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Does The UK Want More or Less International Students?

Thu Dec 08 2022 Effa Iqbal

Does The UK Want More Or Less International Students?

Just in British council educational counsellor Director Maddalaine Ansel was highlighting the importance of international students at the first Going Global Asia Pacific conference in Singapore.

He stated that the UK government wants to make the immigration process of international students easier. He further expressed that “UK Values Their International students”.

The reason of giving such clear important statement was the result of previous statement given by the newly selected Prime Minister RISHI SUNAK on international student crackdown.
Rishi Sunak on international student

Rishi Sunak on international student’s crackdown

According to Rishi Sunak, an increased number of immigrants in UK is the cause of pressure on government to stabilize the UK economy because of the rise in number of migrants.

According to the official figures, the net migration to the United Kingdom had climbed to a half million and it also brings out low quality of degrees offered by Universities in UK.

Many officials withstand this statement

This statement was opposed by many officials as well as educational universities and institutes, including Chancellor Jeremy Hunt who stated ‘immigration was necessary to stimulate growth, adding that there needed to be “a long-term plan if we want to reduce migration in a way that does not hurt the economy”. He also stated that “The department of education could rise the concerns over universities.

Response of Universities

Many universities raise their concern over this statement as it is directly attacking their growth and development. Some universities even labeled it as a “Catastrophic Mistake”.

This also has led to allegations that the move may put some universities out of business. Professor Ian Walmsley, Provost of Imperial College London said, international students are irreplaceable.

Vice-chancellor at the University of Hull, Professor Dave Petley, said the move would be “foolhardy” some also claimed that this will ends up the competition of UK with other countries as UK is one of the most competitive and cutthroat country in the terms of universities.

No doubt it will be a relief for other countries, if UK officially start implementing on international student crackdown.

The UK government on international student stance

The UK government estimates that they need at least 150,000 more scientists and technicians by 2030 to achieve their scientific goal.

The UK government further stated that “We have no chance of achieving this unless we can support the education of UK STEM students and attract the best and brightest international students.

"Our international students make an irreplaceable contribution to the UK economy – worth around £29 billion a year - which we cannot afford to lose.

Concerns have been raised about the possibility of foreign students choosing European universities which do not charge any fee in universities such as Germany.

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