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Study in Jonkoping University Sweden as an International Student

Study in Jonkoping University Sweden as an International Student

Effa Iqbal
Mar 15, 2023

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    Jonkoping University

    Jönköping University is a public college located in Jönköping, Sweden. It was founded in 1977 as a division of Gothenburg University, but in 1994 it separated into a separate institution.

    The university is divided into four schools: the School of Education and Communication, the School of Engineering, the School of Health and Welfare, and the Jönköping International Business School. Many undergraduate and graduate degrees are available in a variety of subjects, including commerce, technology, school, health and welfare, media, and communication.

    . It is home to a varied student community, with over 2,000 foreign students from more than 80 countries. The institution has also received praise for its research, notably in the fields of sustainability, entrepreneurship, and health sciences.

    Jönköping University has recently extended its campus and amenities, adding new dorms for students and a cutting-edge sports complex. Also, the institution has prioritized sustainability, with programs including a campus-wide recycling program and a focus on lowering carbon emissions.

    Jonkoping University for international students

    Ranking of Jonkoping University

    Jönköping University is highly regarded in the fields of engineering and technology as well as business and management studies, placing 38th overall in the world per the QS World University Rankings 2022. It is important to keep in mind that rankings might differ between organizations and areas of study and shouldn’t be the only consideration while selecting a university. its not wrong to say that Jonkoping university is considered to be one of the best universities in Sweden.

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    Top Courses in Jonkoping university

    Jönköping University offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs across its four schools. Some of the top courses offered by Jönköping University are:

    • International Management
    • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Digital Business and IT Management
    • Industrial Design
    • Education and Learning
    • Nursing
    • Social Work
    • Media and Communication Studies
    • Product Development and Materials Engineering

    These are just a few examples, and Jönköping University offers many other excellent programs as well. To know more about courses, you can contact Edify Group of Companies.

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    Campuses of the University of Jonkoping

    Jönköping University has three campuses, all located in the city of Jönköping, Sweden:

    • Campus Jönköping International Business School (JIBS) - This campus is located in the heart of Jönköping and is home to the Jönköping International Business School, which offers undergraduate and graduate programs in business and management.
    • Campus School of Engineering (JTH): The School of Engineering, which provides undergraduate and graduate programs in engineering and technology, is housed on this campus, which is situated in the Huskvarna neighborhood of Jönköping.
    • Campus School of Health and Welfare (HHJ) - This campus is located in the Kåkenhus district of Jönköping and is home to the School of Health and Welfare, which offers undergraduate and graduate in health sciences, nursing, and social work.

    All three colleges offer innovative services and infrastructure for classmates, including library resources, student accommodation, food options, athletic facilities, and more.

    Study in Jonkoping University as an international students

    The campus life of Jonkoping University for International students

    Jönköping University provides a dynamic campus experience to international students, featuring numerous opportunities and resources to help them become engaged, form social connections, and feel comfortable.

    For instance, there is a dedicated office for International Student Services, which assists with matters such as finding housing and dealing with visa issues.

    Moreover, there are a wide variety of student organizations available on campus, including clubs focused on sports, music, and the arts. These groups offer a great way for students to socialize with like-minded individuals who share common interests.

    • Language Cafe - The Language Cafe is a weekly event where students can practice their language skills and meet students from all over the world.
    • Buddy Program - The Buddy Program pairs incoming international students with current Jönköping University students, who help them navigate campus life and adjust to the Swedish culture.
    • Housing - Jönköping University offers student housing on or near all three campuses, which makes it easier for international students to integrate into campus life.
    • Social Events - The university hosts a variety of social events throughout the year, including cultural festivals, movie nights, game nights, and more.

    Jönköping University offers a welcoming and inclusive campus environment for international students, with plenty of opportunities to get involved, make friends, and explore the local culture.

    Fee and Scholarship for an International student at Jonkoping University

    Tuition fee

    The tuition fees for international students vary depending on the program and level of study. For example, the annual tuition fees for undergraduate programs in business and economics are approximately 120,000 SEK to 140,000 SEK per year. Graduate program fees range from approximately 120,000 SEK to 140,000 SEK per year for most programs.


    Jönköping University offers a range of scholarships and grants for international students. Some scholarships are based on academic excellence, while others are based on financial need or a combination of both. It is recommended that prospective international students check the Jönköping University website or contact the International Student Services office for the latest information on available scholarships and grants.

    Jonkoping University alumni

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