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Language Cert International ESOL Test, A Complete Guideline for Prospective Students

Sat Oct 29 2022 Effa Iqbal

Language Cert

Pakistani students who wish to study abroad are required to provide a certification or test results of a standardized Academic English test, such as the Language Cert, IELTS, or TOEFL. However, Language Cert is one of the easiest tests to appear in, since it does not require a ton of preparation.

The language cert test for Pakistani students is a great choice if they wish to take admission in an international university in an English-speaking country.

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The Language Cert International ESOL test is an online exam that offers students a chance to showcase their ability to speak and write academic English in various scenarios.

Since Pakistani students do not have English as their first language, the course of Language Cert is comparatively lenient and provides the candidates to prepare for the test easily.

The exam can be taken online or in approved Language Cert centers. Usually, online tests are more comfortable for students since many faces’ nervousness in face-to-face examinations.

The Language Cert international qualification is specifically designed for both students and job seekers who are willing to work abroad.
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Language Cert is one of the top prioritized choices for Pakistani students since it is recognized in the UK and several other countries across the globe.

This qualification enables the applicants to prove their English language skills to their respective universities.

Given that almost every international university today requires a recognized test in the English language for international students, Language Cert is certainly one of the best tests to consider.


There are no set criteria as to who can appear for the Language Cert or not. Pakistani people who are willing to either:

  • Provide documented proof of their English language knowledge to their universities or employers
  • Students willing to get admitted into international universities where proof of English language skills and knowledge is a requirement.
  • People who want to put their abilities to test and increase their knowledge of the English language.

All of the above can register for the Language Cert test and appear in it.

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As mentioned, the test is comparatively lenient, hence, the test pattern is also very straightforward. The exam is divided into 4 parts, where 4 different skills of the candidate are tested.

1. Reading

2. Writing

3. Listening

4. Speaking

This is very similar to other English language tests, however, the edge that Language Cert provides is that students can choose to give the test in two different sittings. Reading, writing, and listening can be given in one go, whereas, the speaking part can be given later on separately.

Each part of the test is marked separately. The classification of marks for each part is as follows:

  • Listening: 15 marks
  • Reading: 20 marks
  • Writing: 6 marks
  • Speaking: 16 marks
    Language Cert


The LanguageCert exam in Pakistan is designed to be student-friendly, therefore, the duration is comparatively short than IELTS or TOEFL.

For the written exam, students have a maximum of 2.5 hours. Secondly, the speaking part is only for 15 minutes.


The Language Cert test in Pakistan can be taken in various authorized centers across the country.

Some of the authorized centers are:

  • CELT Language Center
  • Institute of career development
  • Edify Group of Companies


The online Language Cert test in Pakistan can be taken remotely with live proctoring. The Pakistani students of Language Cert test can take the test at home without visiting a center.

To apply for the Language Cert online test, the best consultancy service is provided by Edify Group of Companies. Edify is the best Language Cert center in Pakistan for students who want to give the Language Cert test online.


The Language Cert test in Pakistan can also be given at one of the approved Language Cert test centers in Pakistan. Edify also helps students in giving the Center based tests in Pakistan.


The fee for Language Cert test in Pakistan ranges from 24000 PKR to 39500 PKR. This depends on the level of the test that one chooses.

There are different levels:

1. A1 Level Exam

2. B1 level exam

3. B2 level exam

4. C1 level exam

5. C2 level exam

The fee differs for each level and is also dependent on whether one is choosing to give the test of all four skills together or taking two separate exams.


Each student has a different requirement and different skillset of the English language. Therefore, finding the right level of the Language Cert test in Pakistan is very crucial. The students can visit Language Cert official website to find what level is best suited for them.

There is a short test comprising 25 brief questions, which helps the automated system to suggest what level exam would be suitable for each candidate.
Language Cert


Language Cert for Pakistani students holds great advantages. The exam is fairly shorter, easier to study and prepare for, and the overall success percentile is high for the Language Cert test.

Along with this, the exams are designed in real-life contexts, which provide the candidates to easily communicate and write in the test.

Furthermore, as discussed above, the students have the option to give the written and speaking test separately.

This also means that there are two separate certificates, one for each part. Hence, the students can retake one part if they don’t score well in it.

To know more about Language Cert you can contact Edify Group of Companies, We have our branches in Lahore, Multan and Faisalabad.



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