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Polio Certificate in Pakistan

Polio Vaccination Card for Traveling Abroad: A Step-by-Step Guide for Pakistani students

Effa Iqbal
Aug 3, 2023

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    The Pakistani government has imposed a new requirement for all outgoing travelers as part of its ongoing efforts to eliminate polio and ensure traveler safety. Travelers must now have a current Polio Vaccination Card in order to board overseas flights.

    The action demonstrates the government’s dedication to preventing the spread of polio and comes as Pakistan makes considerable progress toward eradicating the devastating illness.

    This article outlines the essential steps for international travelers, especially students studying abroad, and acts as a step-by-step instruction manual for obtaining a polio vaccination card in Pakistan.

    Polio certificate in Pakistan

    Step 1: Visit a government hospital or medical facility to obtain polio drops.

    Visit any government hospital or approved medical institution first to start the process of getting a polio vaccination card. In order to protect yourself from the disease, you will receive two drops of the polio vaccine there.

    Step 2: Visit the portal for the National Immunization Management System.

    Visit the National Immunization Management System website https://nims.nadra.gov.pk/nims/ after obtaining the polio drops. The main platform for organizing and storing immunization data in Pakistan is this webpage.

    Step 3: Click “Other Vaccination” and pick Yellow Fever and Polio.

    Choose “Polio and Yellow Fever” from the list of possibilities after clicking the “Other Vaccination” option on the portal’s home page.

    Step 4: Complete the Necessary Information

    Particulars such as your CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) Number and ID Card Issue Date must be provided. Then, pick the ‘Vaccine’ option and choose “Oral Polio Vaccine” from the drop-down menu.

    Step 5: Check the Data and Go Forward

    To move on to the following stage, enter the two values as they are displayed and click the “Verify” button.

    Step 6: Enter the Passport Information

    Enter your name exactly as it appears on your CNIC or passport on the next page, along with your passport number. Choose your nationality from the list of possibilities, then click “Verify.”

    Step 7: Pay for the Polio Vaccination Certificate and Download It

    You must pay a one-time charge of Rs. 100 for the Polio Vaccination Card in order to finish the transaction. Once the payment has been made, click “Continue” to continue.

    Step 8: Check and Submit the Information

    Click the “Submit” button after checking the accuracy of all the information supplied.

    Step 9: Download the Certificate or Polio Vaccination Card.

    To download your Polio Vaccination Card, click the “Certificate Download” button one last time. When going overseas, make sure the card is printed out and ready to go.

    Important Information for International Students Travelling Abroad:

    Foreign travelers from Pakistan must also abide by the updated polio vaccine criteria. Prior to their departure, it is crucial to get the Polio Vaccination Card by carrying out the above-mentioned instructions.

    Students can avoid travel delays and guarantee a smooth trip to their study destination by being prepared with the required immunization documents.

    Polio Certificate


    All Pakistani individuals preparing to go overseas must now obtain a Polio Vaccination Card. The above-described straightforward approach may be readily followed by travelers in order to obtain the necessary certification.

    Accepting this additional criterion demonstrates the government’s commitment to polio-free Pakistan and protecting public health. Compliance with this rule guarantees foreign students a trouble-free trip while they pursue their academic goals overseas.


    Is the Polio Vaccination Card required for all Pakistani nationals travelling abroad?

    According to the most recent instructions from the Pakistani authorities, the Polio Vaccination Card is required for all departing passengers, even those who are traveling internationally. It is an effort to stop the polio virus from spreading and protect travelers.

    How soon after receiving the polio drops do you obtain the polio vaccination card?

    Answer: The procedure moves quickly. Once you have received the polio drops, you may use the National Immunization Management System webpage to get a Polio Vaccination Card. The card may be downloaded instantly after entering the required information and paying the required payment.

    Can I use my Polio Vaccination Card for more than one trip, or do I need to acquire a new one for every trip?

    Up until you acquire another dosage of the polio vaccine, the online-purchased polio vaccination card is still valid. It is advised to save the card securely and to present it as needed on next international trips.

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