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Affordable universities in london for pakistani students

Effa Iqbal
Dec 24, 2022

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    Affordable Universities in London for Pakistani Students

    Looking to study in London? Confused about which university to choose? Well, look no further because you are at the right place.

    Today, we at Edify Group of Companies will be discussing all of the universities in London and help you choose the right university for your higher education.

    London is a beautiful cultural city famous for its events, street markets, and famous tourist attractions. In between flows the massive River Thames that divides London into two separate parts.

    Home to some of the highest-ranked universities in the world, London is extremely popular among international students because of the vast range of educational institutes and the job opportunities that are available to students before and after graduation.

    Stunning parks, amazing universities, beautiful streets, and the aesthetic weather is all that London is about!
    Top Universities in London

    Universities in London:

    There are several universities in London. Every year, students from around the globe take admission in these universities to continue their studies in various subjects such as Law, Sciences, Arts, Business, and Psychology.

    However, the courses do not end here as there are hundreds of other courses also offered. Today, we’ll take a look at some of the affordable and top-rated universities in London for Pakistani Students.


    The Ravensbourne university is a collaborative learning institute with close employment connections to BBS and the Royal Shakespeare Company. The popularity of this university is because of the skyrocketing employment rate.

    In a recent study, it was found that 19 out of 20 students of the Ravensbourne university secure a job within 6 months of their graduation.

    The university is dedicated to bringing change to society through creativity, innovation, and knowledge. Established in 1959, Ravensbourne university’s main campus is situated next to the O2 arena and has around 2400 students.

    The university has a great track record of graduate employment rates and graduates also have gained admissions to top universities for their further education.

    The university employs a plethora of experienced faculty members that come from business giants such as Vogue, Disney Studios, BBC, and similar other big names. The faculty ensures to bestow their knowledge onto the students to help them pave the path for their successful careers.

    Stella McCartney, David Bowie, and Simon Egan are some of the famous names that took their training from the Ravensbourne university.

    The average fee for undergrad programs at Ravensbourne is 16,500 GBP.

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    The Regents university focuses primarily on having smaller classes or one-on-one sessions with students to develop students critical thinking.

    The main aim is not to provide education and a degree but to create future leaders. This is the only non-profit university in London.

    Having more than 140 nationalities on board, the university offers a culturally rich and diverse environment to the students.

    It Is famous for providing a unique student experience and is known to have a “tight-knit” community of students and teachers.

    All of this adds substantially to the student life at Regent’s University in London. The campus is comparatively small with only around 3000 students; however, this helps the students to take benefit of having small-strength classes where they can get more undivided attention.

    The university is ranked number 4 as the best London-based university for learning and 6th for overall student satisfaction.

    The average fee for Regent’s University London is around 22,500 GBP.

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    founded in 1837, the RCA has been one of the best art schools for postgraduate studies. The university has previously enrolled Tracy Emin and Ridley Scott in its alumni and has the honor of being the top-tier university for art-related research and studies.

    According to the QS WUR Rankings by Subject, the Royal College of Art stands at the 1st position. Offering more than 30 postgraduate programs, the Royal College of Art is a great choice for students who want to pursue a career in the Arts & Design field.

    RCA is also the first Arts university to introduce a unique method of learning, namely STEAM. STEAM is an abbreviation for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Design, and Math. The university boasts about its dedication to making future entrepreneurs and leaders of the world.

    Currently, the university only offers postgraduate programs and a couple of Ph.D. programs. The Average fee for international students is between 32,000 GBP to 72,800 GBP.

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    The Royal Holloway university is a research institute and students from over 130 nationalities choose to study here. It has 19 different departments, each securing a place in the best research university’s rankings in the world.

    The University offers different degrees and courses ranging from business and economic studies to social sciences.

    The College was officially inaugurated by Queen Victoria in 1886, and ever since then, the college has been growing and evolving significantly. Over 7000 student study at the Royal Holloway college of the University of London.

    The campus is beautifully built on 135-acre land and comes with excellent facilities such as huge parks, state-of-the-art labs, sports facilities, and student communities and clubs.

    The university is also known for having one of the best faculties in all of the UK. The average fee at Royal Holloway is between 17,000 GBP to 22,000 GBP.

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    The RVC is the only dedicated veterinary college in the UK since 1791. It has a historic significance as it is the oldest vet school in the world.

    RVC has also played a major part in biological science research and has worked seriously for animal welfare around the world. One of the major edges of the RVC is that it has a 99% graduate employment rate.

    The college became part of the prestigious University of London in 1949 and is the oldest English-speaking vet school in English-speaking countries. The college has the honor of being ranked as the 2nd best college in London and 8th best in terms of student satisfaction.

    Courses offered at the Royal Veterinary College include:

    · Control of Animal Diseases

    · Veterinary Epidemiology

    · Veterinary Education and Wild animal health

    · Wild Animal Biology

    · Livestock health and production

    · Public health

    The college also comes with an equine clinic, referral hospital farm animal center, and a post-mortem hall. Students can use these facilities to support their studies and get practical knowledge.

    The average fee at RVC University of London is between 14,000-29,000 GBP, depending on the course.

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    Cheapest Universities in London for International students


    Established in 1994, the School of Advanced Studies offers postgraduate degrees and is a research-based institute. It enjoys worldwide recognition and specializes in the field of Humanities.

    The graduates from SAS find no difficulty in securing jobs and the degree is recognized as a prestige.

    The school has 9 institutes within its body. Each institute provides specialized education in different fields such as:

    · Legal Studies

    · Classical Studies

    · Commonwealth Studies

    · English studies

    · Historical Research

    · Latin American Research

    · Modern Language Research

    · Philosophy

    · Warburg Institute

    The school provides an unmatchable community of scholars and research masters where students can attain the best experience in the abovementioned areas of study.

    The fee at the School of Advanced Study is different for each program. The fee starts at 900 GBP and goes all the way up to around 15,220 GBP. This is completely dependent on the course you have opted for.

    To apply in this university, you can contact School of advanced study agents in Pakistan. Do you want to apply in the School of advanced study?  Apply Now


    The SOAS university specializes in studies of different continents such as Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Hosting multi-lingual and culturally diverse students, the SOAS offers over 123 postgrad degrees and 26 undergraduate programs to choose from.

    Each program is curated carefully and based on research. The students have a great satisfaction rate and the SOAS feels no shame in boasting about the impressive 90% student satisfaction rate.

    Programs at SOAS are fieldwork and research-based. The university is filled with scholars and professors who share their insights with the students and at a mass public level on serious issues such as migration, religion, human rights, poverty, legal systems and methods, and identity-related issues.

    The professors, along with students engage in healthy debates and research to find out the key solutions to these pertaining problems.

    The university offers its students different variations of courses and methods of study, as mentioned below:

    1) Undergraduate degrees

    2) Postgraduate degrees

    3) Distance learning

    4)Foundation degrees

    5) Summer School

    The average fee for SOAS programs ranges from 10,000 GBP to 21,000 GBP approximately.

    To apply in this university, you can contact SOAS agents in Pakistan. Do you want to apply in the SOAS?  Apply Now


    The Staffordshire university is a very popular name in the academic world. Specializing in tech-based courses and providing digital education to students all around the world, the university has achieved a gold standard of education and has placed its name in the top 40 institutes in the UK.

    Established in 1992, the university has two campuses. One in Stoke-on-Trent and the other in Stafford. Currently, there are over 12,000 students enrolled at Staffordshire University. Numerous courses are offered at the university such as:

    · Law

    · Business

    · Computer science

    These degrees can be chosen as the regular 3-year programs or the ‘fast-track’ 2-year programs. With a 57% acceptance rate, the Staffordshire university prepares you well for your future endeavors and all walks of professional life.

    The University of Staffordshire has always been known for being innovative and welcoming creativity. In 2017, it launched the first-ever E-sports degree in the UK and a ton of students from all over the world enrolled in the program.

    The average fee for international students at Staffordshire University London is between 10,000 GBP to 15,000 GBP.

    To apply in this university,  you can contact the University of Staffordshire agents in Pakistan. Do you want to apply in the University of Staffordshire?  Apply Now


    St Mary’s University was established back in 1850 and ever since it enjoys the reputation of being one of the best universities in the UK. Situated in west London, the university has a 93% graduate employment rate.

    Another benefit of studying here is for the sports fanatics as they can enjoy the Olympic-standard sports facilities available on campus. The university offers a diverse range of courses to international students. Some of the famous courses include Sports Sciences, Business, and teacher training.

    The students have a choice of choosing from over 34 undergraduate programs as well as 24 postgraduate programs. St Mary’s university is divided into 4 academic schools and a collective of 6000 students are currently studying there.

    One of the greater benefits of St Mary’s University is the option of Part-time and full-time courses. According to a recent study, 99% of the graduates from St Mary’s get permanent employment within a year of their graduation.

    On average, the fee for international students is between 13,650 to 14,550 GBP.

    To apply in this university, you can contact agents in Pakistan. Do you want to apply in St Mary’s university the St Mary’s university. Apply Now


    Founded in 1826, UCL hardly needs any introduction. It is one of the best universities in the world with a wide array of degrees and a massive number of students. The UCL was named an intellectual

    powerhouse by the Sunday Times magazine and many great minds have studied here in the past. Currently, there is an astonishing 40,000 students enrolled at UCL.

    Many students from all around the globe dream of getting admission to UCL. Famous for its rigorous courses, the university has been providing an excellent education for centuries. Around 53% of the students at UCL are international students coming from countries outside the UK.

    On the topic of achievements, the UCL alumni and faculty have won almost 30 Nobel Prizes. Furthermore, the university has been ranked as the 2nd best university for its research power and is currently ranked as the 8th best university worldwide. There is a huge faculty of over 840 professors and more than 7000 academic staff.

    1150 courses are offered at UCL. 500 courses are for undergrad programs, whereas UCL offers 650 postgraduate degrees. Having close associations with hospitals, the best law firms, Inns of the BAR, and many other industrial links, the students at UCL benefit greatly and find employment in no time.

    A fun fact: Alexander Graham Bell, the first person to invent the telephone is a UCL Alumni. Mahatma Gandhi, Chris Martin, and Christopher Nolan are also alumni of UCL.

    The average fee for international students at UCL is between 20,000 to 35,000 GBP. Albeit costly, the university is recognized across the globe for its business, law, and medical degrees.

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    Study in London, A guide for international student
    In the end, we would like to extend our thanks to our readers. We hope that our article was helpful to you.

    If you have any further queries regarding any Universities in London or you are interested to apply to universities in London, feel free to contact Edify Group of Companies. We pride ourselves on being the best educational consultant in Pakistan.

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