Mahsa University and Western Sydney University Collaborate for Health Science Education and Research

Mahsa University and Western Sydney University Collaborate for Health Science Education and Research

Wed Jun 07 2023 Effa Iqbal

Short on time, Here are the highlights

  • The relationship between Mahsa and Western Sydney gives physiotherapy students more options, enhancing their learning process and future chances.
  • Driven by research and innovation, joint research projects between Mahsa and Western Sydney support developments in the health sciences, encourage creativity, and enhance medical procedures.
  • Mahsa’s alliance with Western Sydney fosters worldwide collaboration by promoting cross-cultural dialogue and the sharing of different viewpoints in order to make significant contributions to the world of healthcare.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Western Sydney University (WSU) in Australia and Mahsa University, a famous Malaysian institution, was recently signed, reaffirming both parties’ commitment to academic cooperation in the area of health science teaching and research.

This collaboration intends to expand the options available to Mahsa’s physiotherapy students and promote the growth of several health science programmes. The MOUs were exchanged at Mahsa University during a visit by Western Sydney University’s Dean of Health Sciences, Prof. Dr. Gregory Kolt, and they serve as the official start of an exciting journey of collaboration and information sharing.

Mahsa and Western Sydney University

Expanding Educational Pathways: Empowering Mahsa’s Health Science Students

In the area of health sciences, the partnership between Mahsa University and Western Sydney University is extremely valuable for fostering academic interchange, expanding research projects, and cultivating a global perspective.

Students and faculty members may anticipate a wide range of benefits, from improved educational opportunities to ground-breaking research discoveries, by making use of the resources and experience of both institutions.

Joint Efforts to Foster Research and Innovation in Health Sciences

At Mahsa University, the MOU was signed in front of important figures from both organisations. Western Sydney University’s Dean of Health Sciences, Prof. Dr. Gregory Kolt, and Mahsa University’s Pro-Chancellor and Executive Chairman, YB Senator Tan Sri Prof Datuk Dr. Mohamed Haniffa, exchanged MOUs. Both Prof.

Dato’ Dr. Ikram Shah, the vice chancellor of Mahsa University, and Prof. Dr. Barney Glover AO, the vice chancellor and president of Western Sydney University, were present when the MOU was signed.

Building Bridges: The Importance of International Collaboration

The collaboration between Western Sydney University and Mahsa University paves the way for a successful alliance. Mahsa University is extremely proud to partner with Western Sydney University, an internationally renowned institution that is ranked in the top 2% of all institutions.

This partnership not only improves Mahsa University’s academic offerings, but also lays the groundwork for such joint projects in the future that will help learners, academics, and the larger healthcare sector.

Western Sydney Australia


Finally, the recently concluded MOU between Western Sydney University and Mahsa University represents a significant development in the field of Health Science teaching and research.

This cooperation aims to promote educational routes, boost research and innovation, and establish a platform for global collaboration thanks to similar goals and a shared dedication to quality. The future holds great promise for students, faculty, and the global growth of healthcare knowledge as both schools set out on this journey together.


What advantages would the partnership between Western Sydney University and Mahsa University provide for students?

Students at Mahsa will have access to more resources from around the world, more educational opportunities, and better employment possibilities in the field of health sciences.

How would the partnership foster innovation and research in the field of health sciences?

The partnership will enable cooperative research activities to increase knowledge and enhance healthcare practises by combining the resources and skills of both institutions.

What role does international cooperation play in this partnership?

The collaboration places a strong emphasis on the value of intercultural communication, the interchange of different viewpoints, and making contributions to the improvement of global healthcare for the benefit of the global healthcare community.



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