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BPP University, One of the UK's Leading Law Schools

Effa Iqbal
Dec 8, 2022

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    BPP University, One of the UK’s leading Law schools

    BPP University is a public university in the UK that attained degree-awarding powers in 2007. The young and modern university quickly gained fame for its academic rigor and practical approach to education and today there are over 15,000 students from more than 100 countries studying at BPP University.

    The university is part of the prestigious Russel group of leading universities and is known for providing excellent education paired with skillful teaching.

    Originally established in 1976, the BPP university offers different courses such as Business, Law, and technology. The university is divided into three schools, with each school offering a plethora of courses in its designated fields.

    BPP University is a diverse institute and a large number of students go to BPP university every year from different countries across the globe to continue their higher education.

    A large number of students are currently enrolled in the postgraduate programs that are offered at BPP university.
    BPP university

    Services for International Students at BPP University

    BPP University is a multicultural institute with students from over 100 countries studying different courses. The university offers several services that are exclusively developed for international students to make their experience at BPP university a healthy and educational one.

    The university has formed different teams such as admission advisors, career counselors, and a pro-bono legal center for students.

    The following services are available to international students at BPP University:

    · One-to-one guidance

    · Online resources regarding courses

    · Career counseling

    · Employment advice

    · Access to career services during the course and 12-month access after graduation

    As for the legal clinic, the BPP university voluntarily undertakes legal cases of people who are underprivileged and cannot afford expensive attorneys. The legal clinic at BPP University Law school works closely with students and seasoned lawyers to pursue cases in the courts of law.

    This is a great chance for law students to gain first-hand experience in the legal profession and learn the tricks of the trade. Students can volunteer to work with lawyers at the Pro-bono center and gain knowledge of the legal profession, legal drafting, and representing clients professionally.

    Pro-Bono work is also reflected on the CV of students and is a great tool to impress future employers.

    Students gain the following benefits from volunteering at the BPP Pro-bono center:

    · Experience in different areas ofLaw

    · Improving the access to justice

    · Enhancing your theoretical knowledge by working in the field

    · Working and making close connections with qualified lawyers of the highest standards

    · Practicing legal skills and learning research techniques

    · Learning how to deal with actual clients

    For law students, the Pro-bono center at BPP university is nothing less than a goldmine of education and knowledge. The skills taught are imperative to succeed in the legal profession.

    Student Accommodation at BPP University

    At BPP university, international students can sign up for on-campus residence in residency halls.

    There are several rooms available that are either private or shared with other students. Apart from the on-campus residence, students can also take help from the university to find private residences outside of the university.

    BPP University also introduced a unique database, namely the Find-a-room database where students can log in to find available empty rooms around the campus. The university also takes advantage of Facebook’s flat-mate finder service for international students.
    accommodation in BPP for international student

    Campuses of BPP University:

    BPP University has various study centers spread across the UK. Study centers are located in the following cities.

    · Bristol

    · Cambridge

    · Leeds

    · Liverpool

    · London

    · Manchester

    · Abingdon

    · Birmingham

    The law school is situated in Holborn, London. Similarly, the BPP business school is also located in the City of London.



    Fees at BPP University for international students:

    The fee at BPP university is different for each course. For international students, the average fee is between £10,000-20,000.

    BPP University and its Schools:

    There are three different schools at BPP university.

    1. BPP University Law School

    The law school at BPP university is one of the leading law schools in the UK. Having more than 25 years of experience in legal academics, the university offers its services to more than 60 global law firms.

    The law school employs only the best and most seasoned lawyers who have a vast experience in the legal profession and the students are given excellent training and skills that are required for securing pupilage and training contracts in the future.

    According to a survey conducted by BPP university, more than 96% of postgraduate law students gained employment or pupilage/training contracts after graduation.

    2. BPP University Business School

    The BPP university provides training and education to aspiring accountants, bankers, and various business managers. The business school works closely with professional bodies such as ACCA and CMI to provide professional qualifications and enable students to work at the top business firms in the world.

    3. BPP University of School and Technology

    At the school of Technology, students are given a modern education regarding technology, analytics, and financial modeling. BPP University offers qualifications in the fields of data and technology and supports students to learn useful skills that help them in their professional roles in the future.

    In Conclusion, BPP University is one of the best institutes in the UK for postgraduate degrees and professional training. The university is famous for offering the best professional education in the fields of law and business in the UK.

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