Australia Study Visa with spouse & dependents

Australia Study Visa with spouse & dependents

Fri Oct 13 2023 Effa Iqbal

International students can bring their family members to Australia as dependents on their student visas.

This article explores the options available for students wishing to share their Australian educational journey with their loved ones.
Partners and family visa for international student in Australia

Bringing Your Family on a Student Visa

The prospect of having a family with them is enticing for international students eyeing Australia as their study destination.

There are two primary avenues to achieve this:

Simultaneous Application:

Some students prefer to apply for student visas with family members. This approach streamlines the process for everyone.

Sequential Application:

Alternatively, family members can apply for their visas once the primary applicant has been granted the student visa.

However, it’s essential to consider specific criteria depending on your circumstances.

Who Can Join You on a Student Visa 500?

As a student visa holder, you can bring the following immediate family members:

  • Your spouse or partner.
  • Dependent minor children of you or your partner.
  • Children over 18 must apply for their visas, except in cases where they are financially or socially dependent on you. In such cases, you must provide substantial evidence of their dependency, such as medical reports, bank statements, or a power of attorney.

Requirements for an Australia Student Dependent Visa

To successfully obtain a student-dependent visa for your family members, you must ensure they meet specific requirements:

Identification Documents:

Your dependents must provide valid passports and identification records, including birth certificates, family certificates, recent photos, and fingerprints.

Health Requirements:

Ensure that your family members are included in your student health insurance (OSHC) and be prepared for possible health examinations to prove they won’t strain Australia’s medical resources.

Character Requirement:

Every visa applicant must provide documents demonstrating good character.

Proof of Financial Means:

To cover school fees, the primary student visa holder must be financially responsible for underage dependents, especially for school-age children.

Evidence of Relationship:

In cases involving partners or spouses, marriage certificates or certificates of registration may be required.

Evidence of School Arrangements for Minors:

If you are bringing minor children, provide proof of arrangements for their education during their stay in Australia.

It’s important to declare all family members on your student visa application, even if they don’t intend to accompany you to Australia.

Partners and family on student visa in Australia

Australia Student Dependent Visa Processing Time

The processing time for a student-dependent visa is typically around four months, which applies when the student and family members apply together.

Taking Your Partner on an Australia Student Visa

You can bring your spouse or partner to Australia on a student visa. Ensure you provide evidence of your relationship, including lease agreements, registration documents, ownership documents, and birth certificates, if applicable.

Australian Student Visa Requirements For Pakistani Students: Process And Fee

Can Your Dependents Work?

Your dependents can work in Australia but only start once your course commences.

Family members of master’s or doctoral students have no work hour restrictions, while dependents of visa holders 573 and subclass 574 can also work without limitations.

To do this, you must provide proof of your relationship to the student visa holder and evidence of their course commencement to your employer.

Participation in Study Programs

Your family members can participate in study courses or training programs in Australia, provided they last for three months or less.

Australia Student Visa Subsequent Entrant

A subsequent entrant is a family member of a student visa holder who wishes to join them in Australia later.

These family members must apply for their visa separately, supported by documents from their family members in Australia.

Including family members in the initial visa application is advisable to facilitate their subsequent entry.

Requirements for a Subsequent Entrant Student Visa

For a subsequent entrant student visa, the following supporting documents are required:

Form 919:

A nomination form filled out by your family member in Australia.

Subsequent Entrant Student Visa Form 157A:

This form is used when applying as a subsequent entrant for an Australian student visa.

Letter from the Education Provider:

This letter should contain information about your family member’s study course, enrollment period, and academic performance.

Proof of Financial Support:

If your spouse or partner is financing your stay, provide their bank statements and a letter from their bank confirming their financial status.

Submitting Your Subsequent Entrant Student Visa Application

You can submit your subsequent entrant visa application at an Australian embassy or consulate in your home country or the nearest office or contact Edify Group of Companies to run a smooth process for Australian student visa for you.

Fees for Australia Subsequent Entrant Student Visa

The visa application fees are structured as follows:

  • The primary applicant’s fee is A$710.
  • Applicants who are 18 years or older will be charged A$530.
  • For applicants under the age of 18, the fee is A$175.

Getting Married or Having a Child After Visa Issuance

If you marry or have a child after your student visa is granted, additional steps and documentation may be required, so adhering to the specific guidelines is crucial.

Partners and family on Australian student visa

Child Born in Australia

If your child is born in Australia while you hold a student visa, your child will automatically be granted the same visa as you or your partner.

Promptly inform the Department, even if your baby doesn’t yet have a passport.


Studying in Australia with your spouse and dependents can be a rewarding experience.

By understanding the intricacies of student visas and subsequent entrants, you can embark on your educational journey with your family by your side.


Can I apply for a student dependent visa after I’ve already received my student visa?

Family members can apply for a student dependent visa after the primary applicant’s student visa is granted.

What if my child is born in Australia while I hold a student visa?

Your child will automatically be granted the same visa as you or your partner.

Can my dependents work while I study in Australia?

Yes, dependents can work once your course begins. Masters and doctoral student dependents have no work hour restrictions.



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