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Navigating QS Best Student Cities in London

Tue Jul 02 2024 Asfandyaar Mazhar

London’s Top Universities for Pakistani Students in 2025

London has been named the most fantastic city in the world for students for the second consecutive year in the QS Greatest Student Cities 2025 survey.

This thriving metropolis is a global financial powerhouse and a refuge for education, with 18 universities listed in the QS World University Rankings 2025.

For Pakistani students dreaming of studying abroad, London provides an unrivalled opportunity to immerse themselves in a rich academic and cultural experience.

In this blog post, we will look at the top universities in London, their distinctive features, and why they are great for international students, particularly those from Pakistan.
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Why Choose London?

An Academic Hotspot

London has the most significant concentration of top-ranked universities in the UK, with four in the global top 50.

The city features 18 universities, all under the University of London umbrella, which offer a variety of courses and specialisations.

This turns London into an academic hotspot with various chances for higher education.

A sizeable international community.

The diversity of the London student community is one of the most appealing features of studying there.

The city is a melting pot of cultures, with residents and students from all over the world.

If you’re feeling homesick, you’ll surely meet people who share your culture and love of home cooking. This sizable multinational community helps Pakistani students adapt and feel at home.

Free Culture and Vibrant Nightlife

London offers a wealth of cultural experiences. It has some of the world’s top museums, such as the Natural History Museum, the British Museum, and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

What is the best part? These museums are free to access, making it easy for students to satisfy their cultural needs.

Furthermore, London has some of the best nightlife in Europe, with bustling neighbourhoods such as Shoreditch, Brixton, and Mayfair providing a variety of entertainment alternatives.

Greenery is everywhere.

Nearly half of London is designated as green space, with parks, commons, and outdoor sporting places accounting for 47% of the city.

This helps kids to maintain a solid connection to nature despite living in a hectic metropolis.

Top Universities in London in 2025

Imperial College London.

Imperial College London, ranked second globally, is a premier research, engineering, medicine, and business institution.

It is well-known for its cutting-edge research and innovation and offers Pakistani students a solid educational foundation and good job opportunities.

Top London Universities

University College London(UCL)

UCL, rated ninth internationally, is a multidisciplinary university with a strong emphasis on research.

With a varied student body and a diversified range of courses, UCL is an excellent alternative for Pakistani students seeking to study in a dynamic academic setting.

King’s College, London (KCL)

KCL is ranked 40th globally and is well-known for its humanities, law, and health science programmes.

Its central position allows students to easily access London’s cultural and professional resources, making it a popular choice for international students.

London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

LSE, rated 50th globally, is a global leader in social sciences. Its significant concentration on economics, politics, and sociology draws students interested in these subjects.

The LSE’s international reputation makes its graduates highly sought after by employers worldwide.

Queen Mary University of London (QMUL).

QMUL, ranked 120th, offers diverse programmes and is well-known for its emphasis on research and innovation.

Its varied student body and friendly environment make it an ideal destination for Pakistani students.

Brunel University.

Brunel University, ranked 342nd, is well-known for its emphasis on practical and professional education.

With a focus on employability, Brunel ensures its graduates are well-prepared for the workforce.

City University London.

City University, ranked 352nd, is well-known for its business programmes and strong industry contacts.

Its central position offers students numerous networking and employment opportunities.

Birkbeck College, University of London.

Birkbeck, ranked 408th, is unique in that it offers nighttime classes, which allow students to work throughout the day.

This adaptable approach makes it an appealing alternative for students seeking practical experience while studying.

Royal Holloway University of London.

Royal Holloway, ranked 477th, is well-known for its attractive campus and outstanding arts, humanities, and social sciences programmes.

Its supportive community and stunning surroundings make it an excellent alternative for overseas students.

SOAS – School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London

Ranked 508th, SOAS is the leading institution for studying Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Its unique focus and diverse student body make it a distinctive choice for students interested in these regions.

Kingston University, London

Ranked 601-610, Kingston University strongly emphasises career-focused education.

Its diverse courses and vibrant student life make it an attractive option for international students.

Goldsmiths, University of London

Ranked 681-690, Goldsmiths is known for its creative and innovative arts, humanities, and social sciences programs.

Its emphasis on creativity and critical thinking attracts students who are passionate about these fields.

University of Greenwich

Ranked 691-700, the University of Greenwich offers a beautiful campus and strong business, engineering, and humanities programs.

Its supportive community and picturesque setting make it a welcoming place for international students.

Middlesex University

Ranked 721-730, Middlesex University is known for its strong focus on employability and practical education.

Its diverse student body and innovative programs make it an attractive option for international students.

University of Westminster

Ranked 741-750, the University of Westminster offers many programs and strong industry connections.

Its central location and diverse community make it a popular choice for international students.

London South Bank University

Ranked 801-850, London South Bank University is known for its strong focus on practical and professional education.

Its emphasis on employability makes it an excellent choice for students seeking practical experience alongside their studies.

University of East London

Ranked 901-950, the University of East London offers diverse programs and a strong focus on employability.

Its supportive community and practical approach make it an attractive option for international students.

London Metropolitan University

Ranked 1001-1200, London Metropolitan University offers a wide range of programs and a strong emphasis on employability.

Its diverse student body and practical approach make it a welcoming place for international students.

Cost of Studying in London for Pakistani Students

London is a relatively cheap option for international students.

The average tuition fee for international students in London is around US$25,900, which, while high, is significantly lower than many US institutions.

Domestic students in London can expect to pay £9,000 a year in tuition.

The London School of Economics (LSE) recommends that students budget around £1,100 to £1,300 per month (approximately US$1,470-1,740) for living expenses, including accommodation, bills, travel, and socialising.

Life and Culture in London

London is a truly global city, with 36.7 per cent of its residents born outside the UK.

This means that many areas of London offer a distinct flavour of other cultures, such as the Bangladeshi population of Tower Hamlets and the curry houses of Brick Lane.

Despite its vast student population of around 276,400, the city itself is so large that you won’t simply be living in a ‘student bubble’—it’s an excellent city for students and graduates alike.
Culture of London

Careers in London for Pakistani Students

London is the European and global hub for many industries, notably finance. The headquarters of major banks like Barclays and the Bank of England are located in the City of London.

The city comes fourth in the rankings for employer activity, showing just how sought-after graduates from London universities are by employers.

Many international companies, such as Google, Amazon, and Unilever, recruit in London.


London offers Pakistani students an unparalleled opportunity to experience world-class education, a vibrant cultural scene, and excellent career prospects.

London is undeniably an academic hotspot with 18 universities featured in the QS World University Rankings 2025. From the top-ranked Imperial College London to the diverse community at the University of Westminster, there is a perfect fit for every student.

Ready to explore the best London universities for Pakistani students? Learn more about how to take the first step towards an exciting academic and professional future in this dynamic city.

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What is the average tuition fee for international students in London?

The average tuition fee for international students in London is around US$25,900.

How much should students budget for living expenses in London?

Students should budget around £1,100 to £1,300 per month for living expenses, including accommodation and bills.

Which areas of London offer a distinct flavour of other cultures?

With their Bangladeshi population and curry houses, areas like Tower Hamlets and Brick Lane offer a distinct flavour of other cultures.



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