Remote Counselling: A free study abroad consultation with Edify Group of Companies

Remote Counselling: A free study abroad consultation with Edify Group of Companies

Mon Apr 10 2023 Effa Iqbal

Remote Counselling is becoming an increasingly popular alternative for persons seeking support and assistance in the day and age of electronic communication.

What is Remote Counselling?

Remote counseling is a type of therapy that is delivered by online mediums such as telephones, telepresence, or instant messaging. It allows people to interact with a professional counselor from the ease of their own homes, eliminating the need to visit a physical place.

Free Consultation to study abroad

Advantages of Remote Counselling?

One of the most significant benefits of remote therapy is its accessibility. Those who reside in remote or rural regions, or who have mobility challenges, may find it challenging to receive in-person counseling services.

Remote Counselling with Edify Group of Companies

The Edify Group of Companies understands the importance of remote counseling in assisting students in achieving their academic and career objectives. Edify Company, a study abroad advisory service, knows that the process of studying abroad may be difficult and overwhelming for many students. As a result, they provide remote counseling services to assist students in navigating the hurdles of studying abroad.

Professional counselors educated to work with people from varied origins and cultures provide remote counseling services for Edify Group of Companies.

Why Choose Edify Group of Companies

The comprehension of the study abroad process is one of the distinctive benefits of Edify Group’s remote counseling services. Counselors at Edify Group have worked with students studying abroad and understand the particular issues associated with studying in a foreign country.

They may provide students with practical advice and assistance to help them achieve academic and personal success while studying abroad.

Furthermore, Edify Group’s remote counseling services are tailored to the specific needs of each student. They collaborate with students to identify their individual obstacles and goals, as well as to design a strategy to assist them to succeed.

Whether a student is experiencing academic difficulties, cultural transition issues, or mental health problems, Edify Group’s counselors are there to give the help and assistance they require.

Free Consultation for study Abroad

Free Remote Consultation with Edify Group of Companies

Additionally, students interested in studying abroad should be aware that the Edify Group of Companies offers free remote counseling services. This means that students may book a free remote consultation with one of Edify Group’s expert counselors to learn more about studying abroad and the services that Edify Group offers.

This free consultation is an excellent opportunity for individuals to evaluate their options and assess whether studying abroad is the best option for them without making any financial commitments.

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How to Apply?

  1. Go to Edify Group of Companies official website
  2. Fill out the online assessment form
  3. You will receive contact from a counselor in less than 48 hours

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