International Student Survival Guide: Navigating Your New City with Ease

International Student Survival Guide: Navigating Your New City with Ease

Tue Sep 26 2023 Effa Iqbal

Being an international student may be an exciting yet tricky experience as you embark on a journey with various feelings.

It might be intimidating at times to go about strange areas, engage with new people, and fully immerse yourself in another culture.

But we’ve compiled this data to help you throughout your first few weeks in your new city.

With these tips, your educational journey as an international student may become one of your life’s most gratifying experiences despite the obstacles you will face.

International Student Survival Guide: Navigating Your New City with Ease

Study culture and language.

Prior study is vital, going beyond historical and geographical considerations to consider the people, culture, and language. Research the city or country where you will be studying by reading travel books and guides.

This will help you be ready for your study abroad programme. Be encouraged if you think language could be a problem.

To make the transfer easier, enrol in preventative English lessons and look into the English language assistance programmes offered at your new university, such as conversation classes.

Don’t Stay in Your Comfort Zone

Pushing yourself past your comfort zone is crucial for Maximizing. Your learning potential. Starting a new academic path in a completely foreign setting might be challenging.

Start by getting familiar with the food, visiting nearby landmarks, or chatting with your neighbours.

Regardless of your efforts, homesickness is a common side effect of living abroad. Not letting it overwhelm you is the key. Exercise patience and remember that things will become better in due course.

Whenever you experience transitional overload, remember that assistance is easily accessible.

Make New Friends

Although it’s more difficult to start than done, making friends in a new place is not impossible. Think about forming relationships with other students who come from similar backgrounds.

Additionally, you can join foreign student organisations at your school.

Alternatively, participate in off-campus social activities, join groups, or volunteer to build relationships with people outside your close circle.

International Student Survival Guide: Navigating Your New City with Ease

Engage in Conversation

Try to speak English as often as possible, whether with local students or foreign peers from other backgrounds, despite the temptation to remain with individuals from your native country.

This improves your ability to communicate in English while fostering self-assurance and interpersonal skills.

Accept Change

When you acknowledge that things are just different from what you are used to, you may frequently fully integrate into your new surroundings.

It’s not better or worse; it’s simply different. It is a wise maxim for anybody adjusting to a new culture.

Keep a pleasant attitude and communicate with others with tolerance, understanding, and understanding.

Investigate Your Community

Venture outside the walls of your academic institution to discover the Neighborhood. Learn about the local communities, marketplaces, and historical sites.

Participating in local affairs helps to promote cultural exchange by deepening your awareness of the host culture and providing chances to engage with people.

Stay Organized

Being well-organized is crucial for achieving academic achievement and for lowering stress. To stay organized, set up a study schedule, keep track of tasks and due dates, and use digital tools like planners.

You can combine your academics and social life better if you stay on top of your academic obligations.

International Student Survival Guide: Navigating Your New City with Ease

Seek academic assistance

Always be bold and ask for assistance if you have academic difficulties or need an explanation.

Educational support services, including tutoring, writing centres, and study groups, are often available through institutions.

Use these tools to strengthen your comprehension of the course material and raise academic achievement.

Cultural Immersion

Attend cultural gatherings, festivals, and exhibitions to experience the local culture fully. Engage in activities that allow you to learn about and experience the traditions and culture of your host nation.

This broadens your cultural understanding and creates opportunities for deep connections and priceless encounters.

Take Good Care of Yourself

Put your health, both physical and mental, first. The three pillars of good health are regular exercise, a balanced diet, and enough sleep.

Additionally, consider enrolling in campus groups or fitness programmes to keep active and meet like-minded people. Feel free to contact counselling services if you experience emotional or psychological difficulties while you’re there.

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You’ll be better prepared to face the difficulties, seize the opportunities, and get the most out of this life-changing experience if you include these extra suggestions in your journey as an international student.

As you continue to develop and learn, remember that adjusting to a new situation takes time.

To maximise your time as an international student, bear these suggestions as you embark on your transforming adventure.

The difficulties you face will ultimately aid your personal development and enhance the fabric of your existence.


How can I get over being homesick during my first few weeks away?

Answer: It’s normal to feel homesick, but you can get over it by being patient, participating in local activities, and using the available support systems.

How can I get help with my new language?

Investigate the resources available at your institution, such as language exchange programmes, language centres, and conversation courses.

How can I successfully juggle my work and social life?

To maintain a healthy balance, make a study timetable, ask for academic assistance when necessary, and participate in neighbourhood cultural events.



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