Studying in USA

Applying to Study in the USA: 5 Key Things to Keep in Mind

Fri Aug 18 2023 Effa Iqbal

There’s a lot of excitement in applying to university, especially if you are planning on going abroad. The application process can be a lot no matter where you are, but there are some specific things you’ll want to keep in mind when it comes to the USA.

If you are considering applying to study in the United States, we’ve gathered five things you should keep in mind when looking at universities here.

Studying in USA

1. Application Fees

One thing that stands out in the United States University application process is that application fees are very common. This is not generally common in other countries, so it’s something to be aware of when looking at US universities. Application fees can range from high to as low as $25.

For example, Princeton University’s application fee is currently $70. In certain cases, universities will generally waive application fees due to financial circumstances.

If financial circumstances are a concern for a school, you might be applying to, you’ll want to reach out to the admissions office and see what can be done for your unique situation.

2. Test Scores

Depending on which university you are looking at applying to, there will undoubtedly be different requirements unique for admission! For many schools that have undergraduate degrees students will need to submit either SAT or ACT test scores when applying for these degrees.

These two tests generally measure your overall academic abilities and colleges use them to compare how well-suited their programs would fit with those who apply!

For those looking to apply to US Universities to pursue postgraduate degree programs, there may also require additional admissions tests required for your program such as GRE (general graduate record examination), MCAT (medical college admission test), or GMAT (graduate management admission test).

And finally, just because an international student does not mean they do not need to provide TOEFL (test English as a foreign language) or IELTS (International English testing system) scores for consideration either when applying to an undergraduate (bachelor’s degree), postgraduate, master’s degree program.

Studying in USA

3. Financial Information

Alongside test scores and the overall application fee, another element to remember for your application process at US University is financial information.

Providing this kind of financial information might be necessary when you apply to the university you’ve selected, or it may ask once they have found out if you are selected!

As international students may also wonder why we require financial information at all. Schools ask for this information because they’re required by law to ask for proof of funding that applicants can financially support themselves during their studies in America! So, this includes paying at least first-year tuition fees and estimated expenses.

4. Academic Transcripts

When planning to apply to a university in the US, one thing to ensure to have on hand is academic transcripts from previous schools: high school/secondary school/community college/university.

Taking a little time to figure out how to get these transferred universities early on can save some time later!

Academic transcript request processes tend to take longer than expected so taking steps earlier will always help later down the line.

5. Passport Requirement

This might seem obvious, but it’s important to know off the bat if considering studying abroad USA, not citizen permanent resident United States passport is needed to study abroad USA!

Typically schools US its requirement for international students to include passport numbers if any applications submit them.

With any kind of university application, there’s quite a bit to remember and keep track Hopefully listing five things to know about then applying to study has given a clearer idea of what to expect next and finally start the process

Applying to study abroad overwhelming anyone taking time better understand the process planning early need together helps make simpler yourself!

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In conclusion, applying to study in the USA can be an exciting but challenging experience. Remembering these key points - such as the commonality of application fees, the importance of test scores and financial information, the need for academic transcripts, and having a valid passport will help you navigate through the application process more smoothly.



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