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How to Ace the IELTS Speaking Part

Effa Iqbal
Dec 15, 2022

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    How to Ace The IELTS Speaking

    IELTS Academic and General speaking tests are identical. There are three sections to this face-to-face speaking test.

    The examiner will quiz you in the first section about yourself. Topics could include things like education, employment, interests, etc. One piece of advice I usually give my students is to always introduce themselves by talking about something they are passionate about. Because it’s likely that your response will serve as the foundation for the conversation.

    How to ACE ielts speaking part

    Now let’s go on to the second section, which most students find frightening. You will be handed a card with a topic for this section, and you have one minute to think about it and take notes. Then you must speak for two minutes without interruption on that subject. So that sounds challenging?

    In that case, you should practice speaking for two minutes on frequent subjects. The follow-up questions from what you discussed in the second portion of the speaking test are the basis for the third and final section. And in the subsequent 15 minutes, the examiner will evaluate your speaking ability in this method.

    We are aware that for many students taking the IELTS, speaking in front of an examiner might be daunting. You must be anxious if your test is approaching, so stop worrying1! We offer some helpful advice to help you in passing your speaking test.

    1. Marking Criteria

    You can concentrate on things that are important to the examiner by being aware of the marking criteria. This will enable you to focus all of your speaking practice on those elements. During the test, the IELTS examiner primarily takes into account four factors: pronunciation, lexical resources, grammatical range, and fluency.

    As a result, it’s important to ensure that you pronounce new words correctly in addition to learning them. When speaking, you should employ a few complex words if you want to receive a high band score. However, be careful to use them appropriately.

    2. Listen to English

    Speaking well in English may be learned by listening, and a study has found that listening to podcasts significantly improves vocabulary. Podcasts will not only keep you informed about the most recent news, but they will also teach you how to use and pronounce certain terms.

    How to Ace IELTS speaking Part

    You will be exposed to many accents through podcasts, which can help you better understand English as a whole. Give yourself a reasonable timeline and be persistent because it could take some time before you are skilled enough to comprehend the entire conversation.

    3. Speak Naturally

    Avoid memorization of either the English language or your exam responses. When you speak, try to sound as natural as possible. The best method is to think of random ideas and try to convey them to your family or friends in English.

    When speaking English, remember to use the same fluctuations in pitch and voice tone as we do in our native language. You’ll sound more natural and prevent monotone speech by doing this.

    4. Speak Daily

    Do not forget speaking preparation while getting ready for other modules. To take speaking for granted would be wrong. You must strive to communicate your thoughts and speak in English every day.

    Once you do that, you’ll frequently discover that you lack the necessary words, grammar, or vocabulary, which will lead to improvement.

    We wish you good luck with your IELTS test and its preparation. If you want to know more about other modules and how to ace them, then check out our Edify YouTube channel.

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