was founded to give technical and vocational education to World War II veterans. Lakehead College of Arts, Science, and Technology was founded in 1956 and began providing undergraduate degrees in arts and science.

The institution has grown throughout the years, and in 2010, it launched its second campus in Orillia, Ontario. Undergraduate programs are available at the Orillia campus in Business Administration, Education, Environmental Sustainability, Humanities, and Social Sciences.

Top Courses of Lakehead University

  • Lakehead University provides undergraduate and graduate programs in a variety of disciplines, including Arts, Business, Engineering, Health Sciences, Natural Resources Management, Science, and Social Sciences. Some of the most popular courses at Lakehead University include:
  • Nursing: Lakehead University’s nursing program is highly regarded and ranks among the best in Canada. The program trains students to work as competent and compassionate nurses in a range of healthcare settings.
  • Forestry: Lakehead University has one of Canada’s top forestry programs. The program combines classroom instruction with on-the-job training to prepare students for employment in forest management, conservation, and research.
  • Business Administration: The business program at Lakehead University is designed to provide students with the skills and information needed to excel in the ever-changing business sector. Accounting, marketing, management, and entrepreneurship are among the topics covered in the program.
  • Engineering: Engineering programs at Lakehead University include Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. The programs are intended to give students a strong foundation in engineering concepts as well as hands-on experience in a number of sectors.
  • Computer Science: Lakehead University has one of the greatest computer science programs in Canada. The program includes a variety of areas, including as development of software, intelligent machines, and computer networks.
  • Social Work: The social work program at Lakehead University prepares students for jobs in the field of social work. Human behavior, public policy, and equitable treatment are among the themes covered in the program.
  • Education: Lakehead University’s education program educates students to become Ontario-certified teachers. Teaching techniques, learning psychology, and classroom leadership are among the subjects covered in the program.
  • Psychology: The psychology program at Lakehead University is meant to offer students a solid foundation in psychological concepts and ideas. Topics covered in the program include developmental psychology, peculiar psychology, and social psychology.

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Lakehead University Canada

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Ranking and Campus of Lakehead University for International Students


According to numerous rankings, Lakehead University is among the best universities in Canada. Lakehead University was rated 17th in the Comprehensive category of the 2022 Maclean’s University Rankings, which covers universities that provide a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs. The university was also placed 11th for student services and 17th for peer repute.


Lakehead University has two campuses, one in Thunder Bay and one in Orillia, Ontario. The Thunder Bay campus is located on Lake Superior’s shoreline and houses the majority of the university’s programs, colleges, and research centers. The campus spans 250 acres and features cutting-edge amenities such as contemporary classrooms, research labs, and recreational areas.

The Orillia campus is located in a picturesque setting on Lake Simcoe and has fewer programs. With small class sizes and a strong emphasis on community interaction, the campus provides a one-of-a-kind learning environment.

Lakehead University is dedicated to providing its students with a secure, inclusive, and supportive learning environment. Academic advising, career services, health services, and counseling services are all accessible at the institution to assist students in succeeding.


Lakehead University provides a variety of scholarships and bursaries to assist students in financing their studies. Academic excellence, financial need, and other considerations are considered while awarding these scholarships. Lakehead University offers the following scholarships:

  • Entrance scholarships: Entrance scholarships are given to new students depending on their academic performance. The scholarship amount changes according to the student’s grades.
  • Indigenous Scholarships: Lakehead University provides a variety of scholarships for Indigenous students. These scholarships are intended to assist Indigenous students in their academic endeavors.
  • Graduate Scholarships: Lakehead University provides many graduate scholarships and honors. These scholarships are given out based on academic performance and research potential.

Scholarships for Overseas Students: Lakehead University provides scholarships to overseas students to assist them afford their studies. These scholarships are given out based on academic accomplishment as well as a financial necessity.

The campus life of Lakehead University for International Students

For foreign students, Lakehead University has a dynamic and welcoming campus life. Cultural, social, and intellectual groups are among the clubs and organizations available at the institution to cater to the different interests of its students. The Foreign Student Association is an excellent resource for foreign students, offering assistance as well as possibilities for social and cultural activities. Academic counseling, English language support, and career services are among the services and resources available to overseas students at the institution. Lakehead University, with its open community and supportive atmosphere, is an excellent location for foreign students to thrive.

Lakehead University Canada


Lakehead University is a world-class university that provides excellent academic programs, research opportunities, and a memorable student experience. The university’s dedication to innovation, sustainability, and social responsibility has won it a position as a higher education leader. Lakehead University is an outstanding alternative for individuals wishing to pursue their academic and career objectives in Canada, thanks to its contemporary facilities, friendly learning atmosphere, and variety of scholarships.

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