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Scholastic Aptitude Test - SAT - How To Apply SAT From Pakistan?

Thu Nov 03 2022 Effa Iqbal

Scholastic Aptitude Test

The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) in Pakistan is an exam aimed at assessing the academic aptitude of a student, usually Pakistani students who are applying to international universities and are willing to land a scholarship.

The educational consultants in Pakistan advise these students to sign up for the SAT test so they can easily be eligible for numerous scholarships. International universities have higher standards of education, hence the bar for winning a scholarship is also very high.

SAT scores basically define the abilities of a particular individual and international universities filter out students on the basis of their SAT scores.international universities

SAT test is provided by a non-profit organization in the United States of America known as the College Board. The SAT test can be taken by any student who wants to pursue higher education in international universities or IVY league universities.

Pakistani SAT students are advised to aim for higher scores in the SAT test to ensure their admission to desired academic institutes. A good score is important as it gives an impression to the board of directors at the university that the individual is a fast learner, well-prepared, and able to take over rigorous tasks.

SATs are in no way easy. The test is quite comprehensive, and lengthy, and requires a lot of skill. Pakistani students giving the SATs need to have a quick mind as the ratio of the number of questions to the time period is very unfavorable.

A detailed explanation of the exam pattern and time allowed for each section is given below. For the best SAT preparation in Pakistan, edify group of companies is the top choice of students.
SAT in Pakistan


SAT exam pattern for Pakistani students comprises three different sections. Each section encompasses different types of questions based on Reading, Writing, and Mathematics.


The reading section poses 52 questions to the candidates. These questions are formulated in a manner to challenge and test different skills of the students, such as reading, pronunciation, vocabulary, coherence, and speed.

Pakistani students giving SAT’s come from a non-native English background, therefore they struggle while speak English fluently. However, a practice that makes a man perfect is a commonly known fact and principle.

Hence, a lot of practice is required to perfect spoken English skills before appearing in the SAT reading section.


The writing section consists of 44 different questions. Each question is regarding the proper use of grammar and tests the English language knowledge of the candidate.


The mathematics section is by far the toughest section of the SAT exam in Pakistan. There are 58 different questions and a mixture of algebra, trigonometry, geometry, calculus, problem-solving, and analyzing data makes up this section.

Students are allowed to use calculators for some questions, whereas there are still questions that are strict to be solved without using calculators.


As discussed above, there are three sections of the SAT exam in Pakistan. For each section, there is a separate time span.

1) Reading Section: 60-65 minutes

2) Writing Section: 30-35 minutes

3) Mathematics Section: 80 minutes

The time period provided makes the exam very tough as the number of questions to be answered is very high.

Especially in the mathematics section, answering 58 questions in only 80 minutes means that the candidates have to be very well practiced beforehand. Excellent and fast mental mathematical skills are of the utmost importance in order to achieve a credible SAT score in Pakistan.
SAT in Pakistan

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SAT I and SAT II are not very different tests. The basic difference between both is that the SAT I test is an overall test that is taken by high school/college students who want to pursue their bachelor’s degree from international universities.

The SAT I tests the overall abilities of the candidate and consists of Math and English language questions.

On the other hand, SAT II is a more particularly focused test. Basically, SAT II is opted for by Pakistani students who wish to pursue their degrees in a specific field of study.

For example, if a Pakistani student wishes to continue his or her studies in the field of math, science, literature, or any other field, he or she would opt for the SAT II test in that particular area of interest.


The fee for SAT tests in Pakistan varies from test-to-test basis. The students can give a general SAT test, an SAT with an essay, or choose to give an SAT with one to three subjects. The fee for each is given below:

1. SAT- $95
2. SAT With Essay- $109
3. SAT With One Subject- $96
4. SAT With Two Subjects- $117
5. SAT With Three Subjects- $138


SAT Dates in Pakistan come around 6 times a year. This means that students can choose to give their SAT exam according to their own convenience.

SAT exams in Pakistan are conducted in the following months:

1. March
2. May
3. June
4. October
5. November
6. December


Pakistani Student’s SAT registration can be done by visiting the college board official website. Pakistani Students giving the SATs can visit www.collegeboard.org to register themselves for the upcoming SAT exams.

To make the registration process easier, Edify group of companies is the best SAT consultant in Pakistan. Edify group of companies is the best SAT preparation center in Pakistan.

The documents required for Pakistani students for SAT are:

  • Valid Passport
  • Same name for registration as on the Passport
    SAT registration



SAT exams in Pakistan are extremely helpful in securing college grants and scholarships. A good SAT score highlights your whole application and impresses the board of directors at the university before you even meet them.

Therefore, the higher the score on SAT, the higher are the chances of securing a scholarship.


Unfortunately, a Valid passport provided by the government of Pakistan is essential to appear in the SAT exam in Pakistan.

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