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Canada decides to reopen their visa center in Pakistan after a decade

Thu Dec 08 2022 Effa Iqbal

Canada decides to reopen their visa center again in Pakistan after 10 years

An appreciated decision by the Government of Canada for the people living in Pakistan.

New doors of opportunities

This will open a new door of opportunities for students, teenagers, and those individuals who are struggling to move abroad.

Now they don’t have to go through such a lengthy and prolonged period, they can simply go to Islamabad and submit their documentation, everything will be at ease as compared to the previous process that wasted the time of people.

The turning point

Previously, Canada moved their visa center to Abu Dhabi due to a substandard security system and the poor foreign policy of Pakistan but now the security thread is gone as Pakistan managed to gain their lost value and respect in the sight of the world.

It is great news for the people living in Pakistan and those struggling to move to Canada, this service is just at their doorstep. According to the reports, the government of Canada has allotted considerable funds for the construction of the visa center.


This news came as a surprise but as soon as it reached Pakistan, it caused a rise in the number of applicants who wanted to move to Canada.

Pakistan was urging Canada for a long time to reconsider its decision of shifting the visa center from Abu Dhabi to Pakistan because the number of people was facing a lot of consequences and grave issues.

Two years back, Pakistan’s High Commissioner requested this suggestion he also stated that other countries are on friendly terms with Pakistan, and they also opened their visa centers because Pakistan’s ameliorated its security system.

The speaker of the National Assembly Raja Parvez Ashraf also made another important effort, he went on an official visit to Canada in August this year, for the commonwealth Parliamentary conference held in Halifax, during this meeting he requested the Canadian government to reopen their visa center again in Pakistan.

This deal is not only favorable for Pakistan but also to tell the world that Pakistan is safe
Canada and Pakistan


It will also make the process of visa quite easy compared to the process before. This will help not only the people of Pakistan but also the overseas Pakistani’s living abroad who faced issues back then.

This is also a great opportunity for the students of Pakistan who wants to move to Canada.

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