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Capilano University: A Hub of Learning, Specializations, and PSW Opportunities for International Students

Effa Iqbal
Jul 7, 2023

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    Capilano University, located in North Vancouver’s breathtaking scenery, is a shining example of both learning and creativity. This prestigious school has nurtured a thriving community of academics, artists, and inventors since it was founded.

    Capilano University provides students with an educational experience that goes beyond the classroom thanks to its dedication to academic quality and its wide choice of programs.

    Capilano University Ranking and Courses

    History of Capilano University

    The beginnings of Capilano University may be discovered in 1968 when it was established as a public community college. The organization gradually developed into a full-fledged university as its offers grew over time. It is currently famous for its extensive undergraduate programs in the humanities, sciences, business, and health.

    The university is committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive learning environment as it expands, giving students the freedom to pursue their passions and succeed in their chosen disciplines.

    Capilano University: A weather heaven for International Students in Vancouver Canada

    International students seeking a fantastic educational experience as well as an alluring atmosphere can choose Capilano University. With its location in Vancouver, Canada, the university benefits from year-round beautiful weather.

    Students from all over the world feel at home in Vancouver because of its temperate climate, mild winters, and cooling summers. International students at Capilano University may experience a perfect blending of academic pursuits and outdoor adventures, making their educational journey genuinely unique.

    They can stroll around the lush green campuses or explore the stunning outdoor sites nearby. The excellent Capilano University experience is further enhanced by the Vancouver weather.

    Visa Success Ratio of Capilano University

    For international students, selecting the correct university is essential, and Capilano University in Canada provides strong arguments for consideration. One of them is the astounding 83% success rate for overseas students in obtaining visas.

    This statistic demonstrates the university’s dedication to providing thorough assistance and direction throughout the visa application process. With a track record of successfully assisting a large percentage of students in obtaining their visas, Capilano University gives potential foreign students confidence and peace of mind.

    Students may begin their academic adventure with the knowledge that Capilano University has a high percentage of visa success, ensuring a seamless transition to studying in Canada.

    Top Courses for international students at Capilano University

    Here is a list of top courses at Capilano University for international students:

    • Business Administration
    • Computer Science
    • Film Production
    • Graphic Design
    • International Studies
    • Marketing
    • Tourism Management
    • Early Childhood Care and Education
    • Music Therapy
    • Animation
    • Fashion Design and Merchandising
    • Applied Behaviour Analysis
    • Psychology
    • Outdoor Recreation Management
    • Legal Studies

    Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, and Capilano University offers a wide range of programs and courses in various fields of study.

    If you want to proceed with your application for Capilano University Canada, you can contact Edify Group of Companies, Edify Group of Companies is the official partner of Capilano University Canada in Pakistan.

    Capilano University

    Master with 14 years of Education

    At Capilano University in Canada, students who have finished the equivalent of 14 years of study in Pakistan can pursue a Master’s degree right away. Through this route, students may easily go from their undergraduate studies in Pakistan to the more advanced program at Capilano University.

    Pakistani students may apply for admission to a Master’s program at Capilano University by fulfilling the relevant academic criteria and proving that they are fluent in English.

    By providing students with this chance, Capilano University is able to attract Pakistani students looking to pursue further education overseas by enhancing their knowledge, abilities, and opportunities for future career progression in Canada.

    The extensive selection of specialized programs offered by Capilano University is made to meet each student’s individual interests and professional goals. These specialized programs give students in-depth knowledge and useful abilities in certain sectors, putting them in a position to succeed in the industries of their choice.

    The following are some of the specialization programs that Capilano University offers

    Film production: In this course, students are fully immersed in the art and practice of filmmaking, learning about topics including directing, cinematography, scripting, and editing.

    • Animation: Students delve into the realm of animation while learning about digital storytelling, character design, 3D modelling, and visual effects.
    • Music Therapy: This program trains students to utilize music as a tool for healing and fostering well-being by fusing clinical abilities with the therapeutic power of music.
    • Legal Studies: By studying subjects including contract law, criminal law, family law, and legal research and writing, students get a thorough grasp of the legal system.
    • Tourism Management: This program, which focuses on the dynamic and expanding industry of tourism, gives students the information and abilities they need to succeed in the hospitality, event organizing, and destination marketing industries.

    These are just a few illustrations of the specialization programs Capilano University has to offer. Because of the university’s dedication to offering specialized education, students are able to pursue their interests, obtain knowledge in certain fields, and join the workforce with a competitive advantage.

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    Fee and Scholarship at Capilano University for International Students

    Depending on the program and level of study, Capilano University may have different fees and funding options for overseas students. It is significant to remember that costs and scholarships are subject to alteration, therefore it is advised to check the official Capilano University website or get in touch with the school directly for the most precise and recent details.

    Typically, Capilano University charges tuition for its programs from its international students. These costs can change depending on the program, the number of credits, and the length of the program. To find out the exact costs associated with the selected program, it is essential to contact the university’s website or admissions office.

    Capilano University courses and ranking


    In conclusion, Capilano University is recognised as a top university that provides a wide range of possibilities and programs for foreign students. With its stunning setting in North Vancouver and dedication to academic success, Capilano University offers a supportive atmosphere where students may flourish and realise their academic and professional aspirations.

    Capilano University is a springboard for overseas students to begin a transformational path towards attaining Permanent Residency in Canada thanks to its outstanding visa success record. The institution places a strong focus on hands-on learning, linkages with industry, and specialised programmes, all of which improve students’ chances of succeeding in their chosen industries.


    Q.1) What percentage of Capilano University’s international students are granted visas?

    At Capilano University, 83% of overseas students receive their visas.

    Q.2) What specialized courses does Capilano University offer?

    In response, Capilano University offers specialised programmes in a variety of fields, including tourist administration, music therapy, animation, and film production.

    Q.3) Are there any scholarships available at Capilano University for foreign students?

    Yes, Capilano University provides financial help and scholarships for overseas students. The university’s website contains information on eligibility requirements and application processes.

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